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The BEST Nursing Bra Money Can Buy {with a buying guide and reviews}

The BEST Nursing Bra Money Can Buy {with a buying guide and reviews}

How do I Choose a Nursing Bra?

Searching for the best nursing bra on the market this year? Well, you’ve found it!

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In this article, I’d like to discuss the best nursing bra I have found to make your breastfeeding journey successful in 2020!

This nursing bra is going to take you from annoyed and disgruntled to feeling confident and comfortable 🙂 It’s easy to use, super comfy and will last a LONG time (I’ve had mine for over 4 years, through 2 babies and it’s still solid!)

Do You Really Need a Nursing Bra?

You might be thinking that you can get away with any old bra for breastfeeding your baby…

I hate to break it to you, but you’d be very wrong!

There are so many changes that happen to our bodies when we have a baby- one of the biggest being our breasts!

Not only do they swell and change with pregnancy, they change again when your milk comes in for baby.

Breastfeeding is hard enough on it’s own- give yourself a fighting chance with the right tool (hint- a good nursing bra!)

When you have a nursing bra that is comfortable, easy to put on, easy to wash and will last your whole breastfeeding journey (or longer), magic will happen.

There isn’t anymore frustration or discomfort and your breastfeeding journey will be smooth (er).

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How Do I Choose a Nursing Bra?

The options for choosing a nursing bra that’s right for you can be so overwhelming. While it might seem productive to read over giant lists of “top 50 nursings bras of 2020” or whatever they call them, it really isn’t.

Those giant lists usually just end up overwhelming and confusing you to the point that after you’ve read it, you still don’t KNOW which is best for you!

best nursing bra/bravado nursing bra

According to Consumer Reports, there are 6 types of nursing bras:

  • Sleep nursing bras
  • Soft-cup nursing bras
  • Underwire nursing bras
  • Sports nursing bras
  • Tank top nursing bras
  • Breast-Pumping Nursing Bras

Sleep Nursing Bras

[lasso ref=”hofish-3-pack-seamless-nursing-bras” id=”8254″ link_id=”85242″]

A lot of new moms end up asking “should you wearing a nursing bra at night?”

There a few reasons new moms might want to sleep in a nursing bra:

  • Breast size– having smaller breasts may mean that you don’t need the extra stability or support overnight.
  • Comfort– it’s all about you, momma! If wearing a well fitting bra aids in your comfort overnight, then wear one!
  • How much milk you’re leaking– this is the reason I did buy a pack of night bras. I would leak milk at night during feedings and didn’t want to deal with wet, sticky milk all over me and my bed so I wore a night nursing bra.

This pack of 3 night nursing bras have over 13000 reviews on Amazon.

Another great option for night time is to wear a nursing tank. These still offer support but may not be as restrictive.

Soft-Cup Nursing Bras

[lasso ref=”bravado-designs-body-silk-seamless-nursing-bra” id=”8250″ link_id=”85197″]

So, what does a soft cup bra mean? Just that the bra will provide support with no underwire. This can be especially nice during breastfeeding where comfort comes first! Having restrictive underwire is not good when you can get plugged ducts easily- room for bloodflow is important.

This bra is hands down the best nursing bra for that reason- it’s got lots of support, no underwire and is easy to use.

This nursing bra is a really close contender but is more expensive.

Underwire Nursing Bras

[lasso ref=”gratlin-full-sling-support-nursing-bra” id=”8258″ link_id=”85198″]

“Can I wear an underwire bra while breastfeeding?”

The answer is, YES! You certainly can. Some women may prefer underwire because it can provide a lot of support and some extra lift.

You shouldn’t wear a bra with underwire while sleeping, though. That can cut off circulation. Make sure you have some super comfy night nursing bras to compliment your underwire day nursing bra 🙂

Sports Nursing Bras

[lasso ref=”delimira-high-impact-nursing-sports-bra” id=”8259″ link_id=”85199″]

Getting a sports nursing bra may not be necessary. It depends on the level of activity and whether or not you need to feed baby around exercising.

If you’re going to be running or jumping a lot but won’t need to feed baby in between- consider getting a high impact sports bra. This will help with bounce and support. This sports bra has held up for 3 years of running for me- and still going strong 🙂 they boast a “70% bounce reduction rate.”

If you’re planning on doing low impact activity or using the sports bra though out the day- consider getting a true nursing sports bra that allows easy access for breastfeeding.

Another option is to simply get a stretchy sports bra if you don’t need one that unclips for breastfeeding. Just make sure you consider the level of activity and how much support you’ll need!

Tank Top Nursing Bras

[lasso ref=”brlido-nursing-tanks” id=”8260″ link_id=”83588″]

Tank top nursing bras are really nice to have for sleeping in or wearing (mostly) around the house. I really loved having a couple of nursing tanks for the early newborn days with all 3 of my babies.

Sleeping in them is nice too- they aren’t too restrictive and hold everything in place nicely. They also catch the leaks 🙂

You can find more expensive nursing tanks like the one Bravado offers but honestly you don’t need to spend much on a nursing tank.

I’ve Found the BEST Nursing Bra of 2020

There are different situations during breastfeeding that call for different types of bras. For the regular, every day, mostly at home milky days with a newborn?

The Bravado Seamless Body Silk nursing bra is exactly what we breastfeeding momma’s need 🙂

Are you tired of shopping around for a nursing bra that actually fits? Are you done with having nursing bras come in the mail only to be seriously disappointed and then have to send them back?

This nursing bra will last for years, keep you well supported and be a pleasure to put on. After I got mine, I immediately ordered a second one to rotate throughout the week.