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Personalized Gifts for Mom {for those moms who have everything they need}

Personalized Gifts for Mom {for those moms who have everything they need}

Whatever the occasion, Mom deserves something special. Finding the right gift for Mom isn’t always easy, but you can never go wrong with a personalized gift that she knows has been bought with her in mind.

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When buying personalized gifts for Mom, don’t just choose the first thing you see that can be customized with an engraving. Mom deserves the best, so these extra special personalized gifts are the perfect choice for birthdays, Mother’s Day and other occasions.

What is the best gift to give to your mom?

Every Mom is unique. That’s exactly what makes Mom special. Nobody else (well, aside from a sibling) has the same Mom to love them and care for them. As proud as you are of your Mom, you can bet that she feels it even more.

When you were young, Mom stood smiling at the edge of the playground. She swept her eyes over the chaos in front of her and, when she saw you, she couldn’t help but smile even wider. Of all the kids in the playground, she was glad that you were the one that called her ‘Mom’.

You know your Mom better than anyone, so only you will know what the very best gift will be. Though, you can’t go wrong with a gift like a personalized engraved photo frame. Of course, you’ll be required to pick the perfect picture or include a coupon for a family photo shoot! Other gifts that might be best for Mom include an engraved necklace she can treasure forever, or a plant in a personalized planter.

Personalized Rustic Wooden Photo Frame

Created using small planks of wood, complete with all their unique marks and layers, this Personalized Rustic Wooden Photo Frame can be made with a short quote, message or word of your choice. Why is this one of the best personalized gifts for Mom?

Because you can add a favorite family photo, to remind her of the happiest times!

Family Lovebirds Necklace

Mom can keep her whole family close to her heart, with a beautiful necklace that features two parent birds (both with initials), and as many baby birds as you need. Each baby bird, hanging below the metal branch, is also engraved with an initial. This personalized Family Lovebirds Necklace is one of the best gifts for Mom, because it’s a gift that features her whole family. Even for a mom with a lot of kids, this necklace makes sure everyone’s included.

Personalized Planter

Engraved with a message of your choice, a Personalized Planter is one of the best gifts for Mom. You can add her favorite live plant, whether that’s a fresh succulent or beautifully colorful flower. A small planter is perfect for her office desk, or it could brighten up the kitchen.

What to get the mom who has everything?

For the Mom that already has everything, you’ll need to get very creative. If Mom already has a happy house that’s filled with photographs and flowers, you’ll want a gift that she’s never seen before and that she won’t find in any store.

The right gift for the Mom with everything might take more time to create, but the results are sure to take her breath away.

Personalized Journal

This Personalized Henna Journal is a very thoughtful gift for Mom. Even given as it is, it’s a really special item that she can proudly keep in her home. If you’ve got the time and energy, make it even better by filling the pages inside. It’s the perfect opportunity to put your scrapbooking skills to the test, or to write letters and poems to Mom as you share your favorite memories of her.

Personalized Film Roll Keychain

Unlike an ordinary keychain, a film roll keychain can be personalized with your own images. This Personalized Film Roll Keychain uses a line art style to immortalize the rough shapes of three of your favorite photographs. With space for up to two people in each photograph, you could personalize this keychain with pictures of you and your Mom. Or you could use it for the outlines of three different children, each with their own separate space.

What should I get my mom instead of flowers?

Flowers are the quick and easy gift for every occasion. You can’t go wrong with flowers, but they’re not an attention-grabbing gift. Since it’s so easy to find flowers, they don’t have the same appeal as a personalized or customized item.

Instead of flowers, why not buy something she can keep on display that won’t wilt or dry out by next week?

Personalized Family Peg Dolls

A Mom is the heart of her family. A set of Personalized Peg Dolls, that look like her and her loved ones, will surely make any Mom smile. A little family of peg dolls looks great on display, and as a gift for Mom it’ll be nothing she’s ever seen before. Peg dolls can be hand painted with each family member’s key features, so it’s easy to see exactly who each peg represents.

Personalized Custom Comic

Have your favorite memory of Mom turned into a comic strip she can display. Once you’ve described a story in detail, artists will work to recreate the story in a comic strip with custom illustrations. Make Mom laugh when she receives a comic that describes the time she fell in a river, or relive the joy of a meaningful day that holds a special place in your heart. You could even create a brand new story for your Personalized Custom Comic.

What are some thoughtful gifts for moms?

For one of the most important people in your life, finding the right gift can take time. You’ll want something thoughtful, so that Mom knows you haven’t just picked up the first thing you’ve seen.

A great way to find thoughtful gifts for Moms is to purchase items you can customize. Spend your time choosing the perfect message, or find a gift that’s perfect for Mom’s hobby.

Personalized Passport Holder

Does Mom love to travel? A personalized custom passport cover means you’ll be with her on all her adventures. Even when she’s on the other side of the world, one look at her passport will remind her how much she’s loved by her family elsewhere. A Personalized Passport Holder can include a thoughtful message of your choice.

Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

For a Mom that loves to spend time in the kitchen, and always prepares a delicious meal for her family to enjoy together, a high quality Personalized Wooden Cutting Board is sure to be a treasured gift. With the names of family members on her personalized cutting board, Mom will always know how much she’s loved when she’s making sure you never go hungry.

What can you send besides flowers?

Often, the hardest times to buy gifts for Mom are times when you’re far apart. You don’t just need a thoughtful personalized gift, but something that can easily be shipped when you’re not able to visit. Many people choose to send flowers, because they can be ordered from absolutely anywhere and can be easily delivered. Of course, it’s sometimes nice to find other gifts that can be customized and shipped to Mom’s door.

Personalized Resin Bookmark

A Personalized Gold Flake Resin Bookmark can be easily sent through the mail. If Mom loves to read, this gift will keep you in her thoughts no matter what adventure she’s on. Whether Mom’s learning a new skill, recording favorite recipes or enjoying a fictional tale, a personalized bookmark makes a practical gift that she’ll always keep close at hand.

Personalized Tote Bag

Another practical but beautiful gift, a Personalized Tote Bag is the ideal gift to send when you’re far apart. Tote bags are lightweight and thin, can be easily folded and will arrive looking their best. With a personalized tote you can choose the color and add ‘Mom’ or her name to the bag. Then, she can use her gift for shopping trips, yoga classes or picnics in the park.

What do you give your mom for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a chance to celebrate everything that makes your Mom special. It’s a yearly opportunity to thank your Mom for everything she’s done, and for all that she continues to do every day. Getting the right Mother’s Day gift is just as important as finding the right gift for every other occasion. Mother’s Day gifts should be personalized with messages that show your appreciation.

Swarovski Birthstone Locket

Whilst some lockets are perfect for holding favorite photographs, the Swarovski Birthstone Locket is a delicate cage for a selection of meaningful birthstones. Add up to fifteen small stones to represent Mom’s children (and perhaps include her birthstone and her spouse’s). For additional customization, a birthstone locket can also include a small metal tag engraved with the word ‘Mom’ for Mother’s Day.

Personalized Mug with Child’s Drawing