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Summer Inspired Baby Names {that are warm and sunny}

Summer Inspired Baby Names {that are warm and sunny}

Choosing your baby’s name is undeniably the second most exciting part of being pregnant after the fact that you are going to have a baby! It is interesting and can sometimes be a challenging and complicated process. Oftentimes, there’s simply not a good enough name to commemorate your love for this little person you are bringing into the world.

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If you love the summer season or expecting your child’s due date to be from May to August, perhaps this list of summer-inspired baby names for girls, boys, and even gender-neutral ones will help you decide which name to choose for your little one.

As one might expect, there are a lot of flower-inspired baby names on the list. Plenty of beautiful flowers start to bloom in spring but reach their peak and most stunning moment during summer.

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Summer Girl Names:

These baby girls’ names are super cute and have great meaning. Not only inspired by the summer season but also by everything related to summer like the sky, bodies of water, and warmth.


Aurora was the Latin goddess of dawn. This name is also inspired by Aurora Borealis a.k.a the remarkable Northern Lights which can be found in Canada and Northern Europe.


Berry is such a cute and sweet name representing the bloom of berries in northern parts of the world. Berries bloom in late spring up to early summer and usually reach their perfect ripeness in summer. While picking berries is a popular activity during this season. A boy’s version of this name would be Barry.


Speaking of dawn, it means daybreak or sunshine in the early morning. This is notably awaited to happen during summer when the day is longer and the sun is warmer. This baby girl’s name also has an association with the words “beginning”, “hope”, and even “conception”. Other similar names are Dawna and Donna.


Many may be surprised that the word “isla” is actually a Scottish translation of the word “island”. It’s a sweet and still quite a unique name for a baby girl with summer inspiration with it. 


This popular baby girl name came from Greek which means rainbow. Known as the goddess of the rainbow, Iris was also the messenger between Zeus and Hera who took the rainbow bridge from heaven to earth. This name was also associated with the words “majesty” and “power”.


Jasmine flowers bloom from spring to fall but are most lush during summer. It is originated from the Persian word “yasmin” which means fragrant flower.  It is also spelt as Jasmin, Jasmyn, Jasmyne, Jazmin, Jazmine, and Jazmyne.

Juno or June

Juno is the Latin origin of the summer month of June. Juno is the queen of Roman gods. She has a direct and specific relation to marriages. June is a more modern and English version.


Kira is derived from the Persian word “light” or “sun”. There is also a Greek spelling version of “Kyra” which means “the noble one”. Other spelling options are Kiera, Keira, Kirra, and Kyrrah.


The flower lavender which can be found in many parts of Europe, northeast Africa, and some parts of Asia, only blooms for a limited time. It’s a sign that spring is about to end and summer is coming. In August, there is a final flowering as a sign of the end of the summer season. 

In some places like Provence in France, Sutton in the UK, and Lavender Valley in Oregon, the bloom season of lavender is most-awaited and even attracts local and foreign tourists. Some parents would choose the spelling Lavander to make it a bit more unique.


A baby girl’s name that is highly inspired by the words “marine” and “bay”. In Latin, it is the female version of Latin Marinus which means “of the sea”. While the Irish version of this name is “Maire”.


This is an English name that describes a green field full of daisies. Often a sight only available during summer. What more describes summer’s abundance of flowers and greenery than a thriving meadow – an ideal place for picnic and children playing and running around.


Seanna is actually an Irish name that means “God has given”. However, some people also take this name as a version driven by the word “ocean” where the name “Oceana” blossomed from. It is the feminine version of Oceanus, the father of rivers and water nymphs in Greek Mythology.


For people who might have landed on the name “Mara” but wants a unique version and a touch of summer and warmth, Somara is a great choice. It has a Jamaican origin which meant “guided by God and bundle of talent”. It also has a Hebrew relation which means “hears all the things from the mountain”.

