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25 Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell {that are easy!}

Boost your sales this season as a maker with this big list of easy Christmas crafts to make and sell this year! 

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

For most makers and small business owners, the holidays are very busy and the sales really roll in because of the gifts being bought. That also means you have less time to make things because unless you have a large team you are wearing all of the hats in the business trying to get these crafty items out the door. 

The key to profitable and manageable holiday sales is making simple crafts that sell well without hogging your time and that is cheap to make. 

You will find that all of these Christmas crafts can be sold in your Etsy shop or at in-person craft fairs. They are easy to make, which means they don’t take much time. The supply lists are also fairly simple, which means you should be able to get the raw materials cheaper and put more money in your pocket!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Pinecone Tabletop Christmas Tree

If you find yourself with an abundance of pine cones during the fall, start saving them! These cute Christmas trees are painted and made with real pinecones.

If you can find them at home, you can really cut down on the costs. Customers who love rustic and farmhouse vibes will fall in love with these.

Depending on shipping rates, these would probably sell well at local craft booths. 

Christmas Mason Jars

This set of Christmas jars can be made in one hour and the only supplies you will need are the paint and jars. You can display these just for decoration or show customers what they would look like with a lid and piece of ribbon when gift-giving.

They can fill it with homemade goodies and candy, money, or any other gift that will fit in the jar. Sell each of these individually or as a set. 

Rae Dunn Inspired Candy Cane Mug

If you own a die-cutting machine, such as a Cricut or Silhouette, you can easily crank out these Rae Dunn-inspired mugs filled with goodies.

These would make excellent teacher and neighbor gifts, so you may want to make a few extras in case they sell out. Just a warning, if you want to list these in your Etsy store, you cannot market them as Rae Dunn. Your listing must clarify it is “inspired”.

This is due to copyright infringement. All you need is a white mug, permanent vinyl, an SVG file, the candy, and a ribbon. 

Homemade Be Merry Wood Slice Christmas Ornament

Rustic wood ornaments are super easy to make and sell very well! You can use your Cricut machine and supplies to make these. If you are a great hand painter you can do that as well.

This can be made for less than $5 and be sold for double the amount.

Great for Etsy and in-person craft fairs. If you plan on making a bunch of these, be sure to buy the wood rounds in bulk. 

Diy: How To Make A Christmas Tree In A Bottle Ornament

These ornaments are super cute to make and you can create these in a matter of just a few minutes. Sell them in a set or individually. No special tools are required.

You’ll need small jars with openings large enough that the tree can fit in them, the trees, fake snow, and wire to make the hanger. 

Vintage Christmas Farmhouse Milk Jug

For less than 5 dollars and just 15 minutes, you can make super cute vintage milk jugs! With the greenery and embellishments added, these sure do look pricey.

Those who like rustic decorations will go crazy for this Christmas craft.

To make things easy you could sell just the jug, but if you wanted to up the price point you can make your own arrangements to go in it. 

Christmas Tea Towels

With heat transfer vinyl and your Cricut machine, you can make Christmas tea towels all day long! If you don’t have a heat press to transfer the vinyl, you can easily use an iron instead.

Flour sack towels come in large packs and are relatively inexpensive. You can make Christmas towels to sell, but these are so easy, be sure to include a few other themes so they have different ones to choose from.

For whatever reason, if they don’t sell now you can sell the everyday ones throughout the year in your Etsy shop.

Brownie Mix in a Jar

Edible mason jar gifts go like hotcakes because they are the perfect gift when you don’t know what to buy someone, or when you want to give a little sentiment but aren’t sure what they like (ex. Teachers, neighbors, white elephant party).

Jazz these jars up any way you would like to make your own version. Be sure to buy the ingredients early as you know the holidays are the prime time baking season.

You can also make cookies and soup in a jar. 

Diy Christmas Gnome Ornament

Everyone is obsessed with gnomes right now, and these will for sure fly off the shelves. The tutorial listed is for no-sew Christmas gnomes, but you can follow the same instructions to make other holiday versions. Be sure to make a set that is good for everyday decor as well.

Once you get the hang of it, you can make lots of these at one time. 

Wine Cork Angels

These are so easy to make and are the cutest! You can even use those leftover wine corks on hand without even having to go to the store.

They make great gifts and wine enthusiasts love see upcycled cork crafts. 

Christmas Tree Scent Wax Melts

With a few supplies and some cute packaging, you can make a batch of Christmas wax melts in less than one hour with NO experience!

All of the ingredients are natural and are made with essential oils which are very appealing to most crowds these days.

