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26 High School Grad Gifts for Guys That They Will Love and Use!

26 High School Grad Gifts for Guys That They Will Love and Use!

Graduation is right around the corner. If you’re looking for a way to express your pride and admiration for your guy who is about to graduate, you’ve come to the right place. Your grad is getting a job or going off to college. Either way, we’ve come up with a list of 26 grad gift ideas for guys that are totally practical, functional, and these gift ideas are ones they will actually love. 

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Best Graduation Gifts for Guys

Nightstand Organizer 

A perfect way for your grad to keep his things organized on his nightstand. This nightstand organizer is great for phones, tablets, books, keys, wallets, and so many other things! Plus, the dark wood will match with any decor.

Single Cup Coffee Maker 

Got a grad that loves coffee? A single cup coffee maker is a great gift for that grad of yours going off to college. Available in 7 different colors and so compact that it can fit just about anywhere. Even though it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that the other models have, it’s compact and great for small dorms.

Streaming subscription – Youtube TV, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Your grad is no longer using your streaming subscriptions but they’ll need one of their own. Gift them with the experience of a streaming subscription like Netflix!  


Have a guy that’s headed off to college? An iPad would be a great graduation gift, they can use them for academics and for downtime. Plus, they can use it to keep in touch with FaceTime.  


Every college student will need their own personal laptop, so that can efficiently stay on top of their studies.

Apple Watch 

Help your grade keep track of time and their steps with an Apple watch. It’s available in many different colors and several sizes. This watch is equipped with safety features such as help when you need it with fall detection, crash detection, and emergency SOS.

Shower Slippers

 For the grad going off to college, shower slippers are a perfect and practical gift. Non slip, quick drying, and comfortable. The perfect way to stay healthy and safe, available in a variety of sizes and colors.  

Bluetooth Speaker

A bluetooth speaker is great for small spaces and is so compact that it can fit in a bookbag. Great for a dorm room or taking to the quad while studying. Available in multiple colors, hours of play time, water resistance, and can be paired with other JBL speakers.


After several years of hauling the old bookbag around high school, your new grad will need a fresh backpack. This bag is large enough to hold all of your necessary items for your college classes. Equipped with a luggage strap to fit over luggage for their trip home. Comfortable to wear and available in multiple colors. This particular bag is also equipped with a lock to keep your valuables safe. 


A microwave is a must have go to appliance for your grads late night snacking. This is perfect so your student doesn’t have to leave the dorm and head to the dining haul. Choose the color that matches their dorm room or apartment.  

Carry on Luggage Bag

Great for your grad that plans on jetting off after college on some great adventures. Also perfect for your grad who is far away from home. Make their trip home a little easier with a new carry on luggage bag.  

Toiletry Bag

Having a toiletry bag for college is a must. Choose one that fits all of their toiletries to keep them organize and it makes it easier hauling their stuff back home for visits.

Phone Chargers 

Give your grad the gift of phone power with some extra phone chargers. You can never have too many because who knows where they will leave them.

Portable Battery Charger 

When your grad is on the go and can’t get to a plug-in, you’ll need a convenient power source. The portable battery charger is great and compact.

Athletic Shorts and Joggers

Athletic shorts and or joggers are perfect for any guy, including grads. They love loungewear, even if they aren’t athletic.

LED Lights

Help your grad decorate their dorm room with some LED lights. This is a great way spruce up a possible drab space! 

Wireless Printer

Help your grad stay organized and on top of things with their very own wireless printer. Print things from from your dorm room without the hassle of being hooked to the printer or having to go to the library. 

Apple Air Tags

Got a teen about to graduate but still has trouble keeping track of things? Then Apple Air Tags would be the perfect gift for his graduation. Help him locate important items so they don’t get lost around campus. 

Rain Jacket 

Rain jackets on a college campus are a necessity! Going from class to class in the rain can be pretty miserable. Help keep your grad dry on those rainy days! 

Laundry Bag

Help your grad get their laundry done, maybe for the first time on their own by gifting them their own laundry bag. A laundry bag will help them get their laundry all together to make it easy to carry.  

Amazon Alexa

Your grad can use an Amazon Alexa for a wake up call, to ask a homework question, or to play their favorite music. The possibilities are endless with an Alexa!

Handheld Steamer

Assure your grad a crease free look on his first job interview, date, or internship with his own handheld steamer.   

Surge Protector 

Your grad surely has a lot of electronics in his dorm room. A surge protector is a great way to assure your grads valuable items the protection they need from a power surge and allows more outlets for all devices. 

Lap Desk

Lap desks are great for college students who do a lot of work on computers. Great for a grad in a dorm room to be able to sit anywhere and comfortably do work on their computer. 

Cooler Bag/Backpack Cooler

If your grad enjoys sporting events, going hiking, going to the pool, or even going to the beach then a cooler bag or backpack is a must have grad gift item! Keep their lunches and drinks cold while tailgating or hiking!  

Cash and Gift Cards

Gift cards, Amazon in particular are great gift options for grads. Let them choose all the necessities they need for their dorm room or next step after high school. 

We hope that our list of graduation gifts for guys has inspired you to get a truly awesome gift that your grad actually wants and really can put to use!