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17 Fun and Easy Easter Activities for Toddlers

17 Fun and Easy Easter Activities for Toddlers

Are you looking for fun and easy Easter activities to do with your toddler this year? It can be hard to find age-appropriate activities that will keep little hands busy, but never fear! We have compiled a list of 17 of our favorite Easter activities perfect for toddlers. From coloring and painting, to sensory bins and and pasta art – there is something here everyone.

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Get ready to get creative, hop into some fun memories together, and enjoy celebrating this special holiday! All of these activities and crafts only require a few simple materials, most of which you probably already have lying around the house or can easily pick up at your local dollar store. 

Pssst- We made a really cute Letter From The Easter Bunny you can give your child on Easter morning. It’s printable and comes with a free Easter Handprint craft! See it here.

Enjoy our list of Easy Easter Crafts and Activities for Toddlers!

Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

We designed these pages with kids in mind- they are cute with lots of fun patterns. Tried and tested by our kids, they’ll be a hit 🙂

Easter Bunny Sticky Wall

Need to get a few things done around the house? Easter Bunny Sticky Wall is a perfect activity to keep your toddler busy with something fun that they can do on their own with zero help! You only need a few simple supplies for this fun Easter activity, most of which you probably have on hand! 

Pom Poms Chick Craft

Only four supplies needed for this adorable Pom Poms Chick craft, three of which I bet you already have! Let your toddler get creative with their chick, see what creations they can come up with on their own! 

Pasta Easter Eggs

Extra pasta laying around this spring? Why not let your toddler use it to make this beautiful Pasta Easter Egg craft! A little prep work is required for this one if you’d like colored pasta. Or better yet let them color the pasta themselves before or after they glue them on the egg. 

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Easter Egg Craft

Your toddler will love this Easter Egg Craft which requires only three supplies that most of us probably already have; plastic eggs, paint, paper plates, and card stock. Put down a table cover and let your little one get busy with this simple hands off activity. 

DIY Potato Easter Egg Stamps

Have a few leftover potatoes that are going to go bad? Then this DIY Potato Easter Egg Stamp craft is the one for you! A little parent prep work is required to prep the potatoes but after they are cut, put some paint down and watch your toddler make some beautiful and colorful pictures. 

Easter Bunny Shape Sort

Looking to incorporate a little learning into your play this spring? Easter Bunny Shape Sort is easy to prepare and so fun to do that your toddler won’t even know that they are learning. Only a few supplies needed and minimal prep work. 

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DIY Peeps Paintings

DIY Peeps Paintings are so adorable and a great keepsake to decorate with year after year. Just a couple supplies are needed, but you might want to buy a few extra peeps for snacking as well! Instructions call for blank canvases which you can find at the dollar store but you can also continue the fun on plain paper as well!

Tissue Paper Scrunch Egg

This Tissue Paper Scrunch Egg craft is a great project to work on your child’s fine motor skills but also make an adorable craft. Let your little one get involved with choosing the colors they’d like and it’s easy enough for them to do mostly on their own with little prep work from you. 

Easter Egg Rescue

Who doesn’t love a sensory bin? Even better is a themed Easter Egg Rescue. You’ll need a bin, some tape, spoons, and plastic Easter Eggs. I bet you have all of those things! This activity is great to keep those little hands busy.

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Striped Easter Egg

Toddlers love this Striped Easter Egg craft, but they will need a little help with cutting the strips of paper. This activity is great to strengthen their fine motor skills, plus you probably already have the supplies on hand.

Easter Bunny Sensory Bin

If your toddler is anything like mine, then rice bins are one of their favorite activities. We need only four simple supplies for the Easter Bunny Sensory Bin. It’s easy to set up and it can be used time and time again, just change out the toys or activities inside!

Q-Tip Painted Easter Eggs

Q-Tip Painted Easter Eggs are so much fun! While some kids may be familiar with paint brushes, this activity calls for Q-tips. Plus, a great tip to remember if you misplace your brushes.

Egg Scoop

Such a fun activity for your toddler to do with minimal prep work from you. Most, if not all, of the supplies you will find at home. Sit back and watch your toddler entertain themselves with this super fun Egg Scoop. You can also use this same technique when dying eggs so they can help!

Bunny Thumbprint Craft

This Bunny Thumbprint Craft is such an adorable keepsake for you to remember those little fingers! The bunny template is included and you could easily turn this into an Easter card for grandparents.

Easter Chick Fork Painting

With zero prep work and only a few simple craft supplies this Easter Chick Fork Painting is perfect for your toddler. Help them decorate it after it dries or let them use their imagination and do it all on their own. Pom-poms can also be used for the beak if you don’t have felt. Often times if we are low on googley eyes, we just draw them on.

Ramps and Wobbly Easter Eggs

Does your little one love to race cars? Why not race Easter Eggs with this Ramps and Wobbly Easter Eggs activity! All you need is a cardboard box, scissors, and eggs. Let them get creative with what they place the cardboard on to make different angles of ramps to watch their eggs wobble down. 

Giant Easter Egg Painting

This Giant Easter Egg Painting is adorable and super easy to set up. This is great when you have multiple kids, they can work together on the same activity.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, the eggs, the bunnies, the chicks, and all the beautiful colors. We hope that this list of Easter activities and crafts will make Easter with your toddler a fun, colorful, and memorable one! 


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