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The Perfect Gifts For a Mom {who doesn’t want anything}

The Perfect Gifts For a Mom {who doesn’t want anything}

Gifts For the Mom Who Has Everything

It’s always hard finding a meaningful gift for the mom on your list- whether it’s Christmas, her birthday, Mother’s Day or even a gift for a brand new mom still in the hospital!

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Hopefully, these thoughtful gifts for moms will give you some ideas.

The reason I even decided to write this post is that I am one of those moms.

My answer to everyone who asks what I’d like for Christmas is nothing! I’M GOOD! But guess what? No matter who it is, everyone secretly likes a gift and this list has something for every kind of mom.

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Best Gifts For the Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything:

For The Mom Who Loves Cute Things From Kids

You can download and print this “All About My Mom” Questionnaire for moms of little kids. The answers they give are usually hilarious and it will be cherished! It comes with a frame for a picture drawn of me and my mom and a coloring sheet.

For The Mom Who Loves Wine

Wine Aerator

Do you have a wine lover on your list? This wine aerator allows you to enjoy your red wine on the first sip, without letting it ‘breathe’ first.

Wine Glasses

It enhances the wine and gives it a richer and full bodied taste! And what about adding some super cute wine glasses to go with it?

Personalized Travel Cup

Or you could do something personalized, like this birth month flower travel mug:

Wine Subscription Box

If she REALLY loves wine, why not gift her a wine subscription box? She’ll get 6 bottles of carefully chosen wine delivered right to her door!

For The Sentimental Mom

Personalized Necklace

This necklace is handmade and able to be personalized to the mom you’re buying for with her children’s birthstone and initials.

meaningful gifts for mom

Custom Family Portrait

These personalized portraits are incredibly sweet.

You can customize them to the family you’re buying for, right down to the kids and furry family members 🙂

All About My Mom

These All About My Mom printables are really cute- download, print at home and get your kids to fill them out for an added extra to your Christmas gift for mom!

Personalized Bracelet

These beautiful bracelets can be customized with children’s names, birthdates or coordinates from where they were born.

For The Mom Who Loves To Cook

Dutch Oven

A Dutch Oven is so beautiful and built to last. This is the type of thing you might pass down to your kids or grandkids!

Kitchen Strainer Gadget

These gadgets are so handy in the kitchen- you can strap them to any pot and avoid struggling with steam and boiling water!

All In One Vegetable Slicer and Dicer

Gift her one of these vegetable slicer, dicer and choppers to make food prep super easy.

For The Mom Who Loves Baking

These are so perfect for a mom! She could even hang this cutting board up on the wall as a decoration.

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Or if you want something more practical- a Kitchen Aid Mixer is a tool any baker would adore.

Funny Oven Mitts

These oven mitts are hilarious!

Cute Spatulas

Or these super cute spatulas to liven up her kitchen-

Baker’s Keychain

This keychain is a really cute and smaller gift idea for the mom who loves to bake.

For The Green Thumb Mom

Indoor Herb Garden

Got a mom who likes to cook and garden? What about a DIY indoor herb garden that she can grow herself without having to leave the house?

This one is reasonably priced and comes with 12 different herbs from basil to dill to parsley and thyme.

Flower Subscription Box – Make sure she gets fresh flowers once a month!

Or if she really loves fresh flowers, you could gift her a big beautiful bouquet that comes in the mail. BloomsyBox offers different styles and plans and you can choose 1 month or more.

BloomsyBox also offers a subscription that is specifically roses.

Bonsai Tree Kit

These bonsai kits are so cool. She can germinate and grow her own Bonsai Tree at home.

Plant Propagation Station

Does mom already have a lot of plants? Gift her this propagation station so she can grow her extra cuttings in a beautiful way.

For The Mom Who Loves Coffee

Handmade Coffee Mug

Coffee lover? What about some high end coffee beans from a local coffee shop and a beautiful handmade mug to sip her freshly made coffee out of?

Handmade Bee Mug

This handmade bee mug is gorgeous as well:

Funny Mug Ideas

If you want something a bit more light hearted, try one of these funny mugs.

Cute Mugs

Travel Mugs

Or a travel mug for the mom on the go!

Temperature Controlled Self Heating Mug

Have mom enjoy her favorite beverage at the perfect temperature with this self heating mug, even if it sits for hours. No more cold coffee or reheating it in the microwave 3 times.

