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18 Mother’s Day Crafts for Older Kids and Teens

18 Mother’s Day Crafts for Older Kids and Teens

Looking for a gift to surprise that special mom of yours with this year? Look no further, we have put together a list of 18 adorable Mother’s Day crafts for older kids and teens. Mom will absolutely love any of these wonderful homemade gifts. After all, there is nothing better than a gift made from the heart!

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If you are in need of some supplies or want to follow along with something, check out these super cute craft kits for teens:

Make Your Own Planter- Cast, Paint and Plant

3D Moss and Flower Art Kit

Jewelry Dish Making Kit

Felt Succulents Craft Kit

DIY Macrame Wall Art Kit

Enjoy our list of the Best Mother’s Day Crafts for Older Kids and Teens!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

DIY Sharpie Mug

This adorable DIY Sharpie Mug is a perfect gift for the special mom. Easy to make with only a few supplies, most you already have at home! Be sure to choose oil based sharpies to make your design last! 

DIY Seed Bomb

Have a mom who loves to garden? DIY Seed Bombs make the perfect gift and no craft skills necessary! Best of all, they come with a free printable that makes them extra special when put together.  

Easy Paper Heart Card

This Easy Paper Heart Card is the perfect gift for a teen to make for their mom on Mother’s Day this year! All you need for this heart card is craft paper, glue, scissors, pencil, and the free template that is included in the link! These would be a great joint craft for youth groups!

DIY Rock Photo Holders

Practical and easy to make, DIY Rock Photo Holders are a great gift for tweens and teens to make for that special mom of theirs. Use paint to make colorful creations on different types of rocks and add some copper wire with a picture.

Flower Pot Craft

I’m in LOVE with this Flower Pot Craft! Super easy and super cute. Just a few supplies are needed and no crafting skills are required. Add some seeds to the pot or replant some already grown flowers. You can also use store bought succulents if she likes collecting those.

Easy Pinecone Flowers

Looking for an inexpensive yet precious gift your mom will love? This unique idea is a great one for Mother’s Day this year. All you need to make these Easy Pinecone Flowers are pine cones, paint, and some paint brushes. It’s an especially great craft for those who have a yard of pine cones.

Thumbprint Flower Candle Holder

I cannot get over how beautiful these Thumbprint Flower Candle Holders are. These are a great keepsake and practical gift that mom will love! Only a few supplies needed, such as a mason jar, paint, paintbrush, Mod Podge, twine, and a tea light candle! If you have time, you can paint the entire jar first, them go back and add the thumbprints. 

Handmade Mother-Daughter Necklace

Older daughters will love making this mom and me necklace. Only a few supplies are needed for Handmade Mother-Daughter Necklaces, which you may already have on hand. You can also personalize it by choosing your mom’s favorite colors! 

Flower Bouquet Spinner

Flower Bouquet Spinner is a great crafting gift for a tween to make for Mother’s Day this year. Most if not all of the supplies are basic, which I bet you already have on hand! The template for this adorable flower bouquet is included on the website! 

Fingerprint Flower Magnet

Fingerprint Flower Magnets will never go out of style and you can find at them your local dollar store. Practical and adorable, these magnets are easy to make and your mom will love looking at them and using them day after day! 

Mother’s Day Floral Herb Perfume

Looking for a unique, easy, and thoughtful gift this year for Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day Floral Herb Perfume is the perfect idea! Have an herb garden? This project got even easier! If not, no worries. You still only need a few supplies for this awesome gift! 

Salt Dough Handprints Candle Keepsake

I love these Salt Dough Handprints Candle Keepsake for a Mother’s day gift this year! An inexpensive gift option for any tween to make themselves. You’ll only need salt, paint, paintbrush, and a tea light candle! Could it be any easier!?

DIY Bookmark Flower

If your mom is a bookworm, then she will definitely enjoy a DIY Bookmark Flower. Teens and tweens can probably scour your craft room to dig out the supplies, and finish this gift in under an hour.

String Heart Art

This String Heart Art craft only requires wood or cork board, string or yarn, and nails. Feel free to jazz up the board around the heart with a cute saying and don’t forget to write the year on the back! Youth groups would have a great time making these together and there wouldn’t be a huge mess to cleanup.

Mother’s Day Sponge Painting

Use dollar store sponges to make the stamps for your craft and you only need a few other supplies that you probably already have! Cardstock or a canvas can be used to make this Mother’s Day Sponge Painting card into a keepsake that your mom can display for years to come! Teen youth groups would love doing this!

Salt Dough Necklace Craft

Tweens will love making this Salt Dough Necklace Craft. It’s also a budget friendly craft but holds up well over time compared to paper gifts. You can easily use this same technique to make other salt dough creations.

Mother’s Day Pencil Holder

I LOVE this Mother’s Day Pencil Holder! So adorable, practical, and super cheap if not even free to make! Gifts with a purpose are my favorite, and this one is no exception! Your mom can use it for pencils, markers, or any craft supply and it will look great on her craft table or desk at work! 

Sharpie Mug Bird Feeder    

How adorable is this Sharpie Mug Bird Feeder?? This is great for a teen to personalize and make for their mom this year! The Dollar store has some great plates and cups to choose from to make this DIY gift and the color options are endless. Depending on how these are decorated, it could make a great craft for your youth group to do together!

We hope that our list has helped give you some ideas of what to make for that special mom of yours this Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful moms out there!


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