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15+ Free Printable Easter Crafts for Kids

15+ Free Printable Easter Crafts for Kids

Are you on the hunt for Free Easter Printables and Easter Coloring sheets? These Easter activities are perfect for kids of all ages and include Easter Bunnies, Chicks, Easter eggs and so many more great options for your Easter Craft needs for Kids. You can use these Printable Easter crafts to keep the kids busy, for learning opportunities, sensory play, Easter Dramatic play, as a gift for a friend and much more! 

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Easter is just around the corner and the eggcitement is about to begin with these awesome Free Easter Printables.

These Free Easter Printables are sure to bring eggcitement to celebrating Spring and the Easter Holiday Season and the printables require minimal materials saving you money and time. The crafts are a perfect activity to pass the time on a cold wet Spring Day and make the house feel a little more like Spring if you use them as decorations.

Pssst- We made a really cute Letter From The Easter Bunny you can give your child on Easter morning. It’s printable and comes with a free Easter Handprint craft! See it here.

Free Easter Coloring Pages

These Easter coloring pages are so cute with bunnies, Easter eggs, chicks and patterns! Tested by all our kids, they will be a hit.

Egg Printable for Marble Art

egg art with a white background.
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Use the printable egg template to create Easter Egg Marble Art for kids of all ages. This activity requires little preparation, and only requires paint and marbles. For best results, print the egg on cardstock for best results.

Easter Letter Tracing Plus Number Activities

Free Easter Printable
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When it comes to keeping your little ones busy and focused on learning, these free counting, writing and labeling activities for preschoolers are the perfect thing to print out. With Easter just around the corner, these worksheets are not only cute but a great way to get your little ones into the spirit of the holiday all while giving their brains some exercise.

Easter Banner Printable

Free printable Easter Banner (color your own)
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Create your own Easter Decor with this printable Easter Banner that says Happy Easter and features many spring themed items such as bunnies and eggs just waiting to be coloured. There are several different design options which allow you to be creative.

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Hiding Bunny

hiding bunny craft by Crafting Jeannie
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The Easter Bunny is hiding this Spring, just waiting to be created. Use the Hiding Bunny Printable to create enough supplies for a full class of 20 with just a few minutes of cutting. Add your own facial expressions to make each bunny face unique. 

Easter Basket Craft Template

Preschool Easter Basket Craft by Crafting Jeannie
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This Easter Basket printable is a simple Easter crafts for preschoolers, or early elementary aged kids making it perfect for daycares, classrooms or even at home. You can’t collect Easter eggs without a basket. The printable includes templates of all the pieces to create a beautiful basket of eggs.

Easter Egg Number Match

Easter Egg Number Match
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This simple learning craftivity teaches counting, matching, and number recognition making learning fun! Simply print the template, decorate the eggs and let the learning fun begin! You can even try allowing older kids to use scissors to cut the printable themselves.

Easter Bunny Egg Holder

Easter Bunny Egg Holder
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This cute cartoon looking Easter bunny craft allows preschoolers to practice, cutting, gluing and drawing while they make their own Easter Bunny holding an egg. Kids can get creative in this Easter craft and design the Easter bunny however they would like using crayons, whether they choose realistic looking or more colorful it is sure to be a cute and fun looking bunny.

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Hatching Chick Craft

Hatching Egg Craft
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Kids will love using the template to create an egg that opens and closes to reveal a cute baby chick. The hatching chick craft is super easy and doesn’t take long to complete making it perfect for little kids with short attention spans. This chick craft works well as a card.

Paper Bag Bunny Puppet

paper bag bunny puppet collage
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This template helps kids create a cute paper bag bunny that is not only a fun craft but is fun to play with after it is complete and act out different scenes. Young kids enjoy dramatic play so why not act out some Spring themes using this fun paper bunny puppet that helps kids practice vocabulary and communication skills.

Easter Egg Finger Puppets

Colorful Easter Egg Finger Puppet Printable
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Kids get so excited for holidays so help them create these cute Easter Egg Finger puppets that are simple and easy to color and fun to play with once they are complete. The eggs have a dotted line to cut out to allow you to fit two fingers through the egg to use it as a puppet.

Carrot Templates

free printable carrot templates
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Use this carrot template to create carrots of multiple different sizes that can be added to any Easter Bunny craft.

Shape Bunny Craft

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Have kids learn about different shapes in a fun way as they cut out different shapes to create this cute bunny craft. This is a perfect activity for classroom teachers as they can have students identify the shapes, count the number of sides and vertices and many more geometry tasks. The template includes Easter bunny bodies in 7 different shapes, including a circle, an oval, a love heart, a triangle, a rectangle, a square and a hexagon.

Easter Egg Holders

printable Easter egg holders
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Creating dyed Easter eggs is a fun traditional activity season but it’s hard to keep them from rolling away so creating an egg holder is a great idea using this printable. There are five different printable designs that kids can color in or one blank Easter skirt printable for kids to create their own unique design.

Easter Headbands

black and white printable Easter headbands for kids to color and wear
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Enjoy these cost effective Easter headband ideas that feature 5 different printable options ready for kids to color and enjoy! The printables feature Easter and Spring designs that kids will love including chicks and bunny ears.

Easter Egg Ornaments

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Create unique Easter egg ornaments to decorate your home, a classroom or even outside on a tree. This fun Easter egg printable