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20+ Winter Crafts for Toddlers

During the winter months we find ourselves stuck inside more due to the cold temperatures so why not get creative! Keeping young kids busy and entertained over the long cold months of winter can be challenging so why not spend some time together creating memories and creative winter art projects. I tried to find activities that toddlers can complete independently, require limited expensive materials and are low prep making it easier for parents.

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Keep in mind you can change these crafts slightly to adjust to your child’s developmental abilities and how much help and support they will need to complete the winter craft ideas. Crafts are not only fine but these toddler winter activities can help your child with fine motor, gross motor skills, early literacy skills and math skills. 

Enjoy this collection of over 20 Winter Crafts for Toddlers, giving you ideas to last all winter long! The collection includes snow castles, arctic animals, snowmen, snowflakes and many more snowy art projects that will inspire creativity in young children!

Enjoy our list of the Best Winter Craft Ideas for Kids!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Snowflake Salt Painting: Using a little glue, salt and water color paint, toddlers can turn paper into a 3D masterpiece when they create a salt snowflake. This activity is perfect as you can let toddlers create their own snowflake shape or you can have them follow the glue along a printed outline. Either way is great fine motor practice and snowflake salt painting offers a sensory experience for toddlers.

Easy Mittens Craft: This super easy toddler mitten craft can easily be paired with the story The Mitten written by Jan Brett so continue the theme all day. Print the mitten template ahead of time and pre-cut or have your child practice their cutting skills – it’s completely up to you. This mitten craft provides many variations as kids can color and decorate with whatever materials they like from crayons to paint. Many will enjoy using ribbon or yarn to connect the mittens together.

Arctic Animals: Toddlers love creating animals whether it be out of paper, cups or even popsicle sticks with this craft. Using popsicle sticks, you can paint them and either create a walrus, penguin, moose or polar bear or maybe create the whole crew so you have multiple arctic characters to play with. 

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes: Simply glue popsicle sticks in overlapping opposite directions to create a snowflake shape and then your toddler can paint and add glitter. Use string or ribbon to tie to the top so that you can hang your decorations around your home. Popsicle sticks with the small slots give an extra textured look however plain crafts sticks work as well.

Cupcake Snowflakes: This snowflake craft is perfect to practice cutting, sticking and coloring as your toddler creates a snowflake out of a cupcake wrapper. It is a simple and easy craft and is great if you have limited materials at home as you can make it simple or more complicated depending what elements you add to the snowflake.

How to Paint Snowflakes: Now with this craft idea you will actually need real snow to complete it or even crushed ice may work. Get some cardstock, bushes, and snow to create a snow day craft your toddler will remember. Snow is a fun sensory experience and perfect for creating at home watercolor paints. Simply mix snow and food coloring and you can brush on your coloured snow like paint.

Winter Snowflake Art: This fun activity is inspired by famous artist  Jackson Pollock who used action painting  as he would pour, splatter, and drip paint to create masterpieces. Toddlers will enjoy this easy drip painting art project as it can be messy! Create your own abstract snowflake by dropping and dripping different colors of paint onto a snowflake template, you can even use a plastic spoon to splatter. Add some sparkles to really make it pop! 

Winter Handprint Art: Create this cherishable winter keepsake, by making this simple winter themed handprint craft. Trace your toddlers hand on black paper and then let them finger paint with white paint to add the snow to their tree.

Tape Resist Snowflake Art: Inspired by one of the most whimsical elements of the winter season: the snowflake! Checkout this simple and easy craft using tape and paint to create a Snowflake tape resistant art that is budget friendly. Using tape, create a snowflake, then have your toddler run wild with paint, then pull off the tape to find a surprise snowflake!!

Snow Globe Template: Create a fun card that makes the perfect gifts for family and friends and update their photo all at the same time. There is an included snow globe template that is easy to print and follow the directions to make your own Photo Snow Globe. This is a great activity to discuss the changes in seasons.

Marshmallow Snowman Craft: Have fun at snack time and build a cute edible snowman with your toddler. Simply give them marshmallows and a few bowls with accessories to create the snowman. You can use pretzels for arms, candy for the nose, chocolate chips for eyes. 

Pasta Snowflake: Let your toddler practice their fine motor skills such as cutting and gluing with these easy pasta snowflake craft. Parents all you have to do is draw the snowflake and your toddler can do the rest! You may have to help with cutting the snowflake depending on the age of your child. Once the snowflake is cut out they can glue on any time of pasta and then you can allow them to paint the pasta.

Cardboard Tube Penguins: Winter’s favorite animal, the penguin is always a hit in our household! Penguins are cute and adorable so kids love creating cardboard penguins and they are easy to make independently. Turn construction paper into a cute penguin by cutting different pieces and accessories.

Polar Bear Craft: This craft has many educational opportunities as it teaches coordination as your toddler wraps the string around the cardboard to create a fun polar bear. Teaching coordination can help children do buttons, open and close containers and zippers. 

Winter Hat: Teach your toddler about the appropriate winter gear by making this creative and fun winter hat. Print one of the two versions of the hat depending which one you choose, add some cotton balls to the top of the hat to make it textured. 

Snowstorm in a Jar: Create a miniature blizzard in your own kitchen with this fun science craft activity. It is the perfect experiment, especially if you don’t have snow where you live. Using household materials you can make your own snowstorm.

Penguin Painted Rocks: Go for a nature walk with your toddler and find some flat rocks to paint. Painting rocks is a soothing activity and toddlers can use their creativity to create a whole family of penguins – each unique and different looking.

Perfect Paper Snowflake: Use this fun toddler winter art activity as a way for your toddler to practice their cutting skills. Toddlers will need help to fold the paper multiple times but you can allow them to just cut out any shapes which will create a beautiful snowflake. Unfold and you can see the beautiful snowflake they created!

Make Sugar Cube Castles: If you don’t have real snow to build a snow castle, you can use sugar cubes to build a replica ice castle. Give your toddler a bowl of sugar cubes and allow them to stack and build the ice castle of their dreams, and use paper or playdough to create cone toppers.

Cardboard Snow Play: Enjoy some time with your child by completing this toddler winter art idea by building a cardboard snow plow. Using recyclables such as a plastic lid, cardboard box, and an egg carton to build a fun snow plow that your toddler can play with during creative play.

Paper Plate Penguin: This paper plate penguin is the perfect winter craft activity for toddlers. All you need is a paper plate, a paper roll (toilet or paper towel), cotton balls, and water bottles. Following the steps, paint a paper plate and then add on the cardboard flippers to finish off the paper plate penguin. Hole punch some holes around the middle tummy section and allow your child to practice lacing.

Cotton Ball Snowman: Create your own textured Olaf snowman using cotton balls and construction paper pre-cut snowman parts (eyes, ears and mouth). This craft will teach toddlers how to follow directions, fine motor skills and counting.


Winter can be so much more fun when you spend your time together creating creative pieces that you can use as gifts or decorations. Use the list above for some winter craft inspiration with your toddler. Many of these crafts also encourage families to get outside with their kids and enjoy winter while collecting natural materials for crafts such as snow for snow paint!


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