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19 Subscription Boxes That Make Awesome Gifts For Moms

19 Subscription Boxes That Make Awesome Gifts For Moms

You’ve got a special momma that needs a special gift. Perhaps it’s Mother’s Day and you really don’t want her to get another bouqet of flowers. Or it’s her birthday and you want to get her a gift that shows up multiple times throughout the year! Maybe it’s Christmas and you want to find her a unique gift suited to her personality.

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Enter subscription boxes!

Maybe you knew that there were the tried and true makeup subscription boxes. But did you know that you could get WINE, coffee, tea, or clothing that was chosen by a personal shopper? Or perhaps you have a climate conscious momma or a vegan health nut on your list- there are boxes for them too!

Subscription boxes can be bought for 1 month or multiple months. What makes them SO fun to get is that it’s like getting presents all year. You get a beautiful box to open with brand new things you’ve never tried before. And it’s great for finding new products, clothes, jewelry or snacks you might like!

Here’s the best subscription boxes for moms (whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day or her birthday):



Frank and Oak are definitely one of my favorites on this list because they are dedicated to to sustainability and using eco-friendly fabrics and packaging.

Let some expert stylists pick out some beautiful, eco-conscious clothes for the mom on your list with no time to shop. She’ll have the chance to pick and choose if she doesn’t like something. 

This box lets you decide what you want to keep and buy and lets you send back the rest. 


Bombay and Cedar offer vegan, cruelty free wellness products, aromatherapy and new essential oils in every box. Perfect for the health conscious momma on your list!

Winc Wine Club

Does the mom you’re searching for love drinking a glass of wine in evenings? Get her a subscription! You can get a monthly subscription of 6 bottles or less, depending on your preference. It’s super fun to go through the quiz they have and get your wine picked based on your answers. When I went through, I was offered 6 bottles of award winning wine for 39.95!

Click here to land on the gift card page. You will be prompted to enter the gift receivers email. They will get an email telling them that you’ve bought them a subscription!


Let the mom you’re searching for indulge in beauty, fitness, wellness and home products plus everything in between!

FabFitFun is a seasonal box, meaning you can get up to 4 per year. They are 49.99 a box or 179.99 for the whole year. When you order an e gift card and have it sent to the mom you’re buying for, she will get to customise some products and add ons. 


High end beauty that’s customised! Buy your momma a gift subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months. And Birch Box has an awesome deal right now- buy a gift subscription and get a gift box for yourself, free of charge!


Have a coffee lover on your list? Send them a bag of whole bean, fresh roasted coffee that’s personalized to their taste based on the answers to a quiz they go through! With over 500 kinds of coffee from 50 award winning roasters this is a totally unique gift for a coffee lover.


The Tea Box  is a subscription to hand picked teas based on that months box. A fun and beautiful gift for all tea loving moms!


Do you have a vegan momma who loves cruelty free beauty? The Kinder Beauty Box is free of animal products and certified cruelty free!


Maybe you have a vegan mom who prefers amazing and fun vegan food to vegan make up! The Vegancuts Snack Box will not disappoint!


Petit  Vour is another amazing vegan beauty box- but they have a points system! If your momma loves this box, she can earn points every month to get extra free products. I have tried this beauty box and LOVED it!


Do you have a spiritual momma on your list who’s into crystals, aromatherapy, spiritual growth tools, superfood snacks or tea? Then she’ll LOVE this, plus you can tell her that they will plant a tree for each box sold.


Sips By is such a fun subscription box. When you buy one as a gift, the receiver will go through a quiz to find out what kind of tea they’re interested in, how they like to drink it and if they like herbal or caffeinated (or both!) They’ll get 15 cups of tea per month (or more if they re-steep). It’s 15$ per month or 45$ for three months!


This may be the box I’m most excited about. It’s ridiculous, who came up with this genius idea?! Every month you get a houseplant shipped to your door with the guarantee that it will be alive and healthy. You can choose from succulents, herbs, air cleaning, premium boxes or pet safe plants. What a unique gift for the plant lover on your list!


Stitch Fix is so fun because it takes you through a style quiz. There is no subscription required. This box works a bit differently because they will send you a box of clothes, you pick what you like and want to keep and then send the rest back in a prepaid envelope. If you do end up like everything and want to buy it all, you get 25% off the box!

Stitch Fix also has options for men and kids making a cool gift for families.


Have a jewelry loving momma on your list?

Get 3 pieces of designer jewelry for 21$ a month. Switch what you don’t like. If you want to keep something forever you have the option to buy it with the 21$ going toward your purchase. 

What a beautiful gift for someone who loves jewelry but can’t afford to be buying new, expensive pieces all the time!


Is the mom you’re buying for super stylish? The Box of Style ships quarterly with the luxury seasonal styles, including jewelry, accessories, make up and more!


Le Tote is a different than Stitch Fix because you are just renting the clothes, not buying. So you pay a monthly fee, pick out your styles, wear them as much as you like and then send them back and pick out a new tote of clothes! If you love something and want to keep it, you can for 50% off retail price. Pretty sweet!


Have a mom that’s into fitness? The Yoga Club offers a quiz to see what kind of activities you’re into and what you’d prefer to get. Gift them one of three boxes, starting with 1 item (leggings) going up to a 3 piece set!


Gift the mom on your list a box of handmade and ethically sourced goods. Each box contains 4-5 handmade goods that are over 70$ in value. 

This is such an amazing idea for a gift! 

Subscription Boxes For Expecting and New Moms

Bump Boxes

These are so ridiculously awesome for pregnant mommas. You can choose a box based on the trimester she’s in to help pamper her with baby safe products. Check out all three boxes here.


I hope you found a super fun and unique gift for the mom you were searching for and I hope she loves getting a fun box in the mail, just for her ❤




Aisha Brown

Sunday 11th of October 2020

This was an awesome list of ideas! My mom and I do 25 days of Christmas for each other. I wish/hope in the future there will be more ideas I can use for that project.