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Best Gifts for Male Teachers {that aren’t mugs}

Best Gifts for Male Teachers {that aren’t mugs}

Gift ideas for male teachers from students

It’s hard to think of fun, unique gifts for male teachers that aren’t overused. How many mugs does a teacher really need? Here are some gift ideas for male teachers for Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Week, National Teacher’s Day, or the end of the school year.

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Personalized, Funny and Cute

This All About My Teacher printable pack is easy to download, print and fill out/color for your child at home! It comes with a fill-in-the-blank All About My Teacher page, a coloring page and a gift tag! It makes a nice gift by itself or adds a personal touch to a bigger gift.

Teacher Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a unique and stylish accessory that can add a touch of class to any outfit, and they are also a practical gift that can be used daily. This is why they make a touching gift for a favorite teacher. Here are some cufflink ideas below:

These silver apple cufflinks are perfect for teachers of any subject. They come in a box ready for gift giving.

Pencil cufflinks are a good idea for any subject as well, they speak “teacher.”

Have a science teacher you’d like to thank? These engraved chemistry cufflinks are perfect!

All teachers go together with paper airplanes like peanut butter and jam 🙂 Grab these paper airplane cuffs as great appreciation gift.

Funny Signs for Teachers

No teacher can resist a funny or heartfelt sign for their desk! Take a look at some of the sign ideas below:

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches a heart, shapes the future.” This sign is perfect for any teacher.

This sign suits most teachers- it’s funny for kids and adults.

“I teach tiny humans I’m kind of a big deal.” It’s true- teachers are big deal. Show your appreciation for a wonderful teacher this sign.

I think every teacher needs this reminder sometimes, especially over the course of the last few years.

What about something a little more personal? This sign is something your child’s teacher won’t soon forget.

Science or Math Wall Clock

I think most math teachers would get a kick out of this clock with math problems and love having it up in the classroom!

If you have a science teacher that needs to be thanked, grab this planet clock for their classroom.

Inspirational Pen

Letter Board

These are a fun gift idea for teachers- they can make their own sayings and display them every day for the class.

Cell Phone Jails

Every teacher wants a cell phone jail these days!

Gift Card

Think about the teacher you’re buying for- do they love coffee? Chocolate? A certain sport? Here are some ideas:



Barnes and Noble



Personalized Male Teacher Gifts

Personalized stamp

These personalized stamps are so cool- there are dozens of hairstyles and accessories to choose from to make it like the teacher you need it for. Grab it here.

Personalized keychain

A keychain with their name engraved on it plus a ruler and a smaller pendant for extra words to be added. This makes a great teacher appreciation gift that they will use forever.

Personalized Tumbler

A tumbler with your teachers name on it makes for a fun gift they’ll love using- no one will accidentally use their mug again!

Personalized canvas bag

Does your teacher need a new bag to carry their books in? Get this one with their name on it!

Funny Clothing

These socks are perfect for a teacher 🙂

Or these socks

Heartfelt Note with a Nice Card

This doesn’t mean just “thanks for the great year!”

Write something personal- what’s a great memory you have of your teacher? What was something they taught you that stuck with you?

After going through multiple threads on Reddit, the votes are in. Teachers LOVE getting heartfelt notes or letters and will keep them forever.

Give a REALLY great gift by writing a heartfelt note and slipping a gift card in with it 🙂

Handmade cards for teacher appreciation or end of year

Smore card

Is it OK to give wine to teacher?

Yes, giving a teacher a bottle of alcohol or gift card to a liquor store is completely acceptable. Even if they don’t drink, they can easily re-gift it!

What presents do teachers really want?

According to Reddit, most teachers really love a heartfelt note or letter or a gift card (Amazon seems to be popular). DO NOT get them a mug!

What gift cards do teachers like best?

You need to think of the teacher you’re buying for. If they don’t drink coffee, maybe Starbucks isn’t a good idea. And don’t buy your vegetarian teacher a gift card for a steakhouse.

Popular choices seem to be Amazon, Starbucks, Michaels.

Is it okay to give a teacher cash?

There are mixed opinions on this one. According to teachers on Reddit, cash is more than welcome! Some people may find this tacky- try to go by the teacher you’re giving it to.