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15+ Simple Ice Cream Crafts for Toddlers!

15+ Simple Ice Cream Crafts for Toddlers!

While summer doesn’t officially start until June, the summer season kicks off in our household with an ice cream treat for the first Summer Long Weekend of the year. Ice cream becomes a regular treat the rest of the summer. When I think of ice cream I also think of all the other yummy cool treats including popsicles.

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Ice cream cone crafts let toddlers be creative and design their cone with their favorite ice cream flavor in mind. These crafts are perfect for the toddler and preschool age groups as they dont have alot of instructions to follow but rather encourage creativity and allow kids to create their own ice cream craft, and they are completed quickly since this age group has a short attention span.

Toddler ice cream crafts offer a lot of developmental skill practice including: vocabulary, fine motor skills and much more!

These cool creamy ice cream crafts for toddlers will have you craving the real things as some of the toddler ice cream crafts look so real! These sweet treats are perfect to create even in summer as they won’t melt like real ice cream.

Though it may be a fun idea to let kids finger paint with melted ice cream and then rinse off with the sprinkler!

Enjoy our list of the Best Ice Cream Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Paper Ice cream Cone Craft

Paper Ice cream craft by CraftingJeannie
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Use the template to trace and cut out both the ice cream cone and scoops and create your own Ice cream Craft with as many scoops as you like. You can either pre-cut the shapes for toddlers or let preschoolers practice their cutting.

How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

image of ice-cream made by kids in a bag with bright pink spoons text reads How to Make Ice-Cream in a Bag
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What kid doesn’t love eating ice cream, so why not make it into a fun at home science activity and make ice cream in a bag. Kids will learn cooking skills, science skills and have a blast all at the same time they make a yummy cool treat, perfect for a summer day. Making vanilla ice cream is easy with these instructions but you can easily adapt to make chocolate.

Edible Ice Cream Play Dough

Doesn't this Strawberry Ice Cream Play Dough look just like the real thing?! You only need 2 simple ingredients to make this super soft edible play dough recipe!
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Kids love playing with playdough but they enjoy it even more when they can be involved in making the playdough themselves using this two ingredient recipe: icing sugar and frosting. This recipe creates a smooth and silky playdough that is super safe for littles who are still exploring everything in their mouth.

Printable Ice Cream Coloring Sheets

printable ice cream coloring pages
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Sometimes you’re looking for a quiet, no prep, low stress activity – these coloring sheets are the perfect solution and are all ice cream themed.

Toilet Paper Roll Popsicles and Ice Creams

Paper roll popsicle craft
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Toddlers always want to play pretend shop and be the store owner serving yummy treats like ice cream. So recycle old toilet rolls and make them into popsicles and ice creams to serve during pretend play.

Felt Ice Cream Play Mat

DIY felt play mat
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This is a great craft to make with toddlers as it can be reused over and over. Cut out some simple shapes using felt, and then add some extra pieces like pom poms, and small bits that kits can add as decorations to their ice creams.

Catch the Ice Cream Game

Ice cream craft game
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Create a craft and a game all in one as you use the launcher cup and try to catch the ice cream scoop. Great practice for reflexes and gross motor skills.

Sensory Ice Cream Craft

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This is a super fun tactile craft for toddlers but is definitely very messy. Give the kids some glue and let them put sprinkles on their ice creams.This is perfect for toddlers that love to dump, you can even substitute glue and use whipped cream if you’re worried your little one may try to eat the craft supplies.

Popsicle Template

popsicle template
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Using bubble wrap you can try out bubble wrap painting to add texture to your popsicles to create a cool textured look. Comes with a popsicle template cut out which allows you to decorate or paint with whatever technique you enjoy!

Simple Ice Cream Crafts for Kids

one orange and yellow paper popsicle and one pink and dark pink paper popsicle
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This ice cream craft is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and kindies as it is simple and easy to make using the printable template. It is a fun cut and paste activity that creates a cute cartoon looking popsicle stick.

Ice Cream Math Game

Ice Cream Math Games, #math, #preschool
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Kids can learn through play with this ice cream game that practices patterns, counting and matching skills. This math game is easy to make, affordable and can be reused over and over again for fun!

Recycled CD Ice Cream Craft

Recycled CD Ice Cream Kid Craft
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This craft is fairly mess free and reuses old household items and creates a Recycled CD Ice cream craft within minutes. Using simple shapes and cardstock to create a textured looking ice cream cone.

Giant Ice Cream Cone Craft

Giant Ice Cream Cone Craft
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Make the biggest ice cream craft using paper plates that you can use for each scoop, then add some pom poms as sprinkles. It makes a great prop to take some fun at home summer photos.

Painting with Water Balloons

ice cream water balloon painting; text: toddler art with water balloons
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This activity should be planned for outside as it can easily get messy! Use water balloons to create textured ice cream scoops on your ice cream cone painting. Use the printable to print off the cone and have kids add the scoops using this fun water balloon technique.

Whether you are teaching the alphabet to your toddler or just simply looking for a fun summer craft, then the letter i ice cream craft is perfect. Ice cream craft are brightly coloured, textured and a blast to create with your little one. We all scream for icecream… ice cream crafts to fill the summer with fun!


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