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The Best Baby Car Mirror {no more having to stop and check baby!}

The Best Baby Car Mirror {no more having to stop and check baby!}

What Is the Best Baby Car Mirror?

A baby car mirror is one of the most important accessories you can buy since your baby will be in a rear-facing car seat during drives for the first three years of its life. Baby car mirrors allow you to view your baby’s face and keep an eye on them while you’re driving to ensure their safety.

Of course, not all baby car mirrors are created of equal quality. So, which is the best baby car mirror and how do you choose?

You can start by reading this guide, where we’ve rounded up the top baby car mirrors on the market. We’ll also answer some of the most common questions about baby car mirrors. Read on to learn more.

How Does a Baby Car Mirror Work?

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive and whether you have a baby mirror for a car with no headrest or a fixed headrest, baby car mirrors can be positioned in a variety of ways:

  • On the rear windshield
  • On the read passenger window 
  • On the rear passenger headrest

When positioned correctly, you should be able to view your baby’s face easily in your rearview mirror. Overall, it’s pretty self-explanatory. 

What Is the Best Baby Car Mirror?

The following are our top five baby car mirror picks:

1. So Peep Backseat Mirror

The So Peep is our top pick because of its ease of use and mirror quality. The So Peep is a rear-seat mirror system with a double-strap for added security. The strap system fastens to the seat with plastic clips and it can be tightened both horizontally and vertically.

The mirror itself is made of acrylic, shatter-proof glass offers a large, convex view, and it comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. The best thing about this mirror is that it only takes 30 seconds to install!

2. Cozy Greens Extra Large Baby Car Mirror

The Cozy Greens baby car mirror offers 360-degrees of adjustability and an extra-large view. Like most baby car mirrors, the Cozy Greens mirror has a strap system that attaches to the vehicle’s headrest.

What separates this mirror from others is that it can be rotated via its upgraded ball joint, so you can get the perfect angle and the perfect view. In addition to offering the best view of your baby, the Cozy Greens baby mirror has also undergone rigorous crash safety testing and it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

3. Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

The Sheynark baby car mirror was designed with a double-strap system that fastens it to the headrest nice and tight, so it won’t budge. It also sits on a 360-degree ball-and-socket pivot joint for total adjustability, both vertically and horizontally.

The Shynerk is also made with shatter-proof and scratch-resistant glass. The entire mirror comes fully assembled, so you can slide it onto the headrest right out of the box. 

4. Pikibu 180-Degree Baby Car Mirror

The Pikibu 180-degree baby car mirror is a high-definition car mirror that allows you to get a view of the whole backseat, making it perfect for driving with infants and toddlers. This car mirror actually attaches to your rear-view mirror, sliding right over it safely and securely. 

The only downside to this mirror is that it’s made of real glass that’s not shatter-proof. You’ll also need a secondary baby car mirror if you have a rear-facing baby in your brood. However, we love the high-definition view this mirror offers, and how easily it fits over your existing rearview mirror.

5. Joybell Clamp On Baby Car Mirror

The Joybell clamp on baby car mirror is designed with clamps rather than straps, so it can be securely fitted to the backseat headrest pillars without sliding around. The mirror is fully adjustable, which includes the ability to tilt it any way you’d like for the best view of your baby.

The Joybell is 100% shatterproof and has been crash-tested for safety, eliminating all safety concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Baby Car Mirrors Safe?

As we mentioned earlier, not all baby car mirrors are created equally. There are baby car mirror models on the market that attach to the backseat headrest via suction cup—which is absolutely not safe!

If you’re wondering well, how do I make my baby car mirror safe? The answer is, as long as the baby car mirror you choose is made of shatter-proof glass, has soft edging, is kept out of direct sunlight, and is secured by a strap or clamp system, it’s perfectly safe!

Do You Need a Car Mirror for Your Baby?

There are mixed opinions on whether or not a baby car mirror is actually needed. Many new parents worry about not being able to see their rear-facing baby while driving, and others feel that it’s a hazard. 

Overall, baby car mirrors are a pretty important necessity, especially if you know you’ll be driving often with your baby in tow. However, it’s really a personal choice—but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!  

How Do I Attach My Baby Car Mirror to My Car?

Depending on which baby car mirror you choose, there will be a specific mechanism to attach it to a certain part of your car. Most commonly, they’re strapped or clamped to the backseat headrest, and they’ll come with specific directions to guide you.

Where Is the Safest Place for a Car Seat?

Obviously, the safest place for a car seat is in the back seat, away from any airbags. 

In regards to your baby car mirror, you’re probably wondering, should the car seat go behind the driver or passenger side? Well, it really depends on the type of car mirror you have and which side gives you the best view.

So, the safest place for a car seat is where it’ll give you the best vantage point of your baby’s face through the baby mirror. You may have to experiment a little to figure it out, which is encouraged before taking your baby for a drive.

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