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Seriously Funny Father’s Day Gifts (for those dads who want nothing)

Seriously Funny Father’s Day Gifts (for those dads who want nothing)

What should I get my Dad who wants nothing?

Father’s Day is just as important as any other holiday—including Mother’s Day. Of course, one of the primary differences between Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are the gifts you give each parent. 

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But what do you get the dad who has everything?

Well, for starters, it’s important to remember that Father’s Day is about celebrating how awesome your dad is at being a dad. Which of course, can be a bit cumbersome because how do you really express that kind of appreciation gift-wise for the guy who taught you everything you know?

When you’re plum out of good surprises, your best fail-safe is something absolutely hilarious.

Luckily, humor is subjective, so the only thing you really need to know about your dad is what makes him laugh. What’s even better is that you can find funny Father’s Day gifts on Amazon if you’re on a budget and pressed for time, or, if you want to get personal about it, you can find Funny Father’s Day gifts on Etsy that can be completely customized. 

To get you started, we’ve wrangled up a list of some of the funniest Father’s Day gifts that money can buy.

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Check it out:

A Custom Dad Bobblehead

A custom dad bobblehead is a great way to pay homage to your dad’s efforts in shaping you to be the well-adjusted human being you are today. All you have to do is send in a photo of your dad and include some personal details about him, i.e., his job or hobbies, and you’re all set to giving him the gift of, well, himself

Plus, bobbleheads are just hilarious in general. Who wouldn’t want to have one of themselves?


All About My Dad Questionnaire

These All About My Dad printables are easy to download instantly and print yourself. They are great for kids to fill out and end up being so funny! This pack comes with a questionnaire, coloring sheet and portrait space.

A Renaissance Style Portrait of Himself

The real answer to the question: What is the best gift for fathers?—A renaissance style portrait of himself

After all, all the greats throughout history have one, so he should too. The best thing about these renaissance portraits is that they’re actually affordable, only costing around $57 on Etsy (with the option to pay in installments).

All you have to do is send in a good quality photo, and you can choose from a full canvas portrait to frame, postcards, greeting cards, and more. You can even include the family pet as his “royal subject.”   

A Box of Socks

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that as you get older you appreciate getting things like socks as gifts. For the big guy in your life, why not a box of hilarious socks

There are tons of funny socks out there, even customizable ones. Grab a bunch of socks that suit your dad’s funny bone the best, put them in a box, and wrap em’ up! He’ll appreciate the fact that they’re funny and functional.

A Book of “Dad Jokes”

If your dad is the punny type, he’ll appreciate a book that represents his brand of humor. You can opt for some PG-rated humor (from the above link) or, if he’s into telling more edgy jokes, you can go with something a bit muckier.

Either way, he’ll get a kick out of reading the jokes out loud to everyone. So, it’s not just a gift for him. It’s a gift for the whole family! 

A Book on Animal Farts (Yep, You Read That Right!)

What do you get the dad who has everything? Try what do you get for the dad who knows everything! 

Your dad may know everything, but does he have knowledge of which animals in the animal kingdom pass gas and which don’t? 

Not only does this book have a hilarious title that will stand out on the bookshelf—Does It Fart? A Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence—but it’s also filled with some interesting science. Even dads with the most sophisticated sense of humor will get a kick out of this one!

A Customized Saint Candle (Hint: He’s the Saint)

If your dad is the guy who always comes through for you, whether it’s fixing your car, your relationship problems, or your kitchen sink, there’s no better way to express what a saint he is than putting his face on a prayer candle!

If you can swing it financially, get a whole box of them! They’ll really come in handy when there’s a power outage. Or, if you come from a Latin family that keeps an altar for worship in the house so you can display your father the saint properly.

Cards Against Humanity— Family Edition

Let’s face it, the creators of Cards Against Humanity really hit the nail on the head with this game. It’s just all-around fun for everyone that has a great sense of humor. There’s also a variety of themed game boxes such as the Family Edition to choose from, so the game will never get old.

The creators even came up with a special Family Edition, and it’s “It’s not just the regular game with all the adult stuff taken out. We rewrote the whole thing and playtested it with thousands of families.” As far as games go, it just doesn’t get any better or more hilarious than that.  

A Punny Cooking Apron

Etsy does it again with its customizable and dad-themed gifts. If your dad isn’t the type who’ll appreciate getting a box of socks, perhaps he’ll enjoy a cooking apron with a funny phrase, joke, or pun.

You can find a TON of good ones to fit all types of humor, from the nerdy to the crass. For example, one we’ve linked above says “my wife loves my meat.” Your mom may not get a kick out of it, but hey, it’s not her day!

A Mug with a Message From Trump

If there’s one thing we can agree on about the year 2020, it’s that making fun of Donald Trump made things seem pretty okay, for a minute or two. Whether your dad is a fan of the Donald or not, he’ll likely get a kick out of this mug.

It’s even funnier if he was a Donald Trump supporter up until this past year. Then, this mug is kind of just a hilarious burn that’ll remind him that he’s not always right about everything, while also letting him know that he’s still the best around!

A Ridiculous Mousepad

If you’re pressed for time and wondering what should I get for Father’s Day last minute? The answer is a ridiculous mousepad

Once again, there’s one for every kind of dad out there, whether yours is a mechanic, works from home, or appreciates a good pun. It’s one of those things he’ll look at while at work or on the home computer, think of you, and chuckle a bit.

An On-the-Toilet Golf Set

Is your dad the type to take long bathroom breaks?

If the answer is yes, this gift will not only keep him entertained on the porcelain throne, but it’ll also make him laugh upon opening the gift. This set even comes with a sign that he can hang on the door that reads: “Do not disturb: Golf game in progress.”

A Cooler Bag for His Packed Lunches (Wait for it…)

If your dad brings his lunch to work, it may be time to upgrade his cooler bag—especially if he works with the type of people who think it’s fun to eat other peoples’ food.

This cooler bag, in particular, is labeled as a “human organ for transplant” bag, with an EMT tag attached. Okay, so it’s not really all that convincing, but it is insulated and it’s waterproof. If your dad is actually an EMT or works at a hospital, he’ll probably get a kick out of it either way.

A Travel Pillow Featuring Your Face

This gift is one of our all-time favorites. If your dad travels a lot for work or your parents just like to travel together and leave you alone all the time, what a better way to remind him of your existence than to gift him an airplane pillow that has your face all over it!

All you have to do is upload the photo (or photos) you want to use and the company will send you a personalized travel pillow that’s both functional and absurdly funny. 

A Fun Wall-Mounted Razor Holder

If your dad is into the quirky yet functional types of gifts, a fun little wall-mounted razor holder should definitely do the trick for his special day.

A wall-mounted razor holder is something he’ll use every day, or at least look at every day—and appreciate. It’s probably also a good idea to supplement the gift with a pack of his favorite razors. You know, for encouragement.

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