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30 Baby Girl Names That Mean “Beautiful”

30 Baby Girl Names That Mean “Beautiful”

Choosing a name for your baby is surely a fun chapter of your family life. You can be creative and spend hours learning about names and their origin – you’ll probably be surprised by the meaning behind famous names.

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However, it’s understandable that it will be a challenging task. It’s a name that your daughter will carry her entire life. There are many things to consider such as its meaning, uniqueness, and even question yourself if your daughter will love and want to keep it.

A distinctive name with a special meaning is great, but can also bring some issues in the future. Perhaps, you want to consider something on the safer side, let’s say a name that represents the word “beautiful”? In this article, you will find baby girl names that mean beautiful, pretty or something along that line.

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A Gaelic name that means “beauty”, but can also be found in Hawaiian names. Alana is a feminine version of the name Alan and can also be spelt as Alanna, while in Hebrew, it’s spelt as Ilana. Today, it is common in North America, Latin America, Europe, and even Asia.


This name has a Hebrew origin and can also be found in English. Annabelle means “grace and beauty”. You can also use the spelling of Anabel and Annabel, and the shorter version as a nickname would be Anna or Ann.

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A Latin name that represents the word orabilis which means “yielding to prayer”. Arabella has been tied to the names Amabel and Annabel. It’s believed that the name’s spelling and pronunciation have been changed over the centuries for a more unique version depending on people’s accents and dialect.


Astrid is a well-loved Nordic name for a baby girl. It means “divinely beautiful”. It’s spelt as Ástríðr which is an ancient Norse element that means “god” and “beautiful”. 


This name is a bit more neutral and gender fluid. It came from a French word and it stands for “handsome”. Depending on the gender of the baby and your location, it can be pronounced differently.


Bella and Belle are actually two different names from two different countries. Belle in French is often a short version of Isabelle which means “beautiful”. On the other hand, Bella is a shorter form of Isabella in Italian, which also means “beautiful”. Both names also have Spanish, Portuguese, and even Greek origins.


With Italian roots, Cosima is the female version of the name Cosmo, which is Greek (Kosmâs). It holds the meaning of “order or beauty”. This name is actually more popular with the British upper classes. There is a little mix-up and today, some people would also refer to the spelling “Cosmina”. It sounds a bit different but still holds the same stunning meaning.


The meaning behind this Greek name is “beautiful” or “Goddess of beauty”. In Spanish, the word “ella” means “she or her” or refers to a girl or a feminine person. Its original version was “Alia”, a Germanic prefix.


This pretty baby girl’s name came from Arabic and it means “beautiful miracle”. It can be found in Turkey, India, and other Arabic countries. With such amazing meaning, your baby girl deserves nothing less.


A name from Native Americans and means “beautiful land”. It started gaining popularity not long time ago, but many people are still sceptical due to its attachment to a place. Today, names such as London, Sydney, Paris, and even Tokyo are popular names, so don’t be afraid of being unique.

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A baby girl’s name also means “beautiful” in Greek. Some people might think it’s a bit old fashion, but in Europe and even Latin America, it’s still a popular choice. It is also the Spanish, French, and Portuguese word for the beautiful flower “hyacinth”. 


Jamilla is one of the names that come in many versions. It means “beautiful” or “graceful” in Arabic. Versions like Jamillah, Jamylla, Jammilla, and Jammylla, can be found in the Middle East, Africa, North America, and also Europe. With this name, you can give your baby the nickname “Jam”.


With a French origin that means “pretty”, it has a few spelling versions such as Jolee, Joli, and Jo’Le. Although it is a French word, it’s not a common name in France. 


In Japanese, Kyomi means “pure and beautiful”. If you have Japanese roots, this is an awesome way to connect your baby daughter to her heritage.


A German name that means “pretty”, Linda is popular in the US during the 1930s-1960s. The original version of this name is Dietlinde and Sieglinde. And the first recorded use of the name was in Finland in 1833.


Lydia originated from Greek and Persia which means “beautiful one” or “noble one”. It is the feminine version of the name Lydus. Although a traditional name, Lydia didn’t reach its peak until 2015 and was a top search baby girl name until 2018.


This name is a Tagalog or Filipino word for “beautiful”. As a name, “Marikit” is usually used for fictional books or folk tale stories. Some Filipinos who have moved overseas often consider this baby girl’s name to pay homage to their motherland.

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There are two different meanings in Japanese for this beautiful name. One is “beautiful snow” and the other is “beautiful happiness”. The meaning changes depending on how it is spelt or which “kanji” a.k.a writing used. 


This name originated in Egypt, it means “beautiful”, and was popularized during the 4th Dynasty of Egypt. The Princess’ name was Nofret, and was married to a Pharoah, Prince Rahotep.


Another Japanese name that means “beautiful”, but it can also mean “pleasant” and “delightful”. This name is a bit less Japanese sounding, making it a more neutral choice if the parents or the baby does not have Japanese roots. Plus it does sound more gender-fluid, a perfect choice for the progressive future your baby will grow in.


A Hebrew name, Rachel is derived from the word “rāchēl” which means “ewe” In the Bible, Jacob’s wife whose name is Rachel was narrated as “beautiful in form and countenance”. It was a steady popular baby girl’s name from the late 1960s all the way to 2009. One might argue that the character Rachel from Friends has something to do with its constant popularity. The name has a lot of versions to choose from; Raechel, Rechel, and even Rachell.


Rosalind has a Latin origin and it carries the meaning “beautiful rose”. Depending on the country, some parents might choose the version of Rosalinda. The name Rosamund has also been related to the name Rosalind.


Another fantastic name originated from Japan and derived from a word with the meaning“beauty”. Some parents might shake it up a bit and choose the spelling variation “Rumer” or “Remi”, and even add e at the end and write it as “Rumie” or change the letter i to and go with “Rumy”.


If you are looking for a Hebrew name that means beautiful, how about Shaina? A simple yet still unique name for a baby girl. In Yiddish, it means “a lovely girl”, while in some places it means “God is gracious”. Other versions are also common such as Shayna, Shainna, Shainnah, and Shayna.


A name that came from India/Bengal with a Hindi origin, Susmita means “beautiful smile”. Many parents would choose the spelling “Sushmita” because this is how it’s properly pronounced. This name has since gained popularity and only shows more possibility of being a well-known name worldwide.


A very unique Thai name that means “beautiful view”. Thai people love to shorten words and give nicknames. This means that your baby girl’s nickname can be Tass or Sanee.


Tuva came from Scandinavia and it means “beautiful”. Another version you can consider is Tova and Tove. This name is related to Thor, a Norse God of thunder, sky, and agriculture.


With Roman origin, Venus was the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. Among all planets, Venus is the only one that is named after a Goddess. It’s one of the names that even though it’s quite traditional, stayed on the top chart list of baby girl names. In 2020, it even showed a good climb compared to previous years.


This Arabic name means “beauty and grace”. Although known as a boy’s name, it’s actually more gender-neutral and comes in different variations like Zain and Zaine, or a more feminine one – Zayna or Zaina


A unique and pretty name of African-Swahili origin, Zuri means “beautiful” or “good”. It is a unisex name and has gone popular across the US among people with African-American heritage, however, it’s now making its way to other parts of the world as well.

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a vital and momentous part of your journey as a parent. Whatever you choose, know that you are giving your baby a beautiful name that reflects how you feel and see them for the rest of their life, which is beautiful.

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