Coffee Subscription Box

A monthly coffee bean subscription makes an excellent gift as well 🙂

Pour Over Coffee Maker

If she’s into something a bit more fancy you could try getting her a pour over coffee maker or a stovetop espresso maker.

Nespresso Machine

If she hasn’t tried a Nespresso machine, prepare to blow her mind. You can have cafe level coffee ready at the touch of a button.

Keurig Machine

A Keurig also makes a great gift if she doesn’t have one yet!

For The Mom Who Loves Tea

If the mama you’re buying for loves tea, ask these questions-

  • Does she have a kettle or need a new one?
  • What kind of tea does she like?
  • Would she like a new mug?

Tea Kettle

This tea kettle keeps your water at the perfect temperature for every different type of tea (green, white, black, oolong, etc) or coffee.

Some people prefer stovetop kettles and this one is beautiful!

Delicious New Teas To Try

If you’re not sure what kind of tea to get her, why not try a sampler set of some fun new teas for her to try!

Blooming Tea Set

Blooming tea is so beautiful and relaxing to watch. If she’s never tried it before, she might be amazed!

Cute Tea Accessories

I bought this small tea pot/steeper at Ikea on a whim. It turned out to be one of my most used purchases ever, I use it every single day!

It makes 3-4 cups which is the perfect amount if one isn’t going to cut it.

For The Health Conscious Mom

If the mom you’re buying for doesn’t have a Fitbit– this might be a good gift for her! It’s satisfying to count your steps, track your heart beat and even receive texts all through your Fitbit.

These shower steamers offer a quick and easy way to rejuvenate without leaving the house. I think any mom would be thrilled to have an natural boost in the morning!

A cordless deep tissue neck massager? Give mom a super easy way to relax whenever she needs it!

If the mom you’re buying for doesn’t have a fruit infuser water bottle yet, it’s time to get her one 🙂

For The Mom Who Likes To Be Cozy

This sweater is super cozy and comforting- even for a mom who doesn’t want or need anything, a cozy sweater is always welcomed.

Or what about a pair of ultra cozy pajamas for lounging?

Everyone loves soft, cozy slippers!

For The Mom Who Likes A Clean Face

Cause we all just want soft, glowing skin, right? This healing clay has over SIXTY THOUSAND reviews, people love it, and for good reason!

It removes dirt and impurities from deep within facial pores leaving a soft, clean and fresh face.

Pair it with this cute kit that includes a mixing bowl, face mask applicator and spatula for mixing!

For The Mom Who Wants More Sleep

Have you ever heard of a lavender infused mattress topper? These are AMAZING.

So comfortable and literally infused with lavender. Guarantee mom a good nights sleep with an infused mattress topper.

Maybe all that’s missing from her life is a cooling weighted blanket– give her the gift of a peaceful sleep.

For The Mom Who Likes Spa Days At Home

These bath bombs are insanely fun to use and so deliciously indulgent.

Or you could get her a whole spa kit to use at home!

For The Mom Who Loves Essential Oils

Essential oils diffusers are great for pretty much anything that a mom could need it for.

This one comes in a beautiful design with over forty thousand positive ratings!

Sick kid? Diffuse some oil that eases coughs and congestion.

Want to ward off germs from school? Diffuse some germ killing oil.

Need an afternoon pick me up that isn’t coffee? Diffuse some energetic oils like bergamont or lime!

Want to help yourself or your kids get a better sleep? Diffuse lavender oil at bedtime.

This kit comes with a beautiful faux wood diffuser and 20 essential oils for an awesome price!

If she’s already into essential oils, you could also grab her an essential oil diffuser necklace.

For The Mom Who Loves Cozy Slippers

Can you have too many pairs of cozy slippers? Maybe. Maybe not! Any mom would be pleased to open up a pair of comfy slippers like these ones.

Especially if their floors look anything like mine… crumb land.

So nice to have a pair of slippers that are comfy as heck and help you forget about the insane level of crumbs on your floor!

These ones are super soft and cozy and have a non-slip sole. Plus memory foam on the inside to keep your feet from getting fatigued!

For The Mom Who Loves Getting Presents In The Mail

Subscription boxes make great gifts- they’re not only for makeup! There are boxes for wine, coffee, tea, clothing- you name it! You can check out a full list of subscription box ideas here.


I hope you found something on this list of gifts for moms that don’t need anything that’s perfect for her❤


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