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Simple New Year’s Ideas for Kids and Families {fun things to do on New Year’s with kids at home}

Simple New Year’s Ideas for Kids and Families {fun things to do on New Year’s with kids at home}

Easy and Fun New Year’s Ideas at Home

New Year’s is going to look a lot different this year. We’re all going to be mostly stuck at home and if you have kids, well, it might be a good idea to have some simple things for them to do throughout the night!

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*Tip- the countdown begins at 8pm in our house thanks to kids countdowns available on Netflix 😆

We’ve rounded up the best ideas for recipes, activities and party themes so feel free to pick and choose a fun combo for your family 🙂

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Kid-Friendly New Year’s Party Ideas

These are fun things you can do to liven up your New Year’s party at home. Things to do, make or add to your new list of New Year’s traditions <3

Create a prop area for fun photos

Make your own DIY New Year’s photo props for a super cute New Year’s photo booth with your kids! Of course, funny stuff from the Dollar Store works too 🙂


Confettie Bar

This confetti bar comes together pretty easily and is so fun for kids to grab a confetti popper to ring in the New Year!


Diy Noise Makers

So festive, easy to make and fun for both kids and adults to ring in the New Year 🙂


Countdown Bags

Happy Home Fairy has some really cute suggestions- a new DVD, snacks, printables or even a disposable camera!


Paper Number Pinatas

Create a number pinata for the hours leading up to midnight- a fun thing to do every hour!


New Year’s Resolution Cups

Create a an erasable label and each write your New Year’s resolution on it to cheers the new year 🙂


Build an Epic Blanket Fort

Get the whole family involved in making a crazy awesome fort! You can face it towards the TV and watch a movie at the end!


Use Bubble Wrap to Ring in the New Year

Have your kids stomp on some giant bubble wrap to create lots of noise for a year end hurrah!


Re-dress the Christmas Tree with New Year’s Decor

This could end up being a year end tradition every year… we’re already planning our New Year’s tree! Which makes me happy because usually I take the tree down when I’m so done with it LOL


New Year’s Eve Recipes for Kids

Super fun and easy recipes to make your New Year’s extra special. Your kids will LOVE these!!

Candy Mocktails

Add some pizzazz to your kids drinks for the evening but maybe do this one earlier rather than later… you know, from the crazy amounts of sugar 😉


New Year’s Pretzel Rods

So easy and fun to make! Grab some New Year’s sprinkles, pretzel rods and white chocolate to make these festive snacks!


Chocolate Caramel Fondue

Easy to find ingredients and minimal steps makes this fondue quick and definitely kid friendly!


Cupcake Fondue

Oh, my word. This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen! Get creative with the frosting and toppings- she even has tiny heart cupcakes on skewers for dipping!


Crescent Dippers

It really doesn’t get more simple than this… Use Pillsbury Pizza Dough to create this year in dippers and enjoy!


Midnight Kiss Cookies

Get the gorgeous gold effect on Hershey’s Kisses with edible gold dust to create beautiful New Year’s cookies.


Gingersnap Shooters

These are just ridiculously cute. Gingersnap shooters! Who comes up with this stuff?! Make sure you make the hole for the straw before the cookies cool 😉


Cookies and Milk Toast

Instead of champagne, have your kids toast in the New Year with an elegant (but probably plastic) champagne glass full of milk and topped with a cookie!


New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

No party is complete without silly games and activities- take your pick and have fun!

Minute-to-win-it Party Games

Minute-to-win-it games work really well with kids because, well, they only take a minute! They’re usually ridiculous and get everyone laughing. A perfect New Year’s tradition!


New Year’s Eve Bingo

Cute, free printable New Year bingo cards that are great for kids and adults!

get the bingo cards here

New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt

Whether you’re at home, at a party or hosting a party- these will keep the kids busy after they get bored of pop and cookies.


M&M’s Straw Game

Make winning fun with M&M’s as a prize! This game is great for kids and adults.


Mini Marshmallow Shooters

These are so easy to make and provide hours of entertainment. Set up targets (or get them to aim at mom or dad 😉 )


DIY Party Poppers

These don’t take long to make and you can put whatever prizes you want or little notes that start conversations (like the year in review or top 3 moments this year).


Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

This is hands down going on our New Year’s tradition list! Glow in the dark ring toss really only require glow sticks.. lots and lots of glow sticks 🙂


New Year’s Eve Balloon Countdown

Set up enough balloons for every 30 minutes to an hour leading up to the count down. Put a small prize or instructions for a quick game in each balloon.


New Year’s Madlibs

Grab and download some free New Year’s themed madlibs to get you all laughing!


Don’t Look Back!

This game is simple but fun, especially for kids. Someone stands and throws over their should without looking back while someone else tries to catch! Good luck!


fun things to do on New Year’s with kids at home