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10+ Hannukkah Crafts for Toddlers

Now December is full of winter holidays from Christmas to Hanukkah and many others in between that families around the world celebrate. We have previously shared lots of Santa crafts, homemade Christmas ornaments and lots of other Christmas crafts so I thought it was important to create a list of Hanukkah Crafts for Toddlers for those who celebrate Hanukkah rather than Christmas.

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Hanukkah is known as the festival of lights and is a great excuse for a holiday inspired crafting session with the kids. I love crafting with my kids to create gifts and decorations for family members especially grandparents as they love those sentimental gifts and hold onto them forever. Now you don’t have to celebrate Hanukkah to enjoy these crafts, making menorah, dreidels, puppets and many more crafts is a great way to teach kids about other celebrations.

Hanukkah is an eight day festival celebrated on the 25th of Kislev based on the Hebrew Calendar, which often falls in late November or early December. The holiday is celebrated with family, friends, food, fun, dreidel games, the lighting of the menorah and you can easily add any of these crafts to your celebrations especially with kids.

Enjoy our list of the Best Hanukkah Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Hanukkah Art Projects for Toddlers

Chanukah Puppets Coloring Pages: These puppets are the perfect hanukkah craft for kids to color and get creative. Toddlers love to play pretend with puppets so this is the perfect craft to set up to keep the kids busy or entertained at a family holiday party. They are large templates making them easy to color, however they may require parent assistance with cutting. Templates include four designs including a menorah and dreidel. 

Hanukkah Stained Glass Star: The Star of David suncatcher allows winter light to glow through this beautiful and simple toddler craft. Toddlers simply stick on pieces of tissue paper to contact paper to fill the inside of the black template star. Blue, gold and white are typically colors associated with Hanukkah.

Star of David Popsicle Stick Craft: Create a Star of David by painting popsicle sticks blue and gluing them in the shape of a star. Add to the design by adding sparkles and hanging it from the center of a paper plate to create a more elaborate design.

Menorah Crafts for Toddlers

Menorah Crafts: Toddlers love to light the menorah and this craft offers them a safe alternative from being away from actual flames of the candles on a menorah. This menorah craft will help toddlers develop their fine motor, pattern and counting skills. Use clothes pegs for each candle and create a felt flame and you have yourself a toddler safe menorah to light for each of the eight days of Hanukkah

Fingerprint Menorah Keepsake: This sensory Hanukkah craft is the perfect decoration to hang in the window or on the front door to decorate. Using air dry clay creates a menorah shape and then allows your toddler to use their fingerprints to create the candles of the menorah. Once the air dry clay is dried kids can get creative and paint their menorah.

Paper Plate Menorah Craft: Parents can pre-cut the menorah and candles and allow their toddler to paint and decorate however they like. Toddlers can paint the paper plate yellow and then parents can cut it in half to be the menorah, and they can glue on their decorated candles. Add a ribbon and you can hang it up in your home.

Handprint Menorah: Get out the finger paint and create this cherish keepsake handprint menorah by stamping your toddlers hand to create a menorah. Toddlers can add orange and yellow pom poms to create the flame of the candle. Use felt shapes such as stars to create the Star of David to add to the design.

Dreidel Crafts for Toddlers

Dreidel garland: Trace multiple dreidel templates to create a garland that your child can decorate. This craft is environmentally friendly as it suggests using brown paper bags to create the dreidels but you could also use paper if needed.

3D Dreidel Card: Allow your child to decorate the cardstock background or even use patterned paper for a pop of color. Toddlers will love decorating their own dreidel and then will be even more impressed when it pops off of the card by simply folding and gluing it inside the card.

Dreidel and Donut Folding Paper Craft: Print and color the dreidel then fold following the instructions to create a surprise effect as the dreidel stretches out and actually is eating a Sufganiyah (donut). 

3D Dreidel: Celebrate the eight nights of Hanukkah with this fun dreidel you can actually play with or hang with ribbon. For best results use cardstock and decorate the dreidel before gluing it together. Use the dreidel to teach your toddler the importance of the dreidel and how the dreidel is used for games in Jewish culture.

Bonus Hanukkah Activity for Toddlers:

Hanukkah Kindness Strips: Parents can prepare these kindness strips for their kids and enjoy eight days of ideas on how their family can show kindness. Allow your toddlers to rip off a loop each day and you can read the idea to them and complete the activity as a family. Celebrate the Jewish holiday by showing kindness to others, you can even teach your children about Tikkun Olam which is important to Jewish faith.

I chose simple, easy Hanukkah crafts that allow toddlers to feel proud, independent and a sense of ownership over their creative masterpiece as they can complete the majority without parents’ help. Sometimes as parents or caregivers it’s important to step back and let kids enjoy the creative process. We need to remember that crafts for Hanukkah don’t need to turn out perfect like we imagined but rather the kids enjoy and develop their creative skills. 


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