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I love to get out the craft materials and make seasonal crafts with my kids especially for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving or just simply a change of season. Now I like to find crafts that can reuse materials, or have simple materials I have at home as I don’t have time to go searching for craft materials. 

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I enjoy crafts that are simple and can allow my kids to show their creativity and independence and not look perfect. Crafts are a great way to improve fine motor skills, creativity, hand eye coordination and so many other fundamental skills for toddlers. 

Fall Crafts are one of my favorite craft ideas as you can incorporate bright colors like red, yellow and orange, natural items like leaves and twigs, autumn scents and fun fall inspired materials. We have put a list together of the Best Fall Crafts for Toddlers, which work perfect as seasonal decorations or gifts for family and friends. 

Our list includes something for every budget and every fall occasion to keep your kids busy for the whole fall season. Crafts for toddlers are a great way to spend quality time with your kids and enjoy the moments. 

Enjoy our list of the Best Fall Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Free Autumn Printables

Toddlers can practice their fine motor skills through coloring, and cutting in this fun autumn tree craft. This simple craft is a great way to discuss seasonal changes, colors and even counting with young learners.

This craft has many educational possibilities but is fun so toddlers won’t notice they are learning.

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Autumn Leaf Dolls

Peg dolls are simple to make and there are so many different ways you can make them as kids can choose tissue, felt and other materials to create leaves to add to their pegs. This is a great craft to create with leftover scraps from other crafts. Kids will love playing with their new leaf dolls for years to come.

Autumn leaf peg dolls kids craft
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Toddler Friendly Fall Wreath

This easy air dry clay recipe is perfect to allow little hands to help you create an autumn wreath. Toddlers will be proud of their creation hanging on the front door for fall and Thanksgiving.

Air dry clay is easier to make than playdough and allows you to add ornaments of your choosing, and even create some using cookie cutters. 

decorated fall wreath
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Preschool Pumpkin Craft

This textured pumpkin is created using marbles and paint to decorate a pumpkin cut out. This is a perfect follow up activity on a cool fall day after pumpkin picking or a fall leaf hunt.

This is the perfect fun pumpkin craft for young kids, and adding marbles when painting adds an extra layer of fun.

Easy marble painting preschool pumpkin craft - with free pumpkin craft template.  Grab the free printable pumpkin today!
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Fall Printable Hat Craft

This cute printable hat craft comes in both English and Spanish. All you need to create this cute hat for Thanksgiving is cardstock, markers, and a stapler.

Kids love to wear their own crafts and show off their creativity with pride.

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Fall Leaves Craft

The best part of the DIY Fall Leaves wreath is it can be created with real or fake leaves.

Fall crafts incorporate autumn colors, leaves, and scents that are sure to excite kids for the fall season, and create a beautiful decoration for your front door. 

DIY Fall Leaves Wreath Craft for Kids - we love this fun fall leaf project made with paper plates
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Fizzy Paint Apple Craft

Pumpkins and apples are the two most common symbols for fall, so kids will enjoy this textured apple craft using fizzy paint. It takes only a few minutes to create the apple using the provided template, and then let the kids run wild with the paintbrush and fizzy paint.

Kids of all ages love fizzy paint and love seeing the chemistry happen right in front of their eyes as baking soda, vinegar and paint mix to create fizzy paint.

Fizzy paint apple craft
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Fall Sensory Bin

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to bond with your children, then create a fall colored rice sensory bin. You can even make this scented by adding fall spices to the rice!

The best part is it doesnt require fancy materials but instead uses natural loose parts.

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Pom Pom Leaf Painting

Kids love playing with pom poms so why not encourage them to add texture to their trees with fall leaves using pom poms instead of a paint brush.

This is a great activity as once you set up the paint, toddlers can complete this pom pom leaf tree all on their own by stamping different coloured leaves.

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Fall Sun Catchers

Creating suncatchers is a fun preschool craft and kids can choose their favorite fall shape: pumpkin, apple, or acorn.

These easy to follow steps were created for older kids, but with parent assistance it can be easily completed. Make adorable fall suncatchers from tissue paper, construction paper, and contact paper.

3 fall themed sun catchers on a window
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Pine Cone Owls

Using natural items like pinecones can be a super fun fall craft. Pinecone owls are fun and allow kids to show their creativity and choose their own colors of paint and feathers.

Kids will want to make a whole owl family to play with using acorns, pinecones and other natural items.

child holding a pinecone owl in her hands
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Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft

If you are looking for a cute alternative to pumpkins, and turkeys when creating a Thanksgiving craft then the paper plate scarecrow is the perfect option.

These scarecrows are perfect for window decorations on Thanksgiving.

Paper plate scarecrows
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Easy Leaf Mason Jar

This simple mason jar craft allows kids to get creative as they glue leaves onto a mason jar to create this unique masterpiece. Parents will need to do the decoupage part of the craft to ensure the leaves stay on the mason jar.

Add a cute tealight candle and place it as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

leaf mason jar lanterns nature craft
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Five Little Pumpkins Craft

This craft is the whole package as it includes a song, craft and learning opportunities all in one. This rhyming book is a fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers to celebrate the fall season.

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Pumpkin Spice Playdough

This recipe gives an upgrade to traditional homemade playdough. This all natural playdough even has the scent of fall as it smells like fresh pumpkin pie and is bright orange in color.

It is perfect for young kids as it is non toxic, safe and edible though it would taste gross. 

Pumpkin spice playdough
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Easy Autumn Crafts for Preschool

Enjoy the fall season with your little ones whether it be creating fall decor, Thanksgiving centerpieces, or just playing with some autumn inspired playdough. Use these crafts and activities as a jumping point to teach your littles more about seasonal changes and why the leaves change colors. 


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