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18 Baby Girl Names that Mean Strong, Strength or Powerful

18 Baby Girl Names that Mean Strong, Strength or Powerful

The word “strong” and “powerful” might have a more masculine attachment to them for a very long time. But today, these words are very common and empowering not only for boys but also for girls.

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Women fought very hard to achieve equality in society, there is still a long way to go, but we can always celebrate progress regardless of how small it is. As parents, you know how challenging life will be for your baby girl. It’s natural to give her a name to let her know that you believe in her and her abilities from the day she was born.

This compilation of baby girl names means strong, strength, and powerful. Some names are neutral, which is very suitable now that gender fluidity will be a big part of the future.

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A name that originated from a Hebrew that carries the meaning of strong, courageous, and mighty. Adira is the feminine version of the masculine name Adir. If you have seen the Disney movie “Tangled”, the man who guided Rapunzel to the Black Rock name was Adir. He was a warrior and a master of martial arts.


There are two versions to choose from. It is the female form of Alexis which in Greek means defender of a man. It is also an awesome name if you are looking to name your daughter after someone you value and respect whose own name is Alexander, Alexandra, or simply Alex. You can provide a powerful name to your daughter and also pay a tribute to a grandparent or even to yourself.


Audrey Old English word that means noble strength. Aubrey is undeniable a popular name as well and has been featured as one of Shakespeare’s characters. Before it came to Audrey, the name went through quite an evolution and even became Etheldred, Etheldreda, and also Tawdry.


You can choose the name Brianna or Briana and then give your daughter the nickname Bree. Bree means power or high which originated from an Irish name Brigh. It is the feminine version of Brian. Although Brianna actually means high or noble. 


This is an Anglicized version of Irish-Gaelic Brighid and means strength or exalted one. Some people might even say that it is also derived from the word Brigh just like the name Bree.


In the 1960s, the name Carla was one of the top 10 baby girl names. It is derived from the German word hari which means warrior. Today, the spelling can also vary and some people prefer the Karla version to make it a little more unique.


This is the Latin version of Charles, Carole definitely had its time in the limelight. It means army or warrior, truly a great name for a baby girl that is in line with strength and power. 

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Charlotte is one of the names that are timeless and transcends eras. It is the French version of Charles and also means warrior or army. It is a traditional name yet still brings a classy and sweet, yet willful vibe. 


The spelling of this name is also available as Erika or even Ericah or Erikah, there are plenty of versions to choose from. It came from Sweden where the masculine version is Eric, a classic Nordic name. It is derived from a word that means mighty. If your family has Swedish ancestry, this would be a great choice to pay homage to your roots.


This name is related to the name Audrey. As mentioned, that name evolved to Etheldred or Etheldreda, to make it more modern and much shorter (easier to spell too!), Ethel became the best version. The name means “noble strength”.


Another Nordic name, Freja means lady. However, before you strike it off, in Norse mythology, she was a goddess of beauty, love, war, and death. Women can be a lady yet powerful and intimidating as well. This is a popular name in the Scandinavian region and a version of Freya is also an option.


There are two ways to spell and pronounce this beautiful name. It is the feminine version of Henry and Harry, which means “home-ruler”. This name is popular in Germany and the Scandinavian region – although the version “Henrietta” is more preferred there.


Jara came from East Europe, a Slavic name that means fierce, peace, and world. It is the feminine version of Jaro and a shorter form of Jaromir. You can vary the spelling with Jarra and even Jarah.


If you want to honor someone whose name is Ken, Kenneth, or Kennedy, the feminine form of that would be Kendra. This name originated from Old English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic. It means royal power and/or chief hero, it also represents “born of fire”.

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Matilda is a classic name and is still modern enough to be used today. The name’s meaning is strength and battle. You can also spell it as “Mathilda”. “maht” means might and strength while “hild” means battle.


This is a name that is common in France, its meanings are strong and work. – surely a great name for a baby girl who will grow up hard working. It became popular when Queen Melisande took the throne and at the same time went into a war against her husband who tried to steal it from her.


An English and German name that also originated from the name Valeria. Derived from the Latin word “valere”, which means “to be strong”. This name is known and popular worldwide in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and even parts of Asia.


A unique and gender-neutral name, Zane means God is gracious and derived from Hebrew. Although it carries cowboy and boyish images, it has made its way into modern society. 

Choosing a name for your baby girl is not easy. You want it to be perfect, to reflect her, a name that will make her happy, proud, and feel loved. As a girl, the world won’t be easy on her, giving her a name that means strong and powerful will send a great message and hopefully will keep her moving forward whatever challenge might come.

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