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22 Easy Flower Crafts for Kids

22 Easy Flower Crafts for Kids

Spring has sprung! When I think of Spring, the first thing I think of is watching the beautiful gardens full of flowers pop up in my neighborhood, creating a beautiful sea of colors. After a long winter, I am happy to see green grass, sunshine and flowers beginning to bloom.

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So it makes perfect sense that when I think about creating Mother’s day or Spring crafts I automatically think about easy flower crafts for toddlers. 

Every year preschool teachers, and elementary teachers start hunting in April and May for the perfect flower craft for kids’ ideas for Spring and for Mother’s Day. So this year we are sharing with you a roundup of our favorite simple flower crafts for kids.

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Cardboard Garden

Create flower art for toddlers with this cute textured cardboard garden of flowers. Save the planet by reusing cardboard in this easy DIY flower craft that kids love to make and give to their friends. The best part is you likely have all of the materials you need already at home, and if you don’t have yarn you can simply substitute string.

Handprint Lillies

Bubble Paint Flowers

Paper Roll Hyacinths

Paper Flower Wreath

Curled Spring Flowers

Tissue Paper Flower Bracelet Craft

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Construction Paper Flowers

Use construction paper to make simple and unique flower gardens that are fun to make for all ages. This craft uses limited supplies: construction paper, glue, scissors, and a pen or pencil – making this a great low cost spring flower craft.

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Egg Carton Flower Bouquet

This is a fun spring recycling craft idea that makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift. The egg carton flower bouquet is colorful and textured and the best part is the flowers stay alive forever even if you don’t have a green thumb. Use the egg carton flower bouquet as a wall decoration or on a greeting card.

Thumb Print Popsicle Stick Flowers

This is a cute craft for Spring or Summer and requires no help from parents other than cutting out the flowers. Give your child a construction paper flower then let them explore finger paint or you can focus on adding texture using just thumb prints. The options are endless!

Dot-A-Dot Flower Craft

If you haven’t used dot markers before, you’re in for a treat! Besides being mess free, they also help develop hand-eye coordination and strengthen fine motor skills as the kids hold the dot markers and move their hands to apply the marker to the paper.”

Coffee Filter Flowers

“What’s nicer than a fresh bouquet of flowers? How about a homemade bouquet of flowers made with STEAM (Science + Art)! Easy coffee filter flowers are the perfect craft for spring, or any time of the year. Find out how to make flowers out of coffee filters. Fun STEAM activities are always engaging for junior scientists of all ages!”

Tissue Paper Flower Art

All you need for this craft is a free flower template, tissue paper and glue sticks! It’s so fun for kids to use different colors of tissue paper for their flowers.

Pom Pom Flower Bookmark

These are the perfect toddler flower craft ideas that are super easy and totally practical as you end up with a cute flower bookmark. All you need is pom poms, googly eyes and popsicle sticks to complete this smiley flower bookmark.

Origami Flower Card Craft

This origami flower card is a great card for toddlers to create with a parent, as toddlers will need some help with the folding of the paper. Once the origami folding is complete kids should be able to paint the background and glue on the flowers on their own creating a beautiful flower card that can be used as a Mother’s Day Card, Birthday Card or Thank you card. Having a Spring themed card on hand is always useful.

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Popsicle Stick Heart Flowers

This is the perfect Mother’s Day flower craft idea that is great cutting and gluing practice for any toddler, but yet is simple enough for them to complete mostly without assistance. The Popsicle stick heart flowers are easy to make by simply cutting out four heart shapes, and a rectangle stem and gluing them together. Toddlers can use markers to decorate and even add a gem to the center to make it sparkle. Once they are complete you can even place them in a clay pot to finish off this simple heart flower craft.

Flower Symmetry Art for Kids

Not only is the flower symmetry art for kids a simple spring craft idea but it also teaches kids a mathematical skill while having fun! Use the free printable and let kids go wild with paint on two of the flower petals then fold it in half and watch the magic happen!

F is for Flower Activity and Craft

Mixing learning and crafts is my favorite thing to do with toddlers and preschoolers. This craft teaches kids all about the letter F, and has three different varieties of simple flower crafts.

Flower SunCatcher

Get outdoors and go on a nature walk to collect some fresh flowers to create a pressed flower sun catcher. Use the fresh flowers, waxed paper and a printable template to create a beautiful suncatcher perfect for your front window.

Flower Painting

Let children explore process art by painting with live flowers. It is simple, budget friendly and teaches toddlers about creating art with texture and mixing colors as they explore the different paints.

Pipe Cleaner Flower Stamp Art

Simply use pipe cleaners to create a flower shaped stamp and then allow preschool and toddlers to dip the pipe cleaners in paint and use it as a stamp. Have a flower building contest and let the kids’ imaginations run wild, and simply attach a stem to hold onto while you stamp a gorgeous garden full of flowers. 

Flower Fairies

Go on a walk to collect flowers and other nature items and create an illustration with the loose parts. This craft is a creative way to encourage exploration of nature, and the use of imagination as it offers flexibility for different aged groups. Kids will love creating flower fairies out of the loose flower and nature parts you collected.

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There are so many different flower crafts for toddlers and preschoolers, from sun catchers to card making, we are sure your child will love creating their own flower garden art. There are so many different art activities that incorporate recycled materials to create flowers, real flowers, or other craft materials to make flowers, so the options are endless and all really affordable. 

Flower crafts allow kids to explore and really appreciate Spring and make great gift ideas for Easter and Mother’s Day! The bonus of using real flowers is they bring a beautiful scent with them and allow children to explore their natural surroundings which is important for growth and development.


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