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Why Being A Mom Makes You A Badass

Why Being A Mom Makes You A Badass

Being a mom is badass. You heard me. It really, truly is. Right from the moment of conception, throughout growing a freaking human being to meeting that wild, animalistic side of yourself in childbirth you never knew existed.

It’s badass.

And then we get to raise our kids which, at times, is scary as hell. And at others? BADASS, MOMMA. This post was written as mom encouragement, new mom encouragement, single mom encouragement- whatever kind of mom you are, this is for you:


You Give It Your All For A (kind of) Thankless Job

Seriously. You don’t have a boss looking over you, no one notices your accomplishments and sometimes that would be nice.

Imagine if you had someone to see how you handled this mornings melt down and they told you how much you rocked the shit out of that tantrum, you were patient AF.

But there is no there to see and sometimes it’s hard to remember that you frickin rock, mama!

You’re Raising The Next Generation

It’s up to us to navigate these crazy times, to show our kids how to be kind and courteous in a world that isn’t. It’s our job to ensure that they are loved enough that they will go out into the world and spread more love than hate.

That’s a pretty awesome job description. It’s also scary as hell. We got this!

You Stop Caring What People Think

I mean, kind of. It’s hard to seriously stop caring about what everyone thinks. When you have kids it all suddenly seems a lot less important because you have something WAY more important and valuable than Aunt Bonnie’s bullshit opinion on your parenting style- your children.

You Learn Valuable Life Lessons- FAST

Does anything teach you how to grow up and mature as fast as having children? They teach you about patience, humility, not always coming first, thinking about someone other than yourself. I honestly don’t know how long it would have taken me to learn these things if I hadn’t had children.

You Would Literally Die For Another Person

Now that- is badass. Had you ever considered that before? And it’s crazy because with your own kids, it’s such a nonchalant idea. It bubbles up in your head- If I could die to save my kids, I’d do it. 

And then you move on from that thought because you’re so dead serious, it doesn’t even warrant follow up thoughts. Amazing.

You Become Someone’s Hero (don’t fuck that up)

The day your baby is born, you become their world, their hero. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re overweight, swear too much, are covered in stretch marks or have a few sneaky chin hairs- YOU are their HERO. Embrace that!

You Learn That Others Can Come First (and you won’t die)

I think everyone needs to learn this lesson. When you’re parenting, instant gratification can still be found, but it’s harder than when you were living your childless days.

There is always someone to think of before yourself. And not that you can’t focus on you first sometimes, you should, but with kids it’s very difficult to do that.

But you learn something else.

Time, that sneaky bastard. Time has a way of speeding up exponentially when you have kids. So yes, it’s your kids first. But for how long? They grow so fast and become so independent. And by the time you can really put yourself first again, I’ll bet you’ll be wishing for those intense days with your young kids.

They grow up too fast.


I think we all ask the question ‘will I be a good mom?’ before we bring our first baby home from the hospital. You are exactly what your child needs, and your child is exactly what you need. You’re a fierce, badass mom. Embrace that shit!

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