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Stocking Stuffers for Moms {who say they don’t want anything}

Stocking Stuffers for Moms {who say they don’t want anything}

Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for Moms

Mom is usually the one responsible for stuffing everyone else’s stocking, but what about stocking stuffers are best for moms? Here is a list of stocking stuffers for moms that you can use to surprise her and show her how much you care! 

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What do you put in a mom’s stocking? 

There are so many wonderful things that you can put in a mom’s stocking for Christmas this year. If you are having a hard time coming up with great ideas that she will love, hopefully, this list will help get you started. 

Best for stylish moms:

Help mom show off her fashion sense with some of these stylish gifts tucked inside of her Christmas stocking this year. 

Infinity Scarf

Help mom stay warm while she is looking her very best with an infinity scarf in her stocking this Christmas. These scarfs are available in a variety of different materials and colors so you can find the perfect choice. 

Wool Socks

Help mom keep her feet toasty warm this winter with some of these colorful and stylish wool socks tucked inside of her Christmas stocking this year. There are several different colors and designs to choose from so that you can find the perfect pair for her. 

Bangle Bracelet

This gorgeous bangle bracelet is the perfect stocking stuffer for any stylish mom. You can choose a silver, gold, or rose gold bracelet for mom. 

Best funny:

Give mom a gift that will make her laugh out loud with one of these funny stocking stuffers this year. 

Don’t Speak Coffee Mug

If mom is unapproachable until after she has had some coffee then she might get a laugh out of finding this Don’t Speak coffee mug in her stocking this Christmas. 

Mom Off Duty Shirt

All moms deserve a break sometime so give her a shirt that she can wear when she needs one. The whole family will get a chuckle out of this stocking stuffer. 

Public Toilet Survival Kit 

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, but some public toilets can be less than desirable. Slip this public toilet survival kit into her stocking for a laugh, but she can keep it in her purse in case she ever needs it. 

Best personalized:

Give mom a personalized gift for Christmas this year that she will enjoy showing off all year long. These thoughtful, personalized gifts are perfect for the job. 

Mama Bear Tumbler 

Tuck one of these personalized Mama Bear tumblers into mom’s stocking this year so she can keep her hot drinks hot, and her iced drinks cold. She won’t have to worry about anyone picking up her drink by mistake. 

Personalized Photo Candle

Mom will love finding this personalized photo candle inside of her Christmas stocking this year. Every time she lights it she will be flooded with special memories of your family. 

Personalized Bangle Bracelet

Surprise mom with this personalized bangle bracelet with the names and birthstones of each of her children. A stylish and memorable stocking stuffer that she is sure to love. 

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Best athletic

Does mom spend a lot of time in the gym to make sure she stays at her physical best? Then surprise her with some of these athletic inspired stocking stuffers this year, 

Fitness Dice

Does mom enjoy her early morning workouts or afternoon visits to the gym? If so, she might enjoy finding these fitness dice with more than 45,000 workout possibilities in her stocking this year. 

Massage Roller 

Help mom relieve any post-workout muscle aches with a massage roller placed inside of her stocking. You can put it in the fridge to get it cold for additional pain relief or pair it with her favorite essential oil or lotion. 

Crossbody Belt Bag

If mom enjoys running, jogging, or hiking then give her one of these crossbody belt bags in her stocking. There is plenty of room for her keys, cellphone, headphones, wallet, and even a snack. There are lots of colors and patterns to choose from so you can find the perfect match for her style. 

Best tech

Is the mom in your life a fan of technology? Then she will love finding some of these tech related gifts tucked inside of her stocking Christmas morning. 

Touchscreen Gloves 

Give her the gift of warm hands this winter with a pair of touchscreen gloves in her stocking. She will be able to answer her phone or text without having to stop and take her gloves off.  

Electronics Cleaning Brush

Help mom keep her electronics free of crumbs and dust with one of these electronics cleaning brushes in her stocking this year. There are bristles as well as a silicone tip to get dirt, dust, and grime out of small spaces. 

Blue Light Glasses

Help mom to reduce eye strain whether she is working from home or simply scrolling on her phone with a nice pair of blue light glasses in her stocking this year. These glasses come in a variety of styles and colors. 

Best beauty

If the mom in your life loves beauty, and make-up then some of these stocking stuffers are sure to bring a smile to her face come Christmas morning. 

