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Boy Names Meaning Endurance

You are preparing to bring your new baby boy into the world and want him to have a strong name. One that actually means something along the lines of powerful, endurance, and patience. I have gathered the best names from a number of different options so you have plenty to choose from. 

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Some of these may feel a little too popular for your taste but don’t worry because you will also find a few that are rare and unique. 

For starters, let’s define what we are looking for. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of endurance is “the ability to withstand hardship or adversity.” Depending on how endurance is used it can also mean persistent. 

Let’s face it, in order to endure things one must be strong and full of willpower. All of these traits are definitely positive to have and maybe the exact characteristics you foresee your little boy portraying.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.



A classic and popular boy’s name meaning strong and manly from Greek origins. This name has been widely popular in the past, holding in the top 10 for over 2 decades. In biblical times, Andrew was the first disciple to be called by Jesus and one of the 12 apostles. Some parents choose to go with the nickname Drew. 


This boy’s name has both English and German roots meaning ruler and strong as an eagle. Talk about being about to endure something. With a name like this, there’s nothing your baby boy won’t make it through! 


A common French surname meaning noble strength. Although it’s not super popular in America, it does sound pretty cool. Parents who like this name often like Austin and Auden. The name kind of gives a cowboy or Western vibe.


From an Irish origin, even though this is a popular American name it means strong, virtuous, and honorable. Some think it evolved from Celtic relating to being noble. It can also be spelled Bryan as well. 


In German, it means strong and brave as a bear. This is also where the St. Bernard dogs get their breed names from. Some choose to go with a shortened version or nickname of Bernie.


Hebrew in origin means strong and mighty. It’s also thought to be an Old World Jewish name. This may remind you of the name Chase, however, its meaning is to hunt. 


While Ethan is a derivative of the Hebrew name, Eitan, this version has become most popular. It’s also known from the Old Testament and variations may include Etan and Izan. 


It’s a short form of Evan with Scottish and Greek origins meaning bow warrior and strong man. You may also like the name Alexander meaning defending men in Greek. 


If you are religious you may love the fact that this baby boy’s name means God is my strength. Gabriel is apparent throughout the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths. 


Meaning spear strength in Irish was very popular in the 90s. It can also be spelled with just one “t”. If you like this name, you may also want to think about Garrison or Garth. 


Oddly enough this German (sur)name is starting to catch on here in the states and it means bold and brave. 


This little boy’s name means battle worthy in French. It made the top 100 charts in the U.S. early on but has declined since then. So you may like this one if you are looking for a name that is a little less popular. 


In Hungary, this name is quite popular meaning strength. Because of the pronunciation here in America, this may be confusing because of the girl’s name, Emery. 


In Arabic, this boy’s name means powerful and mighty. It’s also one of the names for Allah.


Liam means strong-willed warrior and protector in Irish. This is a shortened version of the not-so-popular (in America) Uilliam. Some say it’s a modern alternative to the classic boy’s name, William. 


Meaning strong, crowned, or little warrior, it’s of English origin and is popular in Scandinavia. While it’s multicultural for boys, this name can be given to girls as well. In India, it’s thought to be a Sanskrit name. 


It’s funny that Miles has three different meanings when it comes to origins. In English it’s translated to merciful, in German it means soldier, and the Irish say it means servant. Some parents choose to spell it as Myles.


In Norman origins, this masculine name means man power. Monte or Monty could be nicknames or may suffice as a shortened version or middle name. 


In Irish, Nolan is translated as champion and is sometimes used as a unisex name. This name is actually in the top 100 for France, Belgium, and Canada as far as popularity goes. Many baseball fans may associate it with Nolan Ryan. 


With both Irish and Welsh origins, Owen can often mean noble and well-born. Some cultures interpret the name as meaning youthful. Either way, most little boys would be proud of this name even as an adult. 


You may think this name has Italian roots, but it actually comes from Latin and Spanish origins meaning strength and health. However, it is a popular Italian last name. 


In English, Wyatt was often used as a surname meaning brave in war. Normans also spelled the name Wiot and Wyot. It was the Middle Ages when it was used as a last name. 


With Hebrew origins, Zeke means God strengthens and is a little more casual than the classic Ezekiel, who was a prophet in the Old Testament.  

Here are several more boy names that mean strong and enduring in some way but are much less common. 

  • Moaz
  • Ragnar
  • Rostam
  • Sendoa 
  • Zoravar

I sure am glad it’s you that is seeking a baby boy’s name meaning endurance because there are so many on this list that I am in love with, which I know will make it harder for you to choose, but at least there are great options! 

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