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Baby Girl Names Meaning Gift From God

Baby Girl Names Meaning Gift From God

So your little gift from God is going to be a precious baby girl, but now you need a name. This may be one of the hardest parts before the baby actually gets here. Choosing their name is permanent and you want them to be proud no matter what stage of life they are in. 

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While all children are gifts from God, there are some circumstances that make them feel a litter more special in your family. Here’s a big list of baby girl names that actually mean gift from God in some shape or form. 

Some things to keep in mind are that some of these girls’ names are from other cultures and the spelling and pronunciation may often be difficult or confusing to others, but still oh so unique in their own way. 

We can’t wait for your little miracle arrives and becomes the blessing that your family has been longing for!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.



This name comes of Arabic origin. While some say it means sublime other sources suggest that it means heavenly. While it made the top 100 chart list globally, this isn’t one that is common in America.


If you like the sound of old fashion, this may be the name for your little girl! It’s of English origin meaning a gift from God. 


From English origin and a branch of the name Dorthy, Dolly has been used since the seventeenth century. Famous Dollies include Dolly Parton and the first sheep ever cloned, which was named after Dolly Parton. This one seems legendary. If you wanted the spelling to be slightly different you could use Dollie instead.


With school-age children, they poke fun at this name but in Hungarian, it means gift of God and was #27 in the ranking for girl’s names in 2021 in Hungary.


A derivative of Dorthea means gift of God, an English and Greek origin. Most versions of Dorothy were very popular in the early 1900s making their way to the top 10. Most parents have nicknames that include Dot and Dottie. The British still use this name for baby girls quite a bit. Trends show that popularity is leaning back towards Dorthea.


While Dory is a unisex name of the French origin, it does mean gift of God. Others name recognize it from the iconic movie, Finding Nemo. Some who go with the full name Dorthy use Dory as a nickname. 


If you like the idea of a biblical name, Elizabeth can mean God’s gift or an oath from God. She was the mother of John the Baptist and has a Hebrew origin. Other cultures sometimes spell it Elisabet or Elizebeth. 


In Slavic and Russian this name means gift from God. It’s also a variation of Theodora and sometimes the nickname Feo is used. Feo is pronounced Fee-oh. 


In Italian, Gia means God’s gracious gift and is a shorter version of Gianna, which translates to the same thing. With Gia being so short, it would make a good middle name when paired with a longer first name.


With British descent, the name Godiva means God’s gift. Even though it’s not that popular now it was a long time ago. Beware that here in the States, there is a brand of chocolate that is heavenly, but you may not want your little girl to have that same name.


In Hebrew, Hannah can be interpreted as a gift of God’s favor, merciful one, or God is merciful. This name was originally used as Channah but now is popular in many cultures. Different spellings are associated with different countries.


In Hebrew, Iva was translated as gift from God. However, in the Russian culture, they use this name mostly for boys, and is shortened for Ivan. 


With Hebrew and Judaism roots, Janet was formed from Jane (or so they say) and is really popular in Scotland. During the 1950s, Janet hit an all-time high for girl names in the U.S. But as you may know, trends are starting to show that people are bringing all sorts of ideas from other decades. 


Another version of Jane and Janet with Hebrew roots. You could easily pronounce this as Jane or as Jane-y. Just a fair warning, depending on what your name is you may not have experienced it, but going through life when you constantly have to correct the spelling and pronunciation can be a tad bit frustrating. This is a great option for a first or middle name.


Technically Jesse can be a unisex name but does mean gift from God. Some parents choose to spell the girl version as Jessie. It can also be shortened for Jessica and is traditionally known for meaning God beholds, or rich. 


In Russian and Slavic history, Miesha means gift of God while others favor the Arabic origin meaning alive and well.


From Irish roots, Shani is considered the feminine version of Sean meaning gift of God. Egyptians also see this baby girl’s name meaning wonderful. Either way, both are perfect for your bundle of joy on the way.


Also known as a shortened form of Dorthea, in Greek can mean gift of God or simply goddess. Historically this name hasn’t been very popular, but since 2016 more and more parents are naming their little girls either Thia or Thea. 


This is a Finnish and Greek name that is a derivative of Dorthea and Thea meaning gift of God. Just remember that in the future the spelling and pronunciation could cause confusion to others.

While many of these baby girl names mean a gift of God, several are derivatives of original names such as Dorothea and Jane, but still have the same meaning. 

Many times when you are looking for names that mean a certain phrase, interpretations will be different based on the culture. Unless you are set on a name coming from a specific origin you can usually explore different regions and find at least a couple that will work even though the exact meaning may not be what you are looking for. 

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