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15 DIY Valentine’s Day Basket Ideas

15 DIY Valentine’s Day Basket Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the best time of the year to show how much you care about your special someone. Whether that be your husband, partner, kids, or children’s teacher what better to show your love gift than with a DIY gift basket.

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Gift baskets are a great and easy way to personalize your gift to make them extra special. No matter who you are making a basket for, you will find the perfect gift for your loved one. Here are 15 of our favorite DIY Valentine’s Day Baskets to help make your Valentine’s Day a little sweeter for your loved ones.  

Enjoy our List of DIY Valentine’s Day Baskets

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Rosé Wine Gift Basket

This elegant Rosé themed basket would make a great Valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend or wife. Easy to put together and customize. Choose a different style basket or a different type of wine to personalize it for your special someone! 

Beer Bouquet Basket

This Beer Bouquet basket would be perfect for your husband, boyfriend or beer lover in your life. Add their favorite beer and snack to a cute basket or tub and you’ve got yourself an adorable and easy Valentine’s Day gift! 

K-Cup Valentine Gift Basket

Looking for a perfect gift for your best friend, child’s teacher, or someone special that loves coffee? This K-Cup basket is a great choice. Make it extra special and a gift that keeps giving if you choose to add the K-Cup subscription. Either way this basket is super simple to put together and easy to customize with their favorite snack and coffee. 

S’mores for Two Basket

Need a simple gift for your significant other? S’mores for Two Basket would make a great gift for you and your loved one to make on Valentine’s day in front of a fire! This basket would also be a great surprise for your kids or a friend, easy to customize and put together with only a few simple supplies needed. 

Valentine’s DIY Baking Basket

Need a quick and easy gift for a teacher, friend, wife, or girlfriend who loves to bake? This Valentine’s Day Baking Basket would make a great gift for anyone really! This adorable basket can be made with only a few simple materials and you can make it as large or small as you’d like depending on the base basket type you choose.  

Manicure Pedicure Gift Basket

Great gift for your teen, tween, or anyone who likes a little pampering. The Mani Pedi Gift Basket is simple to make and most of the supplies can be found at your local Dollar Store. Personalize your basket by using your loved ones favorite color nail polish and coordinating the basket color, the options are endless. 

Self Care Kit Basket

Looking for a gift for your bestie? The Self Care Kit Basket is what you’ve been looking for! Choose your friend’s favorite soaps, lotions, and colors to personalize just for them. This basket would also be great for your mom, wife, or girlfriend. Includes free printable tags to complete this adorable basket. 

You’ve Been Hugged Basket

Heard of you’ve been “Booed” how about you’ve been “Hugged?” This basket is a wonderful idea to surprise your neighbors with. After all we could all use a little extra kindness in our day! You’ve Been Hugged Baskets are easy to put together and an inexpensive thoughtful gesture that can be shared throughout your neighborhood. 

Valentine’s DIY Gift Basket for Kids

Looking for a cute simple gift to let you kids know how much you love them and are thinking of them on Valentine’s day? This DIY Valentine’s Day gift basket would be a great idea. Add a craft for you and your kids to make together or their favorite cookie mix or candy. Personalize anyway you’d like. 

Valentine Discovery Basket for Baby

Don’t forget about your baby on Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Discovery Basket is a great idea for your baby to explore and play with. Choose a single color or make it as colorful as you want! Pick a basket that can double as a toy holder and you’ll both be getting a gift! 

Dollar Tree DIY Valentine’s Day Basket

Want to do something for your kids but don’t want to spend a lot? Check out these adorable Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day baskets for your kids. Use a stuffie for the centerpiece and fill with candies and small toys and you have a fun basket for your amazing kids! 

Family Movie Night Basket

Something fun for the whole family. Family Movie Night Baskets are quite possibly my favorite type of basket! What a great way to spend a family Valentine’s night together with your favorite movie and snacks. Add a blanket and you’ll have one cozy evening!

Scavenger Hunt & Game Night Gift Basket

A great basket choice for your loved one, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other. Looking to do something special but not leave the house? Scavenger Hunt & Game Night themed basket would be a great option. An adorable craft along with some snacks and a fun scavenger hunt you’ll be in for a fun night! 

Tickled Pink Gift Basket

Love the color PINK? Personalize this Tickled Pink Gift Basket for your friend, teacher, or that special someone. An easy and inexpensive way to let someone know you are thinking of them on Valentine’s Day. Fill the basket with all things pink and add the adorable free gift tag to make this basket complete!  

I Think You’re Red Hot Basket

If you are like me, you are always struggling to find the perfect gift for your spouse or boyfriend. The I Think You’re Red Hot basket is a great idea for someone who has everything. Using a tool box as a basket is a cute twist and very practical. Fill the tool box with all the red things your spouse or boyfriend would love and you’ve got yourself a gift they are sure to love. 

Gift baskets are my favorite gift to give, the possibilities are endless and so easy to personalize for that special someone. I hope that you have enjoyed the gift basket options and are able to spread the love with your favorite basket!


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