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15 Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

Celebrating holidays with young kids is one of my favorite things to do, as you get to watch the spark and enjoyment through your child’s eyes. Everyone loves holiday crafts, from Halloween to Easter, seasonal crafts are a must do activity for young toddlers. Halloween crafts are a great activity to fill an afternoon with a toddler, and they make great decorations for around the house.

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Celebrate the Halloween spooky season with Halloween crafts and activities designed with little hands in mind. These Halloween crafts and activities are designed with children aged 3 and below in mind. While Halloween normally is celebrated by the bigger kids by trick or treating and costumes, toddlers will enjoy these Halloween Crafts and Sensory experiences.

Crafts and sensory activities are important for toddler development as it develops fine motor skills, creativity, vocabulary and language skills. Use simple materials such as paint, paper, plates, string and many other household supplies to create a Halloween masterpiece.

I tried to stick to Toddler Halloween crafts that toddlers can create the majority of the craft or activity on their own without a ton of parental help. It’s time to get festive and use our 15+ Halloween Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

Enjoy our list of the Best Pirate Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Witch Hat Headband: Kids love to wear things that they make so this witch hat headband is the perfect fit! The witch hat craft allows kids to practice their scissors skills and is simple and low mess. It is recommended to print on cardstock as it is more durable. Grab the free printable and get busy creating!

Halloween Puzzle Craft: Logic and strategy skills are used in this fun no mess puzzle craft that has four incredible options. All treats and no tricks with this simple set up that can be used to decorate or be given to family and friends. The four designs include: Pumpkin, Bats, Ghosts and a mixed Halloween design.

Egg Carton Halloween Crafts: Recycle those egg cartons into fun Halloween inspired crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. Just one egg carton makes four Jack-o-lanterns, two ghosts and four spiders make this a great craft for the whole family as it requires limited materials. Eco friendly crafts allow kids to learn about recycling, enjoy creativity and improve on their fine motor skills. Best of all is the craft will keep your little hands busy for a while as this craft is very open ended.

Rice Ghost Craft: This craft is simple and easy and creates a textured puppet that toddlers and preschoolers will love to create and play with afterwards. Younger kids will need help cutting out the ghost, but older kids can complete this independently. But beware the rice can get very messy, but will create an awesome magnet, puppet or decoration. 

Pool Noodle Monster Crafts: Pool noodles are often on sale at the end of summer, making this the perfect craft that is super affordable. These colorful and friendly looking monsters allow children to let their creativity run wild as they create their own design. Educators can use the pool noodle monster crafts to teach colors, storytelling and practice fine motor skills.

Halloween Paper Crafts: Enjoy this printable mix and match Halloween craft that has endless options. This cute craft even allows you to add your child’s face to the craft and become the star of the show. Printable designs include: witch, frankenstein and dracula. 

Paper Plate Spider Web: This craft is great fine motor practice as children can practice pulling the yard through the holes of the paper plate. You can either use a black paper plate, or you can paint a white paper plate. Kids will also enjoy using a single whole punch with assistance for probably the first time. Kids will love either adding plastic spiders or even creating their own spiders to add to their web. 

Paper Plate Frankenstein: Bring Frankenstein to life with this fun paper plate craft for toddlers. This age appropriate craft is a friendly version of Frankenstein that kids will fall in love with, and be eager to make! Use the step by step instructions, video and free printable to create this Halloween decoration with ease. 

Popsicle Stick Pumpkin: Create these fun pumpkins by painting multiple popsicle sticks orange and gluing them together to create a pumpkin shape. Kids can show their creativity as they create a unique jack-o-lantern face using black construction paper. This hands on craft makes the perfect Halloween decoration. 

Witch Hat Popsicle Stick Craft: All you need is three popsicle sticks to create this fun witch hat. This craft is great as it allows kids to decorate their witch hat in unique ways as this hands on craft is open ended. Use fun scrapbooking paper as the background for the hat.

Paper Halloween Luminaries: By day these are beautiful decorations and at night they become spooky paper luminaries. Use the printable, color it in and fold it into a cylinder and you are done! 

Spooky Spider Plants: This spooky plant craft is a perfect way to introduce your littles to gardening. The plants give these spider plants a hairy look which is super cute for Halloween. 

Halloween Footprint Crafts: Footprint art is pretty simple and requires minimal skills so it is the easiest craft and most memorable. Hand print and foot print crafts create a great memory for future years as your kids are only little for so long!

Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft: This kid friendly craft is perfect for any Halloween celebration and perfect for kids of all ages. Kids love fuzzy things so pom poms and pipe cleaners are the perfect mix. Kids will love to play with their creatures after they create them.

Pumpkin Apple Stamping: Kids will enjoy stamping using apples and paint to create this fun seasonal craft. This is a great activity after visiting an apple orchard and this technique can be used on paper, tote bags and much more!

Edible Candy Corn Slime: Candy Corn Slime is perfect for fall and is perfect to let little siblings in on the fun as it is completely edible. Kids love slime and sensory experiences and this candy corn allows them to experience both.

Witches Brew Halloween Slime: Offering a different version of slime is the witches brew Halloween slime, which is bright purple and green. Make the fluffy slime ahead of time and give it out as a party favor at your next Halloween party.


While toddlers are not old enough to carve their own pumpkins, they can still enjoy the squishy Halloween sensory experiences and create their own pumpkins without carving. These age appropriate Halloween crafts are perfect for any toddler or preschooler to enjoy and get into the festive spooky spirit. From pumpkins, to ghosts, Frankenstein and everything in between we have a variety of different Halloween Craft ideas for toddlers.


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