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15 Fun and Easy Easter Activities for Families

15 Fun and Easy Easter Activities for Families

Easter is right around the corner and such a fun holiday to celebrate. I love making new holiday family traditions with my kids. They are such a great way to create memorable experiences for your kids. Below is a list of 15 family friendly Easter activities. I hope these ideas inspire you to add some new family Easter traditions with your family. The best part of these activities is that everyone can participate, young or old!

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Pssst- We made a really cute Letter From The Easter Bunny you can give your child on Easter morning. It’s printable and comes with a free Easter Handprint craft! See it here.

Enjoy our list of the Best Easter Activities for Families!

Plastic Easter Egg Towers

Super simple and only requires that you have plastic Easter eggs! Plastic Egg Towers are a great STEM activity for your kids, and even fun for adults! Make it a challenge and see who can stack the highest tower or stack one the fastest! Create a pattern and have them copy it, either way, this is a great activity to do as a family! 

Easter Egg Hunt Countdown

I don’t know about you but my kids love a Christmas countdown! So this year I’m going to start the tradition of an Easter Egg Countdown. All you need for this one is some card stock and a printer! Make it as simple as you’d like or add a sweet treat to each day. Anyway you decide your kids are sure to love this new tradition! 

Don’t Eat Peep

Don’t Eat Peep is such a fun game for the whole family! What a great way to entertain your family on Easter! Very simple to set up and very little materials are needed, just a printer, cardstock, and some candy! Your kids will love eating candy as fast as they can! And who am I kidding, your husband will love it as well! 

Easter Egg Relay Race

For the relay race you’ll need two buckets, plastic eggs, and two spoons. Most, if not all of which I’m sure you already have at home. Easy enough for a toddler to participate as well! This Easter Egg Relay Race is sure to be a hit at this year’s Easter gathering. 

Chicken Egg Drop

This quite possibly is one of my favorite Easter activities. How fun and funny does this Chicken Egg Drop look? Can you imagine your parents and in-laws doing this one? Sure, to get a good laugh out of everyone. So grab your eggs, basket, and don’t forget the camera!

Bunny Tails Easter Game

Bunny Tails Easter Game is a great game to work on your child’s fine motor skills and have fun while doing it! This one is great for the whole family participate in! Make it harder for the older family members by adding a timer to see who can move the bunny tails the fastest!

Balancing Eggs

A twist on the stacking tower game, Balancing Eggs is a bit more challenging. See who can stack the most plastic Easter eggs on a straw. Very simple to set up and only three supplies needed! Plastic eggs, straws, and a cardboard box. You can again add a timer to make it more challenging for your older family members and guests! 

Easter Bunny Cardboard Box Ball Game

Nice weather on Easter? Why not try the Easter Bunny Cardboard Box Ball Game. It takes a little time to prepare this one but I promise your family will love it! All you need are a few household materials to throw this together for your family Easter gathering! Your kids will love playing with this for weeks! 

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Pin the Tail On the Bunny

A twist on the classic pin the tail on the donkey, Pin the Tail on the Bunny is so adorable and so much fun. Download and print the bunny for free or have your kids get creative and draw one! All of the supplies needed for this one are things you have around your house! 

Catapulting Peeps

I cannot wait to try this one with my kids!!! Catapulting Peeps will be a sure favorite this Easter. The catapult is easily made with Popsicle sticks, a spoon and some rubber bands. No peeps on hand? Color some marshmallows and make them look like peeps, a craft and a super fun activity in one!! 

Funny Bunny Feet

Funny Bunny Feet is such a fun Easter activity for the whole family! Sure to get laughs out of everyone with these funny bunny feet on!! A little prep work on this one is required and who doesn’t have a pair of old flip flops laying around!? 

Easter Dice Game

Only three simple materials are needed for a fun Easter Dice Game. A die, some Easter eggs, and the printable dice game which is included in the link. There are a few variations that are fun for adults and kids, everyone will enjoy this new family Easter game tradition! 

Easter Bingo

Who doesn’t love bingo?? Easter Bingo is festive and simple. Don’t have a laminator? No worries, stick the cards inside a plastic sleeve and use dry erase markers just the same as you would on a laminated card! The entire family will have fun with this adorable bingo game! To make things more interesting offer small prizes for the winners!

Easter Egg Pinata

An Easter Egg Pinata? My kids love pinatas at birthday parties so why not at Easter? This one is much less complex than the standard one you would find at party store. All you’ll need are balloons, plastic water or soda bottles, and some Easter goodies! What a unique and fun idea.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts are the best, am I right? Especially ones that are already pre-made! There’s a free template for the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt that you will print card stock or even printer paper! What a cute idea to lead your child to their Easter basket on Easter morning and what a fun tradition to look forward to each year! This is a favorite for younger children.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is the gift of traditions. Such a great way to keep the holiday festive, fun, and memorable. We hope that you have found some new Easter traditions to start with your family. What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?


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