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Newborn Baby Hacks to Make Life Easier {helpful tips for first time parents}

Newborn Baby Hacks to Make Life Easier {helpful tips for first time parents}

Ultimate Newborn Baby Hacks

Having a baby is probably the most intense thing you’ll ever do. It’s life changing, chaotic and incredibly difficult. But there is so much joy in parenting too!

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It’s all about finding a balance and making sure you or your significant other is more rested than the other when the going gets rough.

Use these super easy baby hacks to make life just a little bit less difficult as a new parent- let’s dive in!

Give medication the easy way

Does your baby need meds? Poke a small hole in the end of a pacifier and pour the medication in so they can suck it out of the soother. This will ensure baby gets all the meds they need! No sticky faces and half the medicine wasted.

Never buy diapers without a coupon

Never ever buy diapers without a coupon or making sure they’re on sale. There is always a sale on somewhere and it’s worth it when you’re going through diapers like crazy.

HelloBello is actually having an awesome sale- use the code SAVE16 for $16 off a diaper+wipes bundle plus free shipping!

There’s also a contest going on to win free Huggies diapers for a year- enter here!

Utilize your kitchen sink for bathtime

Baby bath tubs can be useful… but they are so hard to lug around, lean over and dump out. When you’re healing postpartum and bending/kneeling is especially hard, give your newborn a bath in your clean kitchen sink.

This invention is genius- fits in the sink perfectly!

Say goodbye to cradle cap

I remember being surprised at what was showing up on my new baby’s head in the first weeks/months of being home with her.

Luckily you can use coconut oil to get rid of it gently and easily.

Rub a layer of coconut oil on your baby’s scalp and leave it for 20 minutes. Gently scrape the cradle cap off with a cloth and then wash off.

Make baby colds less awful

Have you ever heard of a snot sucker? It’s a set of tubes so that you can suck excess snot out of your baby’s nose without it coming anywhere near your lips.

It sounds disgusting but it is truly a lifesaving product for when baby can’t breathe with a cold.

Swaddle bathing

Does your newborn hate bath time? Swaddle them up and gently remove one limb at a time. Wash and dry each limb seperately to reduce the time your baby is cold and uncomfortable!

Bounce fussy baby on an exercise ball

Did you use an exercise ball for inducing labor or helping yourself through labor?

Sit on it with your baby when they’re fussy- babies love to be bounced and rocked. Make it easier for yourself!

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Use a wrap

Having a wrap for my newborn babies is in my top 5 baby products. Using a fabric wrap with a newborn is the easiest way to keep them close to you and have your hands free.

They can listen to your heartbeat and be calmed by your warm body temperature.

Protect Your Newborn’s Umbilical Cord

Worried about the diaper rubbing on your baby’s umbilical cord while it’s healing? You can fold the top of the diaper down so that it isn’t touching it OR you can fasten the diaper so that it completely covers it.

I always liked having the diaper covering it because it kind of keeps it in place.

Tummy time on your chest or belly

Put your baby on your chest or belly for tummy time if they’re getting fussy on the floor or blanket.

Newborn nightgowns for easy changing

These are genius inventions- no undoing a onesie, messing with buttons or a zipper or baby getting cold.

The nightgowns open at the bottom and make for a super easy diaper change!

Spatula for diaper cream

Use a small spatula or Baby Bum Brush for putting diaper cream on your baby’s bottom to save yourself goopy fingers.

Pee tent

Place one of these pee tents over your sons lower area to prevent mishaps during diaper changes! I can attest to the fact that there WILL be mishaps. I was shocked the first time an arc of pee shot across our couch… lol

Merconium hack

The first poops your baby will have are called merconium and will be incredibly sticky- use a bit of coconut oil on a wipe to gently help you remove it easily 🙂

Don’t throw out a diaper with a ripped tab

Don’t through out a diaper just because a tab rips! Use a band aid or painters tape to keep it closed for use.

DIY foaming baby wash with a foaming hand pump

Foaming baby wash is expensive- add some baby wash and water to an old foaming handsoap container to make your own DIY foaming baby wash!

Changing hack

Always, always, always place a new diaper under your baby’s bum during a change…. I can’t tell you how many times there was a full on poop right after removing a diaper. So much easier to clean up if it goes onto a diaper you can throw away! (you can totally use a receiving blanket or old cloth if you’d rather wash something than throw it away)

Save your shoulders

New parents/moms- diaper bags SUCK! I don’t know who invented them or why they are the standard for new parents.

