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16 Monster Crafts for Toddlers

Let’s make some not so scary monster crafts with our toddlers! Use this list for monster parties, the Halloween season, or when they are scared to show them that monsters aren’t real!

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Enjoy our list of the Best Monster Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Paper Plate Monster Craft

These are really inexpensive to make and are great when you have multiple toddlers together. Pre-cut the tissue paper squares to speed the process up. If they are already good with the scissors, they can cut these out themselves. Then glue them on the paper plate. The template includes the eyes, but you will need to free hand the teeth, ears, antennas or other features you want to add. 

Ink Blot Monsters

Ready for a cute but really simple monster craft? Simply fold a sheet of paper in half. Have the kids add a little paint, then smush the paper together. When they open it, they will never make the same monster twice. Let the paint dry before adding the googly eyes. 

Simple Finger-Painted Monsters

Finger Painting has to be one of the funnest activities for toddlers. There’s no right or wrong way and no two creations are the same. For this craft they will dip their fingers in different colored paints to make “monsters” all over the page. Once it’s dried, they can add a few eyes in random places. 

Coffee Filter Monsters

You can make monsters of all sizes depending on the coffee filter you use! Use washable markers to color them anyway you would like. Then use a dropper or spray bottle to wet the filter and watch the monsters come to life. Fold strips of paper for the arms and legs. Use additional paper to make the eyes or glue on googly eyes.

Shape Monster Craft

Incorporate a little learning while making monsters. Cut out different shapes from construction paper and let the kids glue the monsters together. You can even get a little more creative and add hair using yarn or faux fur. When you are finished string them up into a garland for decoration.

Fork Painted Monsters

Mom, you will draw different shapes of monsters. The little ones will come back with forks dipped in paint to finish the creation off. This craft is quick and easy, but toddlers really like the idea of painting with forks. 

Monster Suncatcher Craft

These sun catchers will add some extra Halloween decor around the house. Cut out different colored tissue paper squares and stick them to contact paper. Glue on the monster faces and hang in the windows! For these to be monsters, they sure are pretty when the sun shines through! 

Monster Paper Plate Craft

If you follow the tutorial you will need lots of googly eyes so make sure you stock up on those. Once you have the middles cut out of the plates, kids will paint the rims and glue the eyes. You can also use paper to cut out ears and scary teeth. 

Paper Bag Monster Puppets

These puppets are cute and vibrant! Great for craft time at home or in a classroom setting. Toddlers will paint paper lunch bags then glue on cardstock pieces for the eyes, teeth, and ears. They used a large hole punch, but if you don’t have one you can free hand the circles instead.

Monsters, Inc. Inspired Potato Stamping

You probably have a few potatoes and leftover paint already on hand, so this one should be easy! Kids will dip a potato that has been cut in half into different paints for the monster body. At the end you can help them draw the faces with a marker or use black paint.

Pool Noodle Monster Craft

I love the idea of using pool noodles to make monsters! You will cut the noodles to the size you want the monsters to be. Then use pipe cleaners for the arms, legs, and antennas. The instructions recommend using googly eyes and pom-poms to decorate. The only downside is that this craft requires hot glue. However, it may be possible to use Tacky Glue instead.

Monster Eyes Sensory Bottle

This seemed like so much fun, I know technically it is a sensory activity but I had to include it. You will mix together water, baby oil, and glitter in the bottle. Then add in as many googly eyes as you would like. Before handing it over to the tots, hot glue the top on so you don’t have a mess later! 

Easy Monster Craft for Toddlers

Making these monsters is easy for you and the kids. They will glue on different pieces of craft foam to a sheet of construction paper. There’s no right or wrong way, so it’s perfect for younger children. You can use strips of paper to make legs, ears, and arms. 

Watercolor Blow Paint Monsters

This craft may become slightly addicting to kids, so watch out! They will add a few dabs of watercolor paint, along with some extra water. Then they blow through a straw to spread the paint around. Once it dries they can finish decorating the monsters! 

Silly Monsters Recycled Craft

Repurpose toilet paper rolls and egg cartons to make cute little monsters for Halloween! Once you have the bases painted, you’ll use other materials like pipe cleaners, eyes, pom poms and markers to make the monsters come to life! 

Bubble Paint Monsters

This craft is really fun, but your little ones will need to know how to blow through a straw instead of sucking it in. You make a bubble mixture with paint, water, and dish soap. Kids blow through the straws to make the bubbles rise, then use the straw to draw on paper or canvas. The finished product is actually pretty cool, so you have to check this one out! 

I think once you go through this list, you may be making more little monsters than you can keep track of! For more monster vibes, turn on the monster mash if you are nearing Halloween or make some monster sandwiches (or other kid friendly food that look like monsters) to bring the theme all together!


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