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15+ Wintery Snow Crafts for Toddlers

The winters can seem long when you are stuck home with toddlers and preschoolers, so why not embrace the weather and create some fun Snow Crafts for Toddlers. As the weather gets colder, you may start to see snow peeking through your windows so I have put together a collection of toddler winter crafts.

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I tried to select crafts that are perfect for preschoolers and toddlers (children aged 4 and under) and simple enough that they can create most of the crafts on their own. Toddler snow crafts are simple, easy to make, and fun and engaging.

These crafts can be adjusted if you have older children. You can substitute materials or allow your older child to do more of the cutting or gluing on their own.

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Enjoy our list of the Best Snow Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.


Snow crafts can include snowflakes, snow, snowman, snow globes, snow castles and everything in between as indoor snow crafts and activities will keep kids busy! The list is endless when it comes to snow inspired crafts and activities. 

Winter crafts are always a great way to spend a cold snowy blizzard day when you find your lawn buried in snow, as they are fun, have a fluffy texture and are usually all white. The crafts I choose for toddler snow day crafts provide toddlers the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills, learning, and engage in sensory play.

Snow Castles: Forget snow castles when you can make snow castles with this fun snowy project and enjoy snow outside in its natural element. Add food coloring drops in eye-catching colors to create colorful snow castles that stand out from the white snow.

Snow Globe: Create this fun snow globe craft using this free printable snow globe template that can be used as a winter holiday card. Toddlers can see themselves in this fun snow globe that can include their picture with the snowy background.

Melted Snowman: Toddlers can use shaving foam and glue to create a melted puffy snowman including all the accessories. Not only will they enjoy creating the craft but it also comes with a cute matching poem.

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Snowman Prints: On a cold wintery day turn your potatoes into a stamp in this fun snowman print activity. Simply give your toddler a potato and a plate of white paint and allow them to create multiple snowballs of the snowmen, once the paint is dry they can draw or glue on accessories and details.

Mix and Match Stone Snowman: Creating  snowmen can be fun, however creating multiple different versions of a snowman using these mix and match rocks allows hours of endless entertainment. Toddlers can paint each rock to be a different snowball of the snowmen and then can enjoy mixing and matching the rocks to create different snowmen. This DIY snow craft teaches about colors, clothing, body parts and facial expressions.

Cardboard Snowman: Recycle toilet paper rolls to create this adorable cardboard snowman. Make multiple snowmen to create a unique winter display for your home or your toddler can give away the snowmen as gifts. Each snowman can be unique and different as your toddler can customize the snowman’s scarf color and unique face.

Winter Do a Dots: A simple no prep activity that leaves no mess but offers lots of fun for toddlers as they get to explore bingo dabbers. Simply print off these templates and allow your toddler to dab away!

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Winter Snowflake Art: Inspired by Jackson Pollack, big fluffy snowflakes using this easy drip art snowflake activity. Use the snowflake template and have your toddler drip and splatter paint to create a messy masterpiece.

Magic Snow Activity: Enjoy snow indoors with this fun two ingredient magic snow activity that is perfect for an afternoon of fun. If you can’t experience real snow this is as close as it gets as you can roll it into snowballs and experience the crunchy feeling of snow.

Ice Sun Catcher: Create a natural ice sun catcher, by bringing the outdoors inside with this fun natural art project. Collect natural elements like leaves, branches, and berries and place them in a dish full of boiling water and let it freeze to create a masterpiece. Make sure to add a twine string so that you can hang your creation after it freezes.

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Footprint Snowman Keepsake: Cherish those little feet forever by creating a snowman print using your toddlers footprint and white paint. Create a one of a kind snowman by painting on your own details including scarf and hat.

Paper Plate Snowman Craft: Paper plates are one of the easiest craft materials to use with toddlers and this craft creates the cutest snowman with a snowy scene for the belly and a snowman head.

Snowflake Painted Rocks: Bring winter indoors with these unique painted rocks with snowflakes, they are a perfect decoration to hang around your home all winter long. Rock painting is a fun work of art and the best part is each rock is unique.

Snowman Slime: Every kid loves slime, so why not make some snowman slime using sparkly glitter and a handful of household craft supplies. This fun white slime fits into a baby food jar and has a unique snowman face. Snowman slime is stretchable, squeezable, and allows kids to experience winter in full force with hours of sensory play.

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Pinecone Snowman: This pinecone snowman can be hung as a decoration and the weight of the pinecone makes the little skier lean forward so it looks like it is ready to downhill ski. Simply collect a pine cone, and paint it white and then add popsicle stick skis and any winter clothing you like to complete this cute pine cone skier.


Maybe you are interested in snow but don’t have any snow where you live or you have never seen snow flakes, or maybe you love snowy winter days. Either way these snow crafts will allow your toddler to learn all about snow and snowflakes while staying warm in the comfort of your own home with these homemade snow art activities.

Which awesome snow craft will you try with your toddler first?


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