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Top 11 Easter Maternity Shirts {for those eggspecting mommas}

Top 11 Easter Maternity Shirts {for those eggspecting mommas}

Do you have a sweet little spring pregnancy happening? Easter is such a perfect time to announce or show off the little bunny on the way 😍

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Springtime is start of new beginnings and signifies the awakening of life. Rabbits, spring flowers and eggs are all symbolic of fertility. Why not embrace your beautiful new life and show them off with an adorable Easter maternity shirt?

Ps- have a toddler who’s going to need a super cute Easter shirt? Here’s our top Easter shirts for toddlers this year.

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Somebunny is Eggspecting T-Shirt

This shirt makes a great Easter pregnancy announcement if you haven’t told anyone yet. If you already have a bit of a bump, size up for a cute Easter pregnancy shirt!

My Little Peep T-Shirt

Awe, your little peep! Show him or her off with this cute tee– it’s soft and comfy.

Somebunny’s On the Way T-Shirt

The little cartoon bunny on this shirt is so freakin’ adorable. Whether you have a small bump or a big one- this tee makes a great Easter bump shirt!

Mommy’s Little Easter Present T-Shirt

Let everyone with this shirt that you’ve got a perfect Easter present on the way this year 🙂

Hatching Soon T-Shirt

Let everyone know that your sweet little one will be “hatching soon” with this comfy Easter tee.

Chick Hatching Graphic Tee

Sometimes words aren’t necessary… a baby chick hatching on a small bumpy says it all for you with this spring maternity t-shirt 🙂

Eggspecting T-Shirt

Simple and punny- this is a perfect Easter pregnancy t-shirt to let your friends and family know what’s on the way.

Easter Egg Maternity Shirt

A T-shirt with a cute Easter egg right over your bump… it’s obvious you’ve got a little chick on the way.

Mama Bunny Maternity Shirt

This mama bunny tee is so sweet- wear it to your Easter gathering or any day in spring!

Eggspecting T-Shirt

I love how long this Eggspecting t-shirt is. It looks ridiculously comfortable!

Easter Pregnancy Shirts

I hope you found a winner in this list of Easter maternity shirts and have a lovely tee on the way to celebrate your springtime pregnancy! My son was born in April that was hands down my favorite birth. Good luck on your journey mama!