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20 Easy and Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

20 Easy and Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Spring is here and that means that Spring break and Easter are just around the corner. Your kids will love making these easy Easter crafts as they get ready to celebrate the upcoming holiday. 

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Painting with Peeps

If you are looking for a quick and easy Easter craft for kids, look no further than the candy aisle at your local grocery store. This cute craft idea has them use peeps to create some fun Easter artwork. 

best easter kid crafts
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Paper Plate Easter Bunny

These paper plate Easter bunnies are simple to make and adorable too.

All you need are some paper plates, googly eyes, and construction paper and you are all set to create these cute little Easter bunnies to decorate for the holiday! 

Paper Plate Easter Bunny
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Striped Easter Egg Craft

This simple Easter craft is perfect for toddlers and younger children, but older kids can make them too. You have everything you need for these striped Easter eggs at home already, let your kids make some to place around the house for decorations!  

easy striped easter egg craft for toddlers to make
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Marshmallow Easter Bunny

This is a super fun craft where you can combine art and snack time! All you need are some marshmallows, googly eyes, and some glue.

Simply draw your bunny outline on some construction paper and then let your child glue marshmallows on the outline for an adorable marshmallow bunny! 

easy easter craft for kids
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Dye Easter Eggs with Rice 

Are you looking for a simple, not too messy way to dye your Easter eggs this year? Then this cool trick of dying Easter eggs with rice might be just perfect for you.

All you need is:

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring
  • Rice
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Foam Cup Bunnies

These adorable foam cup bunnies will look amazing on your table or mantle as part of an Easter centerpiece! You don’t need much to make them, just:

  • Foam cups
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Marker
  • Some scrap paper
How cute! Bunnies made from foam cups, what a great Easter craft for the kids!
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Simple Cross Craft

These simple cross crafts are perfect for the Easter holiday, and they are easy and fun to make for children of all ages. All you need is:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • An assortment of beads
  • Buttons
  • Pom-poms
  • Glue 
simple popsicle stick craft at
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Felt Easter Eggs 

These felt Easter eggs are beautiful and allow your children to get as creative as they want to. All you need is Easter eggs cut out of felt, and some decorations and glitter for your children to glue to them. 

Felt Easter Eggs Craft
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Paper Plate Flowers

These paper plate flowers are a beautiful way to celebrate Easter and spring! All you need are some paper plates, paint, craft sticks, and construction paper and your kids can make a whole garden full of paper plate flowers. 

This paper plate flower craft is a great spring and summer craft for kids. It offers kids a great opportunity to work on scissor skills.
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Easter Bunny Ear Headbands

These Easter Bunny Ear headbands are adorable and simple! All you need to make these headbands is some paper, scissors, and glue. Pair these headbands with the bunny noses below and let your child bunny hop their way into Easter! 

Easter bunny ears headband craft kids with free template
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Bunny Nose Masks 

Let your child turn into a little Easter bunny with these adorable bunny nose masks! All you need for this simple craft are some popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, glue, a marker, and some construction paper. Your little bunnies will be hopping around all over the place with these masks! 

Totally cute and easy Bunny Nose Masks - so fun for Easter imaginative play. You and the kids can make these rabbit masks in minutes and they're super fun for popping into Easter baskets and sharing with friends. #Easter #EasterCrafts #Rabbit #bunny #EasterBunny #rabbitmasks #eastermasks #bunnymasks #masks #popsiclestickcrafts #springcrafts #kidscrafts #craftsforkids #kidscraftroom
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Bible Verse Pull-Apart Eggs

These adorable Bible verse pull apart eggs are easy to make with your children, and help keep the reason we celebrate Easter in mind. All you need to make them is some paper plates, paint, paper, and whatever else you might like to decorate your pull apart eggs. 

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Finger Paint Easter Bunny Craft

This beautiful and fun Easter bunny finger paint craft will be a favorite spring craft for sure. All you need is some card stock, tape, and paint. You can easily change this craft from an Easter bunny to a cross, or Easter egg if your child wants to keep painting too. 

Easter bunnies are so cute and perfect for the spring season! Let your kids make their own Easter bunny fingerprint craft with this easy DIY tutorial. #fingerprintcraft #craftsforkids #easter #holidaycraft
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Textured Suncatcher Easter Egg 

These textured Easter egg suncatchers are so beautiful hanging in the window! All you need for this craft project is clear contact paper and your old scraps of colorful yarn. These textured Easter egg suncatchers are sure to be a hit! 

This textured yarn EASTER SUNCATCHER CRAFT is a gorgeous Easter craft or Spring craft for kids of all ages. A simple yarn craft made from scraps, these homemade Easter Egg Suncatchers look stunning in windows or hanging on an Easter tree. These are DIY Easter decorations you'll want to display year after year. #easter #eastercrafts #eastereggs #suncatchers #kidscrafts #craftsforkids #kidscraftroom #yarncrafts #suncatcher #eggcrafts #springcrafts
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Tissue Paper Egg

This tissue paper egg craft is a perfect easy craft and it helps younger children practice their fine motor skills too. All you need is an egg-shaped template and some tissue paper scraps for them to glue to the egg shapes. 

tissue paper scrunch egg
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Scrape Painting Bunny

If your kids are a fan of messy painting art projects then this is the Easter craft for you. It is messy, and you will want to have a prepared space, but these scrape painting bunnies are so beautiful! Just print the template, gather some acrylic paint, and allow your children to scrape the paint into unique designs. 

Scrape painting is a super fun process art activity that kids will love! Use beautiful spring colors to make these bunny silhouettes that are the perfect art project for spring or Easter. Edge them in gold glitter for an extra special touch! A great project for preschool aged kids and beyond. Free printable bunny template included.
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Toilet Roll Easter Bunny

These toilet roll Easter bunnies will look adorable sitting on your Easter dinner table! All you need to make them is a few empty toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks, paint, glue, and googly eyes. Your kids will have a blast making their very own Easter bunny decorations. 

Easter crafts for kids: cardboard roll bunnies in front of a paint chip easter egg garland
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Easter Paper Plate Craft

This Easter paper plate craft is perfect for helping practice fine motor skills for toddlers. All you need is some paper plates, a hole punch, and some yarn for them to lace into a beautiful Easter egg design. 

easter craft
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Peep House

You’ve heard of a gingerbread house for Christmas, so why not build a Peep house for Easter? All you need is some graham crackers, some pastel-colored candy, some Peeps, and some icing and your kids can make a Peep house! 

Easter gingerbread house made from graham crackers with Easter M&Ms decorating the roof, with an Easter bunny peep inside
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Easter Egg Painted Rocks

Painting rocks is always a fun craft activity for kids so why not have some fun painting rocks that look like Easter eggs? All you need are some oval rocks and some paint. Once your egg rocks are dry you can go for an “egg” hunt! 

These painted Easter egg rocks are super easy and tons of fun for kids to make! Use them as part of your Easter decor or include them in a non-candy Easter egg hunt!
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Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

These simple crafts are all made with items that you likely have around the house so that you can make them with your kids anytime. Your kids will love decorating the house with all of these amazing easy Easter crafts. 


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