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15 Easy Reindeer Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Instead of reindeer games, let’s grab the toddlers and make a few reindeer crafts! This time of year is full of excitement, surprises, and magical moments. In the midst of all of the festivities, use these easy craft ideas to keep the little ones busy.

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While some reindeer projects are better suited with some assistance from you, others can be prepped ahead of time and they can craft themselves. Before making a trip to the store, be sure to check your stockpile. Most of these activities use simple supplies like glue sticks, pom-poms, popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners. 

In the meantime don’t forget to save your toilet paper rolls because we all can use those to get crafty and it’s a perfect way to repurpose. 

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Enjoy our list of the Best Reindeer Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Handprint Reindeer Craft For Kids

Grab some paper, glue, cardstock, and this super cute reindeer template once you trace your toddler’s hand. This craft can also be used for elementary ages and is great to make when you don’t have much time. You can even pre-cut the template ahead of time to make it go faster if you are using this craft in the classroom. 

Rudolph Hot Cocoa DIY With Printable Gift Tags

You’re in luck because this is a two-for-one craft that can double as a gift. Help the little files piping bags with ingredients needed to make hot chocolate. Then use a pom-pom and googley eyes on the outside to make the reindeer face. 

Easy Origami Reindeer for Preschool

This craft is made completely out of paper like traditional origami, but you could jazz it up a bit. Just other supplies like wiggle eyes, felt, pom poms, or pipe cleaners. Don’t worry because you don’t need to be an expert to fold. There’s also a video you can follow for more of a visual. 

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Tissue Paper & Paper Plate Reindeer Craft Idea

Make the famous Rudolph out of a paper plate, leftover tissue paper, and cardstock or construction paper. The tutorial says to glue down the brown crepe paper square flat, but you could also bunch them up for a more 3D effect. 

Oatmeal Reindeer Food Recipe

Make these early in the season so you can sit them out for decor. On Christmas Eve sprinkle the reindeer food out in the yard for extra magical Christmas. All you need are plastic bags, oatmeal, glitter, wiggle eyes, a pom-pom, and pipe cleaner. This is a great reindeer craft for the classroom as well. 

Popsicle Stick Reindeer Craft

These are super simple to make. If you precut the pieces toddlers can make the project themselves. This would be perfect to make while learning the story of Ruldoph or pairing it with the movie. It’s also quick enough that it could be completed in a preschool class. 

Reindeer Covered In Thumbprint Christmas Lights

Light up the season with this adorable thumbprint craft. There’s a free template to use for the actual reindeer. Then let toddlers dip their thumbs in different colors of ink to act as the lights around the antlers. If you don’t have ink pads you could use paint instead. Be sure to keep baby wipes nearby to wash their thumbs in between colors.

Rudolph Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids

This reindeer popsicle craft holds up much better than the ones you’ve seen that only use 3 and are in the shape of a triangle. Once you get the sticks and clothespins painted, just glue them together and add the pipe cleaners to the antlers. Glue the Rudolph face on and display it. You can hot glue a piece of string or yarn to the back to turn it into an ornament. 

Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer Craft

These are so cute and you can make so many different versions by using a variety of ribbons for the scarves. Brown paint is used on the outside of the roll, but you could also cut out pieces of brown cardstock and wrap them. 

Pine Cone Reindeer

If you have pine cones in your yard already, use them to make these reindeer. Toddlers will need some help just because sometimes they can be sharp. You can set them around the house once you are done, or hang them on the tree by attaching yarn. 

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Rudolph The Spoon Reindeer

Spoon reindeer are really cheap to make and will keep little ones busy for quite a while. You can use paper or felt for the antlers. For the spoons, white will work the best because you will get more coverage with the brown paint. 

Dome Nosed Reindeer Craft

I love the 3D noses on these paper Ruldogphs! They are super cute and can be completed in no time when you precut the pieces for your toddlers. All you will need is paper, glue, scissors, and a marker. Be ready to display this one on the fridge when they are done! 

Paper Ball Reindeer Craft

Have your toddlers make a bunch of these so you can string them together to make a decorative garland! This craft will require some help from you, as they may not be able to make the ball shape by themselves. 

Reindeer Hat Free Printable

While this is meant to be a part of a kindergarten lesson, it’s so cute and simple that even your 3-year-old can make it. Obviously, since they are fairly easy to make this would be another good idea for a classroom craft just before the kids leave for Christmas break. 

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Sponge Painted Reindeer Craft for Kids

It’s crazy to think you can make a reindeer from a cut-up sponge! Kids will love making this artwork and believe it or not, it’s easy to get the reindeer look. The only other supplies you’ll need are a marker, paint, wiggle eyes, and paper. 

Keep this collection of reindeer crafts by your side throughout the winter season and holiday months. When it’s cold outside, making reindeer is the next best thing when it comes to kid’s entertainment! I love that many of these crafts siblings can join in to make as well!


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