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Gifts For A 1 Year Old Boy (who has everything he needs)

Gifts For A 1 Year Old Boy (who has everything he needs)

Unique Gift Ideas For A 1 Year Old Boy

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure at the bottom of the page.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

So- it’s your 1 year old boys birthday or you a little boy you need to buy a birthday or Christmas gift for and you’re wondering-

What are the best gifts for a 1 year old boy anyway?

One year olds are a lot of fun. They’re also a real handful! Curious, inquisitive, constantly learning and starting to test boundaries.

The CDC milestone chart for children a year old is actually quite astounding! They are starting to be able to turn the pages of a book, use a spoon or fork, communicate and understand simple directions. They’re exploring with all their senses and are starting to have their own favorite things or people!

These gift ideas for a 1 year old boy are broken up into 2 sections- meaningful gifts and toys! Not that toys can’t be meaningful but sometimes you want gift ideas for one year olds that aren’t toys.

The Best Meaningful Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys


Some books that would be perfect for a 1 year old are Goodnight Moon (remember that one- goodnight cow, jumping over the moon?) or The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

This boxset comes with 100 small board books about animals, shapes and words.

And of course, there’s always classic Dr. Seuss! This board book set is specifically for babies.


Lessons and or classes make a GREAT gift for toddlers AND their parents! Especially those ever moving super energetic ones. Us moms and dads are always looking for things to do with our little ones to keep them busy- so why not gift the one year old on your list something that gets everyone out of the house and is fun for little one?

  • Music classes
  • Toddler dance classes
  • Yoga for babies/toddlers
  • Art classes


You know those giant puzzles geared toward babies and toddlers? They’re perfect for a 1 year and provide educational fun! These ones come in a 2 pack with numbers and letters.

This one is a box style with different things to do on each side. My son and daughter were just playing with this exact one at the library- she is one and he is three and they both loved it!

This one is a simple wooden puzzle with shapes only and nice bright colors!

This is a 5 pack of different wooden animals/bug puzzles perfect for tiny hands.

And this one might actually be my favorite because of the size and the added touch and feel furry parts on the animals.


Babies and toddlers go through clothes like crazy. They can always use a new pair of cozy pj’s!

This pack of 3 is a really good price and has construction, dinosaurs and monsters included.

This pack is animals and is also a really good price.

And these elephant ones are 2 piece style which is sometimes better for night time!

Personalized Gifts

This tool inspired teething set is made of high quality cloth and comes with a cute carrying case that you can add the birthday boys name to! Safe for babies.

These wooden puzzles are handmade on Etsy and can be made in the shape of any name.

Best Toys For 1 Year Old Boys

What is a good toy for a 1 year old boy? IMO, it should be open-ended and grow with the child. And of course, encourage imagination play!

Hape Pound and Tap Bench with Xylophone

Pound the balls down or pull the xylophone out to play a tune.

Montessori Development Carrot Harvest

Made of natural pinewood that’s completely smooth, this sorting game will teach children shape recognition!

Wooden Activity Cube

Problem solving, fine motor skill development and hand/eye coordination are all benefits of activity cubes. And, of course, they’re just plain engrossing.

Pop Up Play Tent

This one doesn’t come with the balls for the ball pit but if you really want to get in the parents bad book- definitely buy a pack to go with ?

Mega Blocks First Builders

These are AWESOME for little ones. They’re huge and easy to grasp and push together/pull apart.

Melissa and Doug Pull Back Vehicles

These are perfect for little chubby hands- nothing to wind up. Just pull back and let go!

Rainbow Caterpillar Gear Toy

This toy promotes color recognition and fine motor skills. No batteries required!

Handmade Wooden Push Elephant

There’s a reason wood toys are so popular right now- they encourage imaginative play, fit within Montessori and don’t require batteries.

Moon and Star Night Sky Projector

This isn’t a toy per say but it’s something that they’ll (hopefully) use for a very long time!

Road Map

Did you have one of these growing up? Our kids have one and are so entertained by it! It’s so fun for them to drive their cars around on and it will be fun for a LONG time- my 6 year old is still using ours!

I hope you found something for the special boy on your list! First birthdays are so special ❤

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