Other spelling options are Somarah, Somarra, Sommara, Somarrah, and Sommarah.


What is the best way to name a girl with summer and warmth in mind by choosing exactly “summer”? A perfect choice for girls born in summer or parents who adore this season and brings them the warm feeling of the sun whenever they look at their baby.

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Summer Boy Names:

Now to baby boys’ names that are inspired by summer and anything related to this season. A lot of these names are also becoming popular as girls’ middle names or a different version is created to be more suitable for a girl.


A well-liked name by Iranian due to its origin. Cyrus was the name of the founder of the Persian Empire, it’s a common baby boy name and bears the meaning of “sun”. 


This boy’s name means a “bright and sunny day”. It also originated from the Old English of “day’s settlement” or “David’s settlement”. Apart from that, a city in Florida (the sunshine state) also has a city called “Daytona”.


Dylan was the son of the sea which originated from Welsh Mythology. It took a spotlight on top baby names after Bob Dylan rose to popularity. 


Babies who are born from July 23 to August 22 receive a start sign of Leo which means “lion”. It bears both the inspiration of summer and the strength and bravery of a lion. Other versions are Leon, Leopold, Leonard, and Leonardo.


This boy’s name came from the Latin name “Lucius” which means “bringer of light”. Some people also choose the name Lucas or the Greek spelling Loukas.


Ray means “a beam of light”, which represents the phrase “ray of sunshine”. It’s usually a boy’s name or a short version of Raymond. Other versions to make it suitable for a baby girl are Rae, Raye, and even Rhea, a Greek goddess.


This name is inspired by the word “sunny” which is how weather reports would describe a bright and warm day perfect for a visit to the beach or a late afternoon walk along the shoreline. 


This Greek word is a direct translation of the word summer. It’s understandable why this name is an awesome option for a baby boy born during this season or bears a warm aura.

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Gender Neutral Summer Inspired Names:

Names that are suitable to all genders are becoming more popular, especially with GenZ. This generation is expecting a more gender-neutral society, hence the name choices are becoming more fluid.


An awesome name for a baby girl with Jewish ancestry. In Hebrew, it means “an idyllic place”. Today, Eden is described as a lush, green garden.


Originated from Hawaii, Kai means sea. The name is gender-neutral and also comes in different spellings such as Kye, Kae, Kay, and Kaye.


US’ top summer destination, Miami is also a popular name both for baby boys and girls. It reflects a sunny, warm, and blue ocean. Some parents may even choose this name to remind them of the conception of their baby since Miami is a well-loved place for honeymooners.


A direct translation of the word summer from Japanese. Natsu is a suitable name both for girls and boys who are born in summer. 


Another gender-neutral name paying homage to nature and a great location for a dip during a hot summer day. River is usually chosen as a middle name but has received love as a first name for all genders in recent years. Some parents might go with the name Rivers as well.


Sandy might be more common as a baby girl’s name but throughout the years, Sandy has been a choice for a boy’s name as well. It is a great name that is beach-inspired. Sandy also comes in different spellings such as Sandie and Sandee.


A name originated from Scottland to honour the Isle of Skye, also means “to bring the sky down to earth”. The spelling choice of Sky is for boys and the actual spelling Skye is used for girls. Today, it’s a more gender-neutral name.


Sora is a Japanese translation for “sky” and can be named for both a girl and a boy. It can also mean “conch shell” – an ultimate choice for a summer-inspired baby name.


Umi has a lot of meaning. In Japanese, it means sea, however, in Northern Africa, it means life. In Urdu, it translates to the name “Amy”.

Summery Baby Names

Picking a name for your baby that has a meaning, unique, and reflects the happiness he or she brings into your life can be demanding. But once you found the right one, you will know it and you will feel it.

I personally love Kira, Somara, Dayton, and Kai. I hope that this list of summer-inspired baby names brings you joy, excitement, hope, and comfort just like a beautiful summer morning and a relaxing summer afternoon.


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