They’re super awkard and hard to carry around. Get a regular backpack or a diaper backpack and save your shoulders.

Sleepers that zip

If a sleeper has buttons… just let it go. There is a special place in hell for whoever decided buttons made sense on a sleeper for a newborn with sleep deprived parents.

Gas drops

If your baby is fussy or colicky, don’t hesitate to use gas drops to help ease their discomfort!

Probiotics are another surprising gas aid and can help ease colic. When my son was born and had colic for the first 2 months, we tried EVERYTHING. The only thing that helped give him some relief were these probiotic drops.

Calm colic naturally

I used this with my son when he had colic- it WORKS!

Wipes warmer

Some people seem to think this is going overboard but I’m telling you when you are changing a new baby in the middle of the night, the absolute last thing you want to do is shock them awake with a cold wipe.

Is your sanity worth a wipe warmer? (pssst… the answer is yes)

Wait to change after a feed

Don’t change your baby immediately after a feed. Chances are, that food is going to go through them relatively quickly. Save yourself a diaper and wait until it does!

Soothers in tupperware

If you’re worried about your baby’s soother getting germs on it while you’re out, keep one stored in a tiny plastic container.

These soothers attached to stuffed animals are also super helpful because it’s harder for them to just fall to the floor.

Skip the baby puffs

Baby puffs are expensive- just use Cheerios instead!

Have a feeding/changing basket

I did this with my third baby and wow- game changer! I didn’t have to keep standing up and searching for random things after sitting down for a feed.

Use a basket and pack it with feeding supplies, a change of clothes, a few diapers and wipes. Carry it with you wherever you’re going in the house with baby to make for easy feeds and changes.

Never lose a bib again

Use a command hook on the back of the high chair to hang all your extra bibs- genius! Make sure you hang them right after laundry is done.

Keep track of meds with a chart

Either draw or print a small chart right on the medication bottle so you don’t forget. You think you’ll remember… but sleep deprivation is real. Have a column for the day and time.

Pack an extra shirt for yourself

Oh, all the times I wished for an extra shirt in the diaper bag. It’s a super good idea- breastfeeding and formula feeding can get messy!

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Fitted sheets on car seats

If I could turn back time, this is the ONE THING I would 100% do- place fitted sheets over the car seats and put the baby car seats over top!

Kids/babies are messy. Food will fly. Mud will make its way in. The sheets will save you so much anguish.

Teething hacks

  • Dip a cloth in applesauce or even just water and freeze it for a super quick teether
  • Use a carrot or celery from the fridge (this works if your baby doesn’t have teeth and can’t get chunks off)
  • Put some water in the end of a soother and freeze it

Save diaper boxes

Use the old diaper boxes to fill with outgrown clothes- your baby will grow so fast and you’ll have lots of clothes to store or donate!

Use aluminum foil

Covering the windows with aluminum foil will create a black out effect. This is really important for sleeping babies! (and parents 🙂 )

Utilize baking soda to deodorize

If the diaper pail is starting to smell, sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom. Same with bottles that are smelling a little funky- add some baking soda and warm water and let them soak.

DIY travel case

Use an old wipes container to pack a couple of diapers, wipes and bum cream for a convienient travel case.

Catch food during meals

Use a a shower curtain liner to save your carpets or floors and catch food during meals for a super easy clean up.

No touch thermometer

If you’ve ever tried to take a baby’s, toddlers or even older child’s temperature… you know why a no touch thermometer is a must.

How can I stimulate my newborn?

How do you survive a baby in the first week?

The first week home with a baby really is about surviving, especially if it’s your first. Here the best ways to not only survive, but enjoy it:

  • Be easy on yourself and your partner.
  • Rest when possible and do not feel bad about not allowing people to visit.
  • Keep in mind that the only responsibility you have right now is taking care of yourself and baby. I put “yourself” first because you need to be okay in order to take care of baby.

Does it get easier with a newborn?

It certainly does. Your baby will grow quickly and be able to go longer between feeds and changes. That means less diapers and more sleep.

Your baby will also start understanding things and be more independent which means you can leave for longer periods of time when you need to.

What are the best things to buy for a new baby?

The absolute best things to buy for a new baby: