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18 Letter C Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

When it comes to teaching your toddler the alphabet, you may find it a bit challenging. At this time their attention span is so short, that learning must be engaging to keep their interest. 

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Using arts and crafts is a great way to add a little fun to the mix and makes learning a bit easier both for parents and toddlers. 

Use this list of simple letter “C” crafts to help with letter recognition and memorization.

Enjoy our list of the Best Letter C Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Carrot Stamping for Kids

Not only is carrot stamping great for learning about the letter C, but it’s also perfect for springtime and garden-themed learning. Painting with carrots may also encourage the little ones to get more Vitamin A too. 

Easy Crab Craft For Kids

Toddlers will definitely remember that crab starts with “c” after making this cute craft. They are using wooden or paper mache eggs which is great, but if you don’t have these you could also use hard-boiled eggs, similar to the way you would at Easter. 

Cute Paper Cow Craft for Kids

Let’s head to the farm so we can learn all about cows! Making these are simple, you only need paper glue and scissors. Save this craft for later, because it pairs well with farm-themed lessons and can be reused again. 

Black Cat Handprint Craft for Kids

Use black construction paper to make cats for Halloween decorations, or another color throughout the year when your kids are learning about the letter c. I love that you can keep their little handprints for years to come when you make these. 

Handprint Caterpillar Craft

Here’s another cute handprint craft that would be the best when you pair it with the reading of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Reuse this activity again if you are learning about bugs and insects or want to explore critters in the Spring. 

Easy Paper Chick Craft

Whip up paper chicks in no time with a couple of pieces of construction paper and googly eyes. This could go with a farm lesson, Easter, or spring activity as well. In addition, teach them the difference between chicken and chicks. 

C is for Cupcake Preschool Craft

Learning is sweet, especially when treats are involved! Your toddler will love making these little cupcakes. Switch things up by using felt and velcro so they can make different cupcakes each time. For another activity, you can let me bake an actual batch of cupcakes as a special dessert. 

C is for Car: Letter of the Week Preschool Craft

Bring the letter c to life when you make these little cars and the “c” shaped race track. This activity is quick and easy. Plus you probably already have most of the supplies on hand to make them. Once they are finished, you can even let the kids “trace” the letter by using their real Matchbox cars. 

Handprint Cookie Monster

If your little one is obsessed with Sesame Street, they will enjoy making handprint cookie monsters. Make other characters on the show when you are learning different letters by changing the color of the paper. 

Letter C Is For Cat Preschool Lesson And Craft

This lesson is packed full of letter c activities and crafts around cats. There is a little song, along with a video, and a simple craft. Grab some paper, googly eyes, glue, and pipe cleaners to make the cutest kitty on the block. 

Sweet Corn Kids Craft

The kernels are super simple to paint because you use an eraser on a pencil. Once you cut the paper out for your kids, let them go to town making their corn cob and shuck. Another great farm lesson (when you need it) and one to teach about farm to table. 

C Is For Cotton Cloud

Use up some of your cotton balls when you make these cotton clouds in the shape of a c. Making clouds is another good rainy day activity and keeps the little ones entertained. They won’t need much help making these as long as you cut the c out for them first. 

Construction Worker Craft Template

If your little one is obsessed with tools and equipment, they will love making this construction worker. It comes with a template, so once you cut it out they can easily glue all of the pieces in place by themselves. 

Pipe Cleaners and Paper Crab Craft

These crabs are so cute once you get them assembled! No fancy supplies are needed, just some paper, pipe cleaners, a pen, glue, and something round to trace! Crab crafts are also great in the summer or when you want to teach about sea life and ocean creatures. 

How To Make A Clothespin Craft Crocodile Craft

Clothespin crocs aren’t just a lot of fun to make, they also help fine-tune motor skills. Grab some pom poms, glue, paint, and googly eyes to start creating. Add the magnets on the back, and you can display other artwork on your fridge. 

Foil Painted Campfire Craft

If you are into camping, the little ones will love this c. They will get to paint the fire by using tin foil and create the logs by pasting strips of construction paper. It may be simple but it’s quite entertaining. 

Cactus Handprint

This letter c craft may be one of my favorites. They are so adorable and you can even turn them into cards for special occasions. If you have cactus growing around the house, it’s also a good time to talk about how they shouldn’t touch the prickilies! 

Paper Plate Cars – Kid Craft Idea

Here’s another car craft that may be a little more entertaining. Use paper plates that have been cut in half for the base. Then let them choose their favorite color of tissue paper to glue. Add a couple of circles for the wheels, and they are done! 

Around this household, C is for crafting! We hope you and your toddlers have tons of fun learning about the letter c and that these activities aid in letter recognition. Be sure to come back and tell us which activity ended up being your favorite! 


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