You can easily swap the oil to make different scents. If you could find inexpensive warmers these would make a great gift set. 

Fresh Homemade Christmas Potpourri

This craft to sell is almost so simple that it feels wrong, but customers love it!

Place an orange, cinnamon sticks, and cloves into a cellophane bag and tie on a pretty bow.

Customize the card with a gift tag and instructions so they will know how to make the potpourri when they get home. This craft is simple, and cheap, but can be sold in no time. 

Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Tea light candle ornaments are super cute, easy to make, and you only need a couple of supplies. They are lightweight, so shipping will be cheaper for those buying online.

As for those at the local craft fairs, they will probably buy several of these so be sure to come with extra.

The materials can be purchased in bulk or be found at the dollar store.

Diy Wood Slice Holiday Wreath

While most wreaths are time-consuming you can make this one in less than one hour!

If you don’t want to use the wood-burning technique, you can paint the letters using a stencil or apply vinyl if you have a die-cutting machine. 

Snowy Mason Jars

These luminaries are covered in faux snow and look absolutely magical! Sell these as a set of varying sizes, or you could sell them individually.

The supply and instructions are incredibly simple, so you should be able to make these in no time.

 DIY Rustic Scrap Wood Snowman

If you are pretty good with a saw or have experience in woodworking, these snowmen can be made in a pinch.

Handmade crafts like this one can help you stand out as a maker because not everyone is selling these. 

Peppermint And Lemon Gel Air Freshener

Homemade air fresheners like this one can be bought for an expensive gift or as a stocking stuffer. This recipe makes two air fresheners.

While they come together easily you will need at least 24 hours for them to set. 

How To Make Macrame Christmas Ornaments

Macrame is so in style right now and is almost as popular as gnomes! These little ornaments are trendy but also appeal to those who like farmhouse decor.

The supply list is minimal and after you make one you will become addicted! You can also look for more macrame crafts to sell such as coasters and earrings.

Fire Starter Pine Cone Crafts

These waxed pine cones look amazing for home decor but are dual-purpose because you can actually start a fire with them.

To color the wax you use crayons, which I am sure you have broken ones at home if you are a mom. Wrap these in a cellophane bag with a bow and they will for sure sell!

This may also appeal to those who are full-time RVers or who like glamping.

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal: Diy Holiday Doormat Tutorial

You guys doormats are profitable, quick sellers, require minimal supplies, and just about anyone can make these. All you need is a stencil, tape it off with masking tape, and spray paint.

Let it dry and you are ready to sell! It’s really easy to reuse stencils if you want to make the same one over and over. These easily sell for $20+.

DIY Starbucks Snow Globe Tumbler

Customers go crazy over these tumblers! While the actual brand-name ones are a little more expensive, you can use this tutorial for any double wall plastic tumbler.

Buying the first batch of supplies may be a little costly, but you can make more than one cup using those same supplies.

You can even offer custom monogram stickers as an upsell if they want to place a custom order.

How To Make A String Christmas Tree

These make great table and shelf decorations. You’ll need cone shape foam, string, and Mod Podge. They are so easy to make and sell great as a set!

Change the colors by using different crochet threads and add embellishments for extra bling. If you sell these through your Etsy store, be sure to package them carefully. 

Folded Book Christmas Tree

I love this Christmas craft! It’s so cheap to make but looks fancy and elegant. You can use old paperback books you have around your house or pick up some from the dollar store.

One book tree takes about 45 minutes to make. These are unique, so when you are set up next to other crafters, it would be a great way to stand out. 

Glitter Unicorn Horn Christmas Ornaments

Little girls sure do love these ornaments! Moms and grandmas always go crazy buying these as gifts. You need to use a Cricut machine to make the eyelashes and paper flowers at the top.

If you don’t have one, you could always paint the eyes, and use artificial flowers from the craft store to improvise. 

Holiday String Box

The technique used to make these string holiday boxes is similar to the Christmas trees, and they are so cute! You could make any size box, but the tutorial uses a tissue box.

Add some LED lights to the inside for an upsell. I think these would do great at a craft fair.

Again if you decide to sell them online or someplace where shipping is involved, you would need to package them delicately so it doesn’t get smashed in the process. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or seasoned crafter, this list of Christmas crafts to make and sell include tutorials for all skill levels! Because makers are so passionate about their work, they often forget to calculate their time into their pricing. 

So remember, when you are choosing crafts to sell think about what you think will sell well in your area (or online store), how can you stand out from other craft businesses, which crafts are easiest and cheapest for you to make so you can increase your profits, and when should you start promoting them to get a head start.