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17 Printable Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make

Printable Christmas crafts are some of the easiest projects for kids to make during the holiday season and so much fun! The supply lists are super simple, which is great because everyone knows this time of year is busy! 

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We love using printables at home, especially when we are running low on time, but they are also great for homeschool settings and even preschool!

Enjoy our list of the Best Printable Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Christmas Wreath Craft For Preschoolers

Get in the holiday spirit with this simple Christmas wreath! Cut the center from a paper plate and let the kids color the wreath along with the printable ornaments. Once they are finished, glue them on and it’s ready to hang! 

Elf On The Shelf Paper Bag Puppet

If you have an elf that comes to your house every year, you can share extra excitement with this craft before they arrive. Print out the elf template, then cut it out. The instructions recommend printing on colored construction paper or cardstock. You could also print it on white paper and let the kids color instead. 

Christmas Dot Marker Printable

This is perfect for younger children. If you haven’t experimented with dot markers, you are missing out! They love dabbing the different colors on printable sheets. You can download a snowman, Christmas tree, and ornament for an easy coloring activity. 

Gingerbread House Paper Bag Craft

These printable gingerbread paper sack houses are so cute once they are finished! They would pair perfectly on a night when you assemble a real gingerbread house. You’ll need a few markers, paper lunch bags, the printable template of the house, and some glue.

 Preschool Christmas Hats

Make DIY Santa hats in just a matter of minutes! The kids can color the templates or they can be printed on colored paper, so all they have to do is assemble them. This craft would be really fun for preschoolers or a school Christmas party. 

Printable Christmas Gift Tags To Color

Let the little ones help with Christmas gifts this year by designing these gift tags! If they are older they can even write out the names for you. 

How to Make a Printable Paper Nativity Scene

Before reading the Christmas story, use these paper printables to put together a nativity scene. You’ll need cardstock or photo paper, glue, scissors, a rule, and the template. Once you cut them out, they have little bands at the bottom, so when they are glued, they make a standing scene. 

Cut and Paste Reindeer Activity Page

This super cute reindeer is simple, and just needs to be printed out then glued together. It would be good to use when you have little time or are looking for holiday craft ideas for younger kids. 

10 Free Kids Christmas Color By Number Worksheets

If your children know their numbers, they will love these sheets. With 10 designs to choose from, you can print these off several times throughout the winter and holiday season. They also make great school crafts that incorporate learning and coloring. 

 Letter to Santa Printable

You can go through the month of December without writing a letter to the big man in the suit! Print off these for each child and let them make out their wish list! Make a DIY envelope to stick them in and let them decorate the outside ‌as well. 

Christmas Joke Teller (Fortune Teller) For Kids

These joke tellers are such a fun printable for at home and in classrooms. Print in black and white and let the kids color them, or print them in color to cut down on time and let them fold. You can also have them create their own jokes and make one from scratch, but use the same folding instructions. You can actually use fortune tellers year round for different holidays if you would like! 

Easy Paper Snow Globe

Download and print the snow globe template. Then kids will cut out each piece and trace them onto colored paper. After everything is cut out, simply glue into place for an easy craft idea. It’s also great for groups of smaller children. 

Cute Elf Hat Craft Printable

Bundle these with the Santa hats we mentioned earlier for a full-on holiday party! Print on plain or colored paper. If you choose to go with white paper, you’ll need to trace the shapes onto red, green, and tan cardstock. Cut everything out, glue it into place, and wear these super cute hats!    

Printable Gingerbread House Template To Color

If making the real thing is a little too messy, go with a cut-and-paste gingerbread house instead! Print out the template and cut it to include the tabs. Kids can color their houses then glue them together to make each one 3D. If you are using these in the classroom, you could also host a coloring contest! 

Dome Nosed Reindeer Craft

These reindeer may just be the cutest thing you have seen! Once you print out the template, you use strips of red paper to make the 3D nose. These come in color and black and white, so if you need something very simple, just print the colored version. 

Printable Christmas Puppets – Santa, Elf and Reindeer Rudolph

I love a two-for-one craft! After the kids get these printed, colored, and folded, they can have tons of fun putting on a puppet show! The tutorial recommends using heavy paper, so when they play with them later, they last a little longer. Other than that, you’ll just need glue, scissors, and the template. 

Kids’ Holiday Masks To Print And Color

Jazz up the Christmas party by making these festive masks. The kids can color and cut them out. When you are finished, glue a strip of paper or staple an elastic band to help them stay on their face. 

When it comes to printable Christmas crafts for kids to make, you can consider this list your ultimate resource! There’s something for everyone, and most of these can be used with any age group. Don’t forget you can also set up a station for crafting at your own holiday party to keep the little ones entertained! 


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