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10+ Harvest Crafts for Toddlers

School has started for the year, the leaves have begun to change, the weather begins to cool and we all start thinking about fun fall activities like pumpkin picking, harvest crafts, and fall festivals. Most of the harvest crafts for toddlers are easy, simple and require limited materials and preparation. Plan a whole day of harvest inspired fun by visiting a local farm, reading a story and finishing the day off with an awesome harvest craft from our list. 

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Whether you are a teacher lesson planning for a Harvest theme or a parent planning for homeschool or simply looking for fun autumn crafts for toddlers, we have all the answers for you! October and November are the months when we all celebrate Thanksgiving and other fall inspired themes such as harvest season.

Celebrated around the world in Autumn, Fall Harvest honors farmers and their hard work growing crops, and is ultimately celebrated with a large Thanksgiving Feast. Scarecrows, corn, apples, and pumpkins are the typical symbols that inspire harvest festival crafts for toddlers.

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to bond with your children, then I have something for you today. With fall officially here I thought I’d share a collection of some of the best harvest crafts that I’ve come across for toddlers.

Enjoy our list of the Best Harvest Craft Ideas for Kids!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Corn Crafts for Toddlers:

Corn Craft: This hands on corn kernel craft is great fine motor practice for toddlers as they glue on loose kernels to a pre-cut corn cob to create a textured look. This is a quick craft that can be completed in 5-10 minutes which is perfect for toddlers short attention span. 

Felt Corn Toy: This felt craft is reusable as felt is perfect for small hands and can be used more than once to weave and learn about patterning. This quiet activity will require parents to pre-cut all the felt pieces. Kids will experiment with color and pattern creation, patience and hand-eye coordination.

Pumpkin Crafts for Toddlers:

Pumpkin Marble Art:  This is a perfect follow up activity on a cool fall day after pumpkin picking or a fall leaf hunt. This is the perfect fun pumpkin craft for young kids, and adding marbles when painting adds some fun textured patterns. This textured pumpkin is created using marbles and paint to decorate a pumpkin cut out, the choice of colors is completely up to you!

Pumpkin Fall Wreath: Toddlers will be proud of their creation hanging on the front door for harvest season and Thanksgiving. This easy air dry clay recipe is perfect to allow little hands to help you create an autumn wreath. 

Pumpkin Popsicle Stick Craft: Create a unique shaped popsicle pumpkin by gluing popsicle sticks together but keeping them uneven to create an interesting shape. Simply paint the sticks orange and then you can add on accessories such as the face or stem by cutting out construction paper shapes.

Coffee Filter Pumpkins: This science craft is perfect for any harvest learning unit. Using a coffee filter then draw out the shape you want to create whether it be a pumpkin or another harvest shape. Have your toddler practice their cutting skill by cutting out the shape. Then let them create a masterpiece using droppers and food coloring mixed with water. They will be really wet so place on parchment paper to dry. 

Apple Crafts for Toddlers:

Fall Suncatchers:  Enjoy creating adorable harvest suncatchers from tissue paper, construction paper, and contact paper. Creating harvest suncatchers is a fun preschool craft and kids can choose their favorite harvest shape: pumpkin, apple, or acorn. These easy to follow steps were created for older kids, but with parent assistance it can be easily completed. 

Sew a Felt Apple: Toddlers can practice lacing the apple cutouts together and stuffing the apple with cotton balls to give the apple a 3D look. Add a green stem to complete the look of the apple. 

Fizzy Paint Apple Craft: Pumpkins are one of  the most common symbols for harvest season, so kids will enjoy this textured apple craft using fizzy paint. Kids of all ages love watching chemistry happen right in front of their eyes as baking soda, vinegar and paint mix to create fizzy paint.

Bottle Cap Apple Tree – Create a tree trunk using brown construction paper or simply draw one with a brown crayon on marker. Toddlers can then glue on the red and green bottle caps you have collected to create a fall tree that has a variety of textures.

Scarecrow Crafts for Toddlers:

Scarecrow Paper Plate Craft:  These scarecrow paper plate faces are perfect for window decorations during harvest. If you are looking for a cute alternative to pumpkins, and corn to celebrate harvest season then the paper plate scarecrow is the perfect option.

 Popsicle Stick Scarecrow: Glue multiple popsicle sticks together vertically and one horizontally to create a hat. Once they are glued you can paint and create a fun scarecrow face. Add googly eyes to make the face really stand out!

Scarecrow Puppets: Kids will love making these cute scarecrows by gluing the pieces together onto a popsicle stick to make a scarecrow puppet. Parents will need to use the printable template and cut out the pieces ahead of time.

Harvest Activities for Toddlers: 

Sometimes rather than creating a tangible craft, toddlers enjoy exploring seasonal themed sensory activities such as sensory bins that include items inspired by harvest season.

How to Create A Fall Colored Rice Sensory Bin: Nothing can be easier, safer and more exciting than fall colored rice sensory bins. You could even make this scented by adding fall spices to the rice! This project is so safe that you don’t even have to use scissors. The creation of scented fall colored rice sensory bins does not require any fancy materials, you can even go for a walk to collect materials such as acorns and pinecones.

Salt Painting Leaves – Using the provided template have your toddler glue salt along all of the black lines using white glue. You can put down the glue and just have them sprinkle the salt if you want to avoid the mess. Let it try overnight and then use watercolor to paint and you will be left with a 3D leaf outline.

Fall Scented Playdough – This super soft playdough is a favorite activity for kids of all ages and is scented to smell like apple, pumpkin and cinnamon flavors inspired by fall. All recipes are non toxic and snack safe making them perfect for toddlers.

With all of these fun harvest crafts and harvest sensory bin ideas you are sure to have a fun fall playing and crafting with your toddler at home. Use these fun harvest crafts for toddlers to celebrate Thanksgiving, Fall and the Harvest Season! Make sure you take a day trip to a local farm to fully enjoy the harvest season and maybe even pick a pumpkin.

If you loved these harvest craft ideas, be sure to check out our full list of fall crafts for toddlers. 


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