Make-up Brushes 

New make-up brushes are a perfect stocking stuffer for the beauty minded mom. She can use them to replace her old ones or slip this set in her purse or suitcase for when she needs them. 

Eyeshadow Palette 

Give her the gift of glam with a new palette of eyeshadow is the perfect size to slip into  mom’s stocking this year, and it will pair perfectly with those new makeup brushes!      

Silk Pillowcase    

Help her sleep in luxury with a new silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases are great for keeping her skin and hair looking their very best. 

Best for the Mom who enjoys cooking

Yes, most moms probably spend a good bit of their time cooking for the family, but these Stocking stuffers are geared for moms who really enjoy the time spent in their kitchen. 

Microplane Zester 

Surprise the culinary minded mom with one of these microplane zesters tucked awayinside of her stocking. She can use it to grate cheese, zest lemons, or add spice to her favorite dishes. 


Help mom protect her clothes while she is whipping up something fabulous in the kitchen. This cute pocket apron helps her keep her tools close at hand, and helps to keep her clothes neat and tidy. There are several patterns to choose from so you can find one that  she will love. 

Kitchen Shears

There are lots of things that need to be cut in the kitchen, and sometimes a knife is not always the best tool for the job. So give her a pair of these heavy, duty dishwasher safe kitchen shears. You can even take these apart for thorough cleaning if necessary. 

Best under $10

Not every stocking stuffer for mom needs to push the limits of your budget. Here are some budget friendly stocking stuffers that mom will love!

Erase Your Face Make-up Remover Towels 

These soft reusable cloths will help her remove her makeup at night with just a little water. They eliminate the need for additional makeup remover products and she can even slip one in her purse for touch ups on the go. 

Moisturizing Five Toe Socks 

These moisturizing five toe socks will fit perfectly inside of her stocking and leave her feet feeling moisturized and looking beautiful. These moisturizing socks can be worn anytime of day and they are washable and reusable. 

Glass Nail File 

Help mom keep her manicure looking professional with a glass nail file in her stocking on Christmas morning. There are several different pastel colors for you to choose from. 

Best under $20

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

Help her stay hydrated in style with this fruit infusion water bottle. All she needs to do is add her favorite fruit and she will have a healthy flavorful drink in no time. 

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Help her treat herself to a daily facial massage at home with this Rose quartz facial roller. This roller will leave her skin glowing and moisturized and reduce any puffiness she might have. 

Watch Ya Mouth Card Game 

Give mom exactly what she wants this year, a hilarious game that you can all play together on Christmas morning. The Watch Ya Mouth card game will have the whole family in stitches. 

Best under $30

Facial Cleansing Brush

Help mom treat herself to a facial at home with this gentle facial cleansing brush. She can use it to clean and moisturize her skin daily, and it also comes with an exfoliating brush. 

Portable Charger 

Help mom keep her devices charged on the go with this portable charger that she can 

slip into her pocket or her purse for whenever she might need it. 

Memory Foam Slippers

Give mom the gift of comfortable, warm feet this Christmas with a brand new pair of memory foam slippers. There are a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from. 

Best for busy moms

We all know that mom is the one who holds the whole family together. Help make her job easier with some of these awesome stocking stuffers for the busy mom. 

Tile Mate Blue Tooth Tracker

  Is  Mom so busy keeping up with everyone else that she has a habit of losing her keys, wallet, or coffee? If so, the Tile Mate bluetooth tracker is the perfect stocking stuffer for her. She will never have to go hunting down these important items again!

Crossbody Cup Carrier 

Help mom keep her hands free as she goes about her day working, taking the kids to practice, or one of the many errands she needs to run with this crossbody cup holder to hold her coffee, tea, or other favorite beverage. 

Wireless Earbuds 

Busy mom’s have to multi-task so help her do it with a pair of wireless earbuds. She will be able to listen to music or her favorite podcast while she cooks, folds the laundry, or picks up the kids from school. 

Best for the Tea Loving Mom

Does mom enjoy starting her day by sipping on a warm mug of tea, or winding down in the evening with a nice cup of tea? If the mom, or wife, in your life is a tea lover then she might enjoy some of these tea inspired stocking stuffers. 

Ceramic Tea Infuser Mug

Does mom like to enjoy her tea even if she is on the go? If so, then this beautiful Tea Forte Kati Cup with cherry blossoms is the perfect stocking stuffer for her. Microwave and dishwasher safe, this cup will infuse her tea anywhere she needs to go.