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13 Weather Crafts for Toddlers

Learning about different weather and how they change is an exciting thing for your toddler to learn. Your child will start to wonder why sometimes the sun is high and sometimes it’s shy. 

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Since toddlers are only starting to learn such things, it can be tricky on your part as a parent to explain specific details. But worry less, because tapping a growing child’s senses through arts is a great way to start teaching about the weather. All you need are basic art materials and some free guides which you can find below.

Enjoy our list of the Best Weather Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

  1. Cupcake Liner Umbrellas

This craft is basic but fun to start with because all you need are construction paper (any color), paper (any color but blue can be a good choice), scissors, cupcake liners, paint, markers, glue, tape, and pipe cleaners. 

Your toddler can glue all the cut-out raindrops onto the construction paper while you assist them, especially in cutting the papers, and watch as they start figuring out the process. The final result will bring your child colorful and cute little umbrellas, while making them, give your kid a basic explanation of what seasons your region experience every year.


  1. Paper Plate Rainbow Sunshine Craft

After the rain, rainbows fill the sky with colors and never fail to mesmerize anyone, but most of all the young ones. This next project will help your toddler learn about colors. Prepare paper plates, yellow craft paint, paint brushes or sponges, black buttons, yellow construction paper, red construction paper, black marker, yarn (red, orange, yellow, green blue, purple), scissors, school glue, and a large book. 

Help your child in sorting out the colors and arrange them in order. Then guide them on how to attach the yarns to the cute sun.


  1. Weather Charts

This weather chart will be a fun way for your toddler to learn about different weather. All you need is a piece of paper, a paper plate, a cotton ball, coloring pen, and a marker.

Divide the paper plate into four parts each featuring four types of weather; rainy, sunny, cloudy, and snowy. Once the craft is done, your kid can point the arrow towards what the weather outside looks like.

If it’s summer season right now, you can point to the snow and explain what happens during winter such as snow coming down, the days being shorter, and your toddler can finally try making snow angels.


  1. Winter Warmies

Speaking of winter, this season is undeniably cozy and freezing, but you and your child can warm it up through this fun activity. Grab your cereal box, googly eyes, glitter, and some colored paper. 

You should work on the cutting part first, and then your toddler can add colorful features such as glitters, wiggly eyes, smiley lips, and the cute little fuzz on the top. That part is where you will attach the string that allows the warmies you just made a nice addition to the Christmas decoration.


  1. Mixed Media Sun Day

A sunny day means a perfect day to do activities with your child. To add more brightness to your bonding time, bring out blue cardstock, puffy paint (white), a yellow cupcake liner, yellow cardstock, scissors, and a glue stick. 

The fun part of doing this art is when you fold the blue paper in half and the spread-out paint will create a symmetrical pattern on both sides. Your child will surely enjoy doing this and seeing the trick of the glue presented as the puffy clouds around the sun.


  1. Handprint Snowflake Craft

If your child can no longer wait for the winter before finally seeing a snowflake, you can make your own snowflake together at home with a help of a paper plate, construction paper, paint, yarn, and glitter.

You will have to fold the paper correctly, and then trace your kid’s hand on it. Finally, cut the paper by following the print. Make sure to slowly unfold the cut-out so you can see your toddler’s reaction. They can now add glitters and other fun decorations.


  1. Rainy Day Duck Crat for Spring

If your toddler loves ducks who love to come out after the rain and step on puddles, they will find this next project very exciting. Gather your materials such as tissue paper, scissors, yellow, orange, black, white paper, googly eye, glue, and a duck template. 

While singing together the Duck song, start cutting out duck parts made of paper. Then let your child glue the tissues on the umbrella, finally, and the odd but adorable feet.


  1. Toilet Paper Till Binoculars

Staying indoors when it’s raining outside doesn’t have to be boring. You can entertain your toddler while stimulating their creative brain by making these artsy binoculars. All you need are two empty toilet paper rolls (or other cardboard tubes), blue tempera paint, a paintbrush, cotton balls, liquid glue, and string or yarn.

Simply cover the tubes with blue paint and let your child glue the cotton balls around them. When it’s done, put your kid in charge of watching the clouds from the window to look for signs of the sun coming out using their new binoculars.


  1. Spring Rain Cloud Craft

Spring season filled with heavy clouds and rain doesn’t have to be tedious and unproductive, especially with a toddler full of energy. Give this rain cloud a try which your child can hang on the window. The materials you need are contact paper, crepe paper, yarn, cotton balls, marker, colored paper, and glue.

You can first cut out some raindrop patterns and your kid will be in charge of attaching the small pieces of crepe paper in the middle of a raindrop. Complete the raindrops, attach the clouds, and let them hang the craft when it’s all done and dry.


  1. Snowflake Stamp Art

Snowflakes alone are super lovely shapes in the eyes of toddlers, making a stamp with the shape of snowflakes will definitely get them excited to work on this next activity. It requires only as few as three materials such as blue paint, pipe cleaner, and easel paper.

Connect the pipe cleaners and make a snowflake pattern. Then pour the blue paint on a container and have your child try to stamp on clean paper. This is useful art if you are making some greeting cards or an invitation letter for your kid’s upcoming birthday party. Let them be part of the planning and preparing for the event.


  1. Rain Cloud Paper Tube

Rainy weather is probably one of the least favorite seasons for many people. But it doesn’t mean you and your toddler can’t have fun with it by making some arts and crafts.

Go ahead and check if your craft drawer has some, colored tissue paper, gold mylar (optional), various colored cardstock, toilet tube, scissors, cotton balls, craft glue, glue gun, googly eyes, pipe cleaner, glitter, foam brush, spray glue, and a hole puncher.

It may be overwhelming to see the materials needed, but it’s easier done if you will work together. Add the final details by gluing the wiggly eyes and smiley lips, this will help your toddler see rain clouds in a positive light.


  1. Paper Plate Melting Snowman

Olaf is probably one of the children’s favorite characters from Frozen. They can show their love for him with this snowman craft. Before you begin you will be needing paper plates, blue and white paint, a snowman craft template, a white printer card, felt markers, white felt or fabric, jumbo drinking straw, scissors, and glue.

This one is a little challenging. It’s best if you print the free template and cut out the pieces first. After that, your toddler will be in charge of gluing the cutouts together with your guide to ensure that they will have a nice end result.

Attaching the snowman parts to the paper plate and the straw will be tricky but will play a huge part in making the “melting” effect a success. Have fun with the final with your child while you watch some Frozen together.


  1. Rainbow Coffee Filter

Another way to let your child learn about colors through a weather craft is by making this rainbow coffee filter. To make one, the materials needed are a coffee filter, washable marker, craft paper, wiggle eyes, glue sticks, gallon-size zipper bag or metal baking sheet pan, glue gun, scissors, pencil, water spray bottle, permanent marker, and patterns. 

Color the coffee filter around and spray it gently with the water bottle. Your child will be amused watching the colors blend together. When dried, cut the paper covered in paint in half and attach the cut-out cloud. For more playful results, add the googly eyes and let your child draw a smiley face on their charming cloud.



The weather shifting may be a little bit hard to explain in detail to toddlers. But with arts and creativity, they can easily understand what each weather brings. These activities are great because they can help your child learn to discover things around them.

These easy crafts can stimulate the brain of your growing toddler with the colors, papers, and also through experience. It can teach them to identify colors, shapes, and to follow instructions. Make sure that you guide your child all along because they will be needing assistance and to avoid them giving up in the middle of the project. 


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