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13 Spooky Ghost Crafts for Toddlers {fun for Halloween!}

Get into the Halloween spirit with these not-so-spooky ghost crafts for toddlers. Not only are they adorable to make, but you don’t have to worry about the little ones being scared of the holiday. The supply lists are very simple, so you probably won’t even have to make a trip to the store, which is always nice. 

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You can even repurpose some of these ghost crafts for party decor around your home if you are going to be hosting.  While all children love candy, there are some great activities on this list that where you could set up little centers for the party to give them something to do while the adults are hanging out. It will keep their hands busy and out of the candy bowl! 

Enjoy our list of the Best Ghost Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

 DIY Toilet Paper Roll Ghosts

We love reusing toilet paper rolls for crafts. That’s one supply that we ALWAYS have an abundance of, so they are nice to be able to repurpose.  You can make these ghosts by painting the roll white, then adding the face with a Sharpie marker. Use paper plates to keep the mess to a minimum. 

Non Spooky Ghost Craft For Preschool

These ghosts are almost mess-free because they are made with paper and googley eyes. Toddlers will need a little help to cut out the ghost shape and possibly glueing it down to the paper. When you are short on time, but still want to incorporate arts and crafts for Halloween, this is a good one to remember. 

Puffy Ghost Halloween Craft

I love letting the little ones make these cotton ball ghosts! They turned out so cute and you can hang them around the house. Make a hole in the top and use black yarn or a piece of fishing line with a knot to hang. There’s also a free ghost template to download, so you don’t have to free-hand the outline. 

Paper Plate Ghost Craft

All you need for this easy craft is paper plates, paper, streamers, and a couple of other common supplies. The faces are made from paper, but if you need to simplify things you can let the smaller children draw on the faces with a marker. It would be fun to have multiple face options where they can pick and choose facial features, this would require a little more effort on your part. 

Halloween Faces Laundry Craft

If you wash your laundry using Tide Pods, save those containers! This tutorial has instructions for making a ghost along with a couple of other Halloween-themed characters. Even though she uses a die-cutting machine, you can easily cut the face from paper and glue it on. These would make great indoor and outdoor decorations. Be sure to wash the buckets out before using them. I would say this would be a  mommy and me type craft because it’s a little complicated for a toddler by themselves. 

Adorable Clothespin Crafts for Halloween

To make the ghost clothespins requires just a couple of supplies like paint, a paper ghost, and glue. Because they are so cute, we recommend putting a magnet on the back and using it to display artwork on the fridge throughout the fall and spooky season. 

DIY Lollipop Ghosts for Halloween

Let your little ones make these sucker ghosts as a craft, then hand them out to kids on Halloween or as a party favor. You’ll need lollipops, scissors, a black marker, and some type of string or twine. For the outer covering, you can use tissue paper, a napkin, or a coffee filter. 

Halloween Ghost Craft

Save your egg cartons to make these ghost decorations. The cartons are used for the ghost heads that are hot glued to the strips of plastic bags or streamers. Then you glue on the eys and draw a mouth using a black marker. You wouldn’t want to leave toddlers alone with plastic bags, so it may be best to go with the crepe paper streamer instead. 

Hidden Ghost Halloween Painting

This is a simple and interesting last-minute craft to squeeze in. Moms, you will draw ghosts on the paper using a white crayon, but don’t tell the toddlers! As they paint with watercolors, the invisible ghosts will be revealed and a total surprise! This would be a great idea for any holiday where you can replace the ghosts or other learning units such as animals and shapes. 

Paper Bag Ghost Craft

No tricks here, just all treats! Toddlers will love making friendly ghosts out of paper sacks. You can also find a free template that is provided. All you do is cut it out, then use glue sticks to add the pieces to the paper bag. 

Handprint Ghost Art For Kids

Kids will make cute little ghosts by dipping their hands in paint and pressing it on paper. You can also use a canvas instead of paper if you would like. Then draw on the face using a black marker. 

Recycled Bottle Halloween Ghosts a Quick and Easy DIY

These bottles are so much fun to make, and I must say they look great on display! You can use any size plastic bottle. If you plan to display them for decor, I recommend using several different sizes. The faces are made from paper and the inside stuffing resembles what’s in a stuffed animal. If you don’t want to purchase the fiber fill you can use cotton balls or paint the inside instead. 

Make an Easy Footprint Ghost Craft for Halloween

Instead of hands, this time we are making ghost footprints! After the paint dries, let them decorate the rest of the paper with Halloween-themed stickers and pom poms. 

The Halloween season is so much fun for both kids and adults! Every year we look forward to seeing all of the different costumes and of course, the kids are here for the candy. When you are crafting, turn on some music that’s kid-friendly like the monster mash and the Addams Family theme song. This really gets everyone in the spirit. 


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