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25 Cute and Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Students

25 Cute and Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Students

We have rounded up the cutest Valentine’s Day cards for students! The best part is that all of the designs are free and easy to use! These are festive and kids will love making these and handing them out to all of their friends! 

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Choose from activity cards, traditional cards with candy, and even some that include gifts rather than adding extra sugar! Before you start shopping for these little treats, be sure to check your local dollar store and Amazon to see if you can buy them cheaper in bulk. This tip is especially handy if your child has multiple classes or for teachers with a lot of students. 

Enjoy our list of the Best Free Valentine’s Cards for Kids!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Free Printable Rubber Duck Valentines For Kids

Little girls will love these adorable rubber ducky cards! No designing needed! Simply print out the cards at home and cut them out, then they can sign their name. These are great when you need cards quickly. 

Free Baby Yoda & The Mandalorian Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Calling all little Star Wars fans! These sayings are the cutest and they are much cheaper than the ones at the store! After you have them printed, hole punch the top and tie a favor on for an easy Valentine’s Day idea. 

Free Sunglasses Valentine’s Day Cards – Printable & Cut File!

If you want to ditch the candy this year, print out these little cards and attach them to a pair of sunglasses for each student! 

Free Printable Race Car Valentine’s Day Cards!

Have a little boy that is into racing? He will love these cards and they are even cuter when you tape on a little Matchbox car!

Free Printable Encanto Valentines Day Cards

For all of the Encanto fans, this Valentine card set is for you! They are sweet and simple, and they come with 12 different characters. 

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to Color

You can print these out in black and white then let your child color them. If you are running low on time, you can print the full color templates. These are great for preschool aged kids. 

Despicable Me Crafts and Free Valentine Printable!

Your little minions will have a blast attaching lollipops to these cute cards. These are inspired by Despicable Me 2. 

Squishy Valentine Printable Cards For Kids [Freebie]

For those who are obsessed with squishies, your kids can share the love with their classmates! Simply print out the cards and attach a mini squish to the center. This is another great non-candy idea. 

FREE Printable Farm Valentines Cards For Kids

Farm themed Valentine’s never go out of style! There are four cute designs to choose from and all you have to do is print and sign at the bottom. 

FREE Printable Owl Valentine Cards For Kids

These owl cards would be perfect for students from their teachers. There are two sets, one for boys and girls, and how can you turn down that furry face?

Free Valentine’s Day Printable Cards for Kids!

There are 3 different designs in this bundle, including an art card, one with donuts, and a bunny. Obviously each one has a very sweet saying and are great as a bag topper on treats. 

DIY Valentine’s Day Card Craft for Kids

This project is one for those who want to be extra crafty. Print about the cards, then let the kids color and add tissue paper for a 3D effect. 

12 Free Monster Valentine’s Day Cards You’ll Love

Each monster card comes with a saying that will keep the students laughing. They kind of remind me of Monsters, Inc. 

You Color My World Valentines (Free Printable!)

While these are very simple, that means they don’t take a lot of ink! I also love the idea of attaching Crayons. So technically they could use the same card and draw on the back! 

Free Printable Emoji Valentines

Kids of all ages love emojis, so why not use that as inspiration for Valentines! This is a great last minute option. 

Fun Free Printable Valentine Cards for Kids (with Activities!)

These little cards have different activities on them, which would be perfect for the school party! Toss in some Crayons for a simple gift that doesn’t include candy. 

Free Printable Pizza Valentines

Who doesn’t love pizza? These come with 6 different sayings, and all you have to do is print them out! 

Free Printable Unicorn Valentine Cards

Little girls will adore these pretty and dainty cards. If you wanted to jazz them up, you could add some glitter so they would be extra special. 

Free Printable I Spy Valentine Cards

Challenge the students to a friendly game of I Spy using these Valentine cards. A small pack of crayons or colored pencils would be a great option instead of candy. 

Free Printable Pencil Valentine’s Day Cards

Teachers if you are looking for cards for your students, these are for you! Include a pencil or pen for a special gift. 

Pop It Valentine Free Printables

Kids of all ages will go crazy over these cards because they cannot get enough of these fidget toys! 

Free Printable Tic Tac Toe Valentines Cards

These are so cute! I love that in the tutorial she uses pink, red, and white M&Ms to play. That way kids can play multiple times during their party. 

Fingerprint Valentine’s Day Cards

For smaller children, these are the best! They double as keepsakes and you can help them craft. Depending on how many cards you need to make this could get tedious. You could also use these for family or teachers, then choose another set of cards for their classmates. 

Pop-It Printable Valentine Cards

Here’s another version of the Pop It cards. These would be great to actually tie on to a real Pop It for a gift. 

Valentines for Kids: Gumball Machine Free Valentine Card

These look very fancy, but are actually pretty simple to make. Just use the template, add the gum balls to the treat bag, and slide the template in front so they look as if they are in the machine! Such a creative idea! 

This Valentine’s Day you will not have any trouble finding cards when you go through this big collection! 


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