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Baby Shower Gifts That Are Under $10! {UPDATED}

Baby Shower Gifts That Are Under $10! {UPDATED}


Baby showers! We’ve all been to one. Some of us have been to multiple baby showers because all of our friends keep having babies and maybe the original budget you had assigned to baby showers seems a little steep.

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How much DO you spend on a baby shower gift?

Well, lucky for you, there are no rules for how much you need spend!

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What Do You Buy For A Baby Shower Gift?

When you’re buying baby gifts for brand new moms, it doesn’t have to be wildly expensive or completely unique. New parents need a lot of practical items (like diapers, burp cloths and receiving blankets) to get through the first year and many of those items aren’t too expensive.

Frugal Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Wanna be seriously frugal? Try one of these ideas:

  • A homemade meal that can be frozen and heated easily.
  • An offer to babysit or do some housework- that you actually follow through with!
  • A homemade or DIY baby gift- like these.

Baby Shower Gifts Under $10

No one will guess these gifts are under $10. You can mix and match a couple together and still be under $15- not bad!

Newborn Hair Bows and Pacifier Clips

Security Blanket

These are so snuggly and cute for baby! The stuffed animal head makes it easy for baby to carry around as they get older.

Cute Onesies

You can never go wrong with an adorable onesie. Babies need to be changed so many times in a day- momma can always use more onesies!

Car Seat Cover

You can grab one of these car seat covers for FREE using my code NEWMOMMA20! They come in all sorts of cute prints with the option of personalizing them with baby’s name.

Wrist Rattle

This is a genius idea. Baby’s tend to bonk themselves with wrattles, this one fits on their wrist and is soft so there’s no chance of that!

No B.S. Parenting Book

Every new mom needs some real life facts about what’s to come. Motherhood is wild and crazy and messy and she may as well know it!

Hooded Towel

These are key for newborn babies at the beginning because the hood keeps their head nice and warm after bath time and won’t slip off!


Really, this is the no fail gift (unless they’re cloth diapering!). They’ll be used for sure and you really can’t have enough diapers.

You can get a bundle of mixed sizes and patterns from HelloBello with free shipping for $16 off by using the code SAVE16.

Diaper Caddy Organizer

This diaper organizer is for a change table or the car! Easily carry baby essentials around the house or to and from the car.

Baby Shoes

Nothing is cuter than baby shoes- they’re to die for. You can grab two pairs of baby shoes for free from this website using my code NEWMOMMA20!

The Best Baby Book

This is such a great baby shower gift. Perfect for the new parents and baby as they grow up!

Teething Pacifier Clip

These are so cool- they’re made of food grade silicone so baby can safely chew on them while they’re teething.

Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling blankets are key when you have a newborn. They’re large enough that you can wrap the baby up semi tightly (like a baby burrito!). It helps them to calm down and feel like they’re back in the womb.

Muslin Baby Cloths

The new parents you’re buying for will go through burp cloths like crazy every day- you use them for baths, wipes, spills, runny noses and spit up.

Nursery Decor

You can buy and download this printable to put into a frame.

Grab a frame from the dollar store or thrift shop and paint it to make it unique and special. It makes a very cute baby shower gift!

Click the image or link below to purchase.

My favorite place to get things printed is Costco or you can do it online at

Purchase and download for $7.00

What Is The Best Gift For A Baby Shower?

The best gift you can possibly give to a new mom at her baby shower is something that will help her and make her life easier with a newborn baby. Whether that is ease of mind from having lots of diapers stocked, a swaddling blanket to wrap her baby in, an abundance of receiving blankets or a special book that can be treasured for years- it doesn’t have to be expensive.

I hope you got some got some great cheap baby shower gift ideas from this list! Let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comments. Good luck at your baby shower


Baby Shower Gifts Under $10