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15 Bird Crafts for Toddlers

Toddlers are at their age when they start talking and expressing more curiosity. This means that this is the time you want to stimulate their eyes into colorful items and also begin teaching basic words, plants, animals, and colors.

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You can do this by creating fun and exciting crafts with your toddler. If you have recently introduced different kinds of birds to your child or they seem to be very interested in them, creating some crafts is such a fun way to talk more about this new topic that will excite them.

These brilliant bird crafts for toddlers are a mixture of easy and challenging designs that you can make depending on what kind of day you are having. During or after making these crafts, you can tell some information about each bird as well.

Enjoy our list of the Best Bird Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

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Angry Birds Paper Plates

This one is very easy and a good one to start with. All you need are paper plates, crayons or colored papers, scissors, googly eyes (it can also be drawn), glue, and some feathers.

There are six kinds of birds you can make with six different colors. If you are short on time, you can simply make one but if you need your toddler to be occupied for long hours, go for all six.


Water Bottle Penguins

This craft is quite unique. You will need empty, clean, and dry water bottles, felt paper in different shades or regular colored paper, glue, googly eyes, scissor, and a lot of cotton balls. You kids can stuff the cotton balls inside the water while you cut up the shapes needed.

They can make as few as one penguin or as many as they want. This is an incredible activity to work on especially during winter or if your children are about or just finished visiting the aquatic zoo.


Cupcake Liner Ducks

If your toddlers have developed some love for ducks, they will love this one. Make sure that you have yellow cupcake liners, googly eyes, orange paper, white paper, scissors, and glue. 

You will have to cut the other cupcake liner into a smaller circle, cut up some beak and legs, and then let your toddler glue the pieces on the white paper. 

Once it’s all done, you can even let your kid name the duck or write something on the paper, such as the date it was made or a fun storyline.


Coffee Filter Penguin Craft

If the penguin is the favorite bird at the moment, this one is a bit easier than the water bottle. Prepare coffee filter, paper, crayons, scissors, and glue. Open up the coffee filter which will serve as the face of the penguin. 

Let your kids use the black crayons to shade the right areas and draw eyes as if the bird issleeping while you cut up a triangle nose to be pasted in the middle.


Toilet Paper Peacock

This design is super vibrant and fun just like a peacock. Gather an empty toilet paper tube, papers in different bright colors, glue, googly eyes, and scissor.

The toilet paper tube will be the bird’s body. Your toddler will need your help to properly cut up some paper that will serve as the peacock’s flamboyant tail, this part might take time, but once the eyes, nose, and feet are glued properly – the craft is ready to be played with.


Paper Plate Flamingos

Make sure you have some paper plates, googly eyes, glue, orange tissue paper, and watercolor or crayons. Cut the paper plates with the required sizes and explain to your child to paint the plates pink since these will be the flamingo’s body, then black for the beak.

Glue the toilet paper, googly eyes, and the body parts together and you finally have flamingos made of paper plates.


Cardboard Tube Parrots

Creating this craft is a little similar to the peacock one. But instead of making eye-catching round tails, you and your toddler will be adding a tail that goes straight down and a cute little crest on top of the head. You will also add a fun set of googly eyes, adorable noses, and feet.


Cupcake Liner Love Birds

You and your toddler must prepare cupcake liners in different colors if you wish, googly eyes, cardboard or white paper, some brown paper, and other colored paper.

Folding the cupcake liner into half, then sticking the eyes, beak, and the wings. Once everything is done, glue the love birds on a branch together.


Paper Plates Owls

Another easy-to-make bird craft for toddlers is paper plates owls. This is a good choice if you have multiple children creating the craft since they can design their own paper plates however they want.

They can use watercolor, cut up colored papers, printed flowers, cut up designs from magazines, and crayons. You will have to help them in the end to attach the googly eyes and beak. 

For some extra things to do, you can make holes on top of the plates and run a thread between them. Finally, hang all the owls as if they are chilling out together.


Foam Cup Crow

Armed with black acrylic paint or black markers, foam cups, colorful googly eyes, black and gray construction papers, and black pipe cleaner – your children could make really cute crows. This is such a fun design to make during Halloween as well.


Penguin Footprint

This is one of the best on this list because not only you will be creating arts with your toddler but you will get to commemorate the time when your child has the feet the size of a smartphone.

Prepare black watercolor or acrylic paint, googly eyes, black marker, glue, washi tape, and coloring pens. Simply place your child’s foot on the paint or watercolor and mark it on the white paper. You might have to wait a few minutes for the paint to dry before adding the cute scarf, eyes, headphones, and drawing the wings.


 Stone and Shell Owls

If you just came back from a trip to the beach with your children, you probably came back with some seashells and rocks picked up along the shoreline.

The fun vibe the holiday brought doesn’t have to end once you get home. After cleaning the stones and shells, you can surprise your kids with a little art and craft idea.

Get some googly eyes and strong glue or hot glue. The shells will serve as the eye socket where the children can place the googly eyes inside the shell. Explain that you will be the one in charge of using the glue to avoid any accidents.


Popsicle Birds

This craft is a bit challenging and probably takes more time but it’s super cute when done. You can make any kind of bird, however, the easiest one to make is the owl.

You will need to prepare colored popsicle sticks or simply use a plain one and markers to paint them in different shades. Glue, pom pom, foam sheets, and acrylic paint should also be prepared plus other craft materials such as feathers and googly eyes.


Paper Plate Fingerprint Peacock

If the toilet paper peacock seems to be too hard to make, don’t worry. This design is much easier. Gather some paper plates, watercolor or acrylic paint (blue, green, yellow, and two other shades), googly eyes, and scissors.

Parents must cut the shape of the bird, cut the plates in half, and a little upward cut in the middle of the paper plate. Next, your toddler can paint the paper plates and the bird in the color they wish. Finally, attach the eyes and the bird to its paper plate tail.


Cotton Ball Penguin

If you have lots of cotton balls, glue, and a printer, you are pretty much set to create this craft. Print a penguin that you like in a size that you prefer. Let your toddler glue the cotton balls on the white part of the penguin.

You can also prepare some black round cut up to be used for the eyes and an orange triangle for the beak. This should only take a short time to make, a perfect choice if you are simply waiting for the clock to run out until it’s dinner time or time for bed – a fantastic way to end the day.



These activities are such fun things to create with your toddler. There is a range of easy to challenging designs and even ones that you might end up keeping for a long time. 

These crafts are also a great way to stimulate your toddler’s eyes for colors, discuss types of birds, express their creativity, and have fun while doing so.

You can spend time with your children doing these crafts or use these ideas as a game at a birthday party or during a little Sunday playdate. Remember to keep the materials for other crafts that you and your children might want to spend time doing together in the future.


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