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Best Gifts For a New Mom In The Hospital: Hospital Appropriate Gift Ideas

Best Gifts For a New Mom In The Hospital: Hospital Appropriate Gift Ideas

What are the best gifts for new moms in the hospital?

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure at the bottom of the page.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Being a brand new mom in the hospital is super intense, physically and emotionally. Never will there be another time where you feel quite like that.

The best gifts are ones that are easily taken home, useful to the new mom you’re buying for or offer some sort of keepsake she can treasure and remember.

Do You Bring A Gift When Visiting A New Baby And Mom?


But, not for the baby. The baby gets lots of gifts at the shower! These gifts are specifically for new mothers!

If anyone needs a special gift, it’s a mom who’s given birth. Seriously, get that woman a medal.

No, not a medal.

Chocolate, fruit, self care stuff or postpartum care items!

What Is A Good Gift For A New Mom?

The best gifts for mom (in the hospital) after delivery are ones that focus on HER and her new life.

She’ll be tired. She’ll be emotional. And hopefully, she’ll be feeling a lot of love toward her newborn baby!

Getting her something that celebrates what she’s been through, the new journey she’s on and her new baby is perfect!

Gifts For Mom In The Hospital After Delivery


Seriously, fresh delicious fruit is the BEST after you’ve given birth! Hospital food isn’t great plus fruit has a high natural water content which is great for a new mom who may be dehydrated! You can grab her fresh fruit from the grocery store or bring an edible arrangement that’s a bit fancier.


The food items are first on this list for a reason- there’s basically nothing else that compares to eating and drinking delicious food and drinks after you’ve completed the marathon of childbirth.

Milestone Stickers For Baby

These are so cute- you can stick them on a onesie or something that will be in the picture. They include all the month milestones plus ones like “I popped my first tooth, I sat up, I crawled, etc.”


This bracelet is everything!

Maybe she likes swearing, maybe she doesn’t. You know the mom you’re buying for so think that over!

Something To Treasure

This sculpture brings tears to my eyes. When I think back to having my first baby and being in the hospital, I would have been overjoyed to recieve this as a gift!

The new mama you’re buying a gift for- her whole life has dramatically changed. This sculpture is something she’ll look at for the rest of her life and remember the day a new heart was added to her family.

Or this may be more suited to her-

A Baby Bonding Bracelet

This bracelet is made of rose quartz and is thought to empower a loving bond between the wearer and those around her.

It’s also practical because it’s easily switched from wrist to wrist meaning that mom can switch the bracelet to remind herself which side she nursed the baby on last! (You think you’ll remember but when you’re sleep deprived you really don’t.)

Postpartum Uplifting Mood Tea

This is such a cute idea! An easy and fast way for a new mom to have a little pick me up.

Mommy’s Sippy Cup

Moms need sippy cups too, okay? Perfect for tea, coffee or other drinks! I normally don’t love the momma needs wine jokes but they are kinda funny if you don’t take it too seriously 🙂

Other Cute Mugs She May Like

Beautiful Personalized Necklace

You can include a birthstone along with the baby’s name engraved on the necklace. I love this idea because this is something that momma can give to her baby when they’re older!

Nursery Decor That Tugs On The Heart Strings

This is a printable from Etsy– you download the file and print it yourself. This would be incredibly endearing to put in a frame for her new baby’s nursery.

Sitz Bath Packets

These are AMAZING and she will thank you from the bottom of her- well- bottom!

This is my favorite brand because they come in nice biodegradable single use packets and there’s no worries of herbs floating around the tub.

A Self-Care Basket

There is nothing better than pampering yourself at home after your baby is born. It may take a few weeks to get there, but hopping in the tub and having a bath just for yourself with lovely soaps, bath bombs and body butter?


Here are some ideas for gift baskets for new moms in the hospital!

Or this Relaxation Tea kit from David’s Tea!

A Teething Necklace

These necklaces are perfect for the stage that baby wants everything in their mouths. They look stylish and can dress up an outfit but they’re specifically made for a baby to munch on- meaning safe!

A Massager

Guess who had to run out for an emergency chiropractic appointment and leave a week old baby at home? This girl!

Adjusting to breastfeeding and carrying a baby can do terrible things to your neck and back. An electric massager is an amazing gift for a new momma (or papa!)

I hope you found a perfect hospital gift for the special new mom you’re buying for! Is there anything else you’d add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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