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The Best Valentine’s Day Cards You Can Find on Etsy

The Best Valentine’s Day Cards You Can Find on Etsy

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you need to buy something that your partner will appreciate. A Valentine’s Day card will always do the trick. It doesn’t have to be boring, thanks to the following Valentine’s Day cards found on Etsy. 

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Have a vegan love for Valentine’s Day? Check out the best vegan inspired Valentine’s cards.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our full disclosure here.

1. Remember When You Used To Hold Your Farts In Funny Valentine’s Day Card

This card is great for those long term relationships. Your partner will get a laugh out of this one!

2. Love You Longer Poem From TwistStationery

Everyone loves sweet words on Valentine’s Day and this is the perfect card to share your feelings with your partner.

It is the most romantic card for your partner on this special and romantic day. You can customize it with any words for the most magical feeling! It is eco-friendly because the card isn’t wrapped in any type of plastic.

3. Cheeky Valentine’s Day Cards

This is a super cute and cheeky card, perfect for when you want to imply something but don’t want to go with the really crude cards.

4. Scratch & Match 3 To Win From Magically Crafted Shop 

If you want to get a little naughty this Valentine’s Day, you should definitely buy this card for your partner.

Your partner should be able to scratch & match to get lucky or not depending on what you put on the last heart. You can choose how naughty you want to be underneath the hearts with this amazing card. 

5. I’m Yours No Refunds From LittlePencilDesign 

Looking for a funny Valentine’s Day card to keep the mood happy? Well, this is an ideal card for the big day.

You should be able to tell your partner how you feel on Valentine’s Day. Your partner will definitely have a huge laugh reading this amazing card.

6. Baby Yoda Only One For Me By LazySundayCollective 

Do you have a partner who is obsessed with Star Wars? Well, Baby Yoda is the perfect way to share your feelings on such a romantic day.

This is the best card to share with your partner who loves Star Wars. With amazing quality and biodegradable materials, your partner will love this card and appreciate the effort.

7. Dirty Dancing Card From AlanaProductions

Dirty Dancing fans? If your partner loves this classic movie, they will love this handmade card.

8. Bernie Sanders Smittens Meme Valentine’s Card From MakeYourOwnMagick 

This is the best card to stay trendy in the meme world. The Bernie Sanders mittens meme is not going away any time soon and you can always get a laugh out of your partner with this amazing card.

It’s definitely something to treasure on such a romantic occasion.

9. Soot Sprite Valentine’s Day Card From PastelFoxStudio

You can share a romantic message with your partner this Valentine’s Day with the Soot Sprite card. It is a handmade card that is blank inside for you to write your own message.

It is the best card if you want something witty and cute for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

10. My Heart Only Beets For You Valentine’s Day Card By LettuceBuildaHouse

If you or your partner is a fan of The Office, you can’t go wrong with this Valentine’s Day Card. It’s a perfect card to share some of those witty Dwight Schrute quotes.

We all need a little Office humor in our lives right now and this is the best card to share it.

11. Funny Borat Valentine’s Card By FoxesOnBoxes

Borat is the character we hate to love and it’s the best way to bring out the fun in your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

It is a handmade card that your partner will love.

12. The Simpsons Inspired Valentine’s Day Card From AliceEmmaDesigns 

If your partner loves The Simpsons, you can’t go wrong with a Simpsons’ inspired card this Valentine’s Day.

Since the inside is blank, you can always add more of your creativity and heartfelt messages to make your partner feel appreciated this Valentine’s Day.

13. Galentine/Valentine’s Card By PaperPortraitGifts

This is the perfect Valentine’s card to share with your favorite female friends. Valentine’s Day is for sharing love all around and your gal pals will definitely love this amazing and simple card.

It shows that you think about them and you can always customize the message to make them feel treasured on such a beautiful day.

14. Pennywise Valentine’s Day Card From CastleMcQuade 

Add some horror to your Valentine’s Day celebrations this year with this beautifully made card. It doesn’t have to be all fun and romantic.

You can always add a little scare to bring out all the emotions on this amazing day. If your partner loves Pennywise, this is a thoughtful card to share with them especially on Valentine’s Day.

You can always personalize one of Pennywise’s quotes to make the card even scarier.

15. Space Dog Love Card From SkippingFox

If your significant other loves pets, you can always share the special love with this amazing Valentine’s Day card.

You can always share your thoughts inside the card too. 

16. Can’t Bear To Be Without You Valentine’s Day Card From PauseDesignsCo

You can always customize any message and add the word bear in it. The card is beautifully designed to make your loved one laugh on this special day.

You can continue the puns inside the blank card to make your partner laugh all day long. It’s a very thoughtful card for Valentine’s Day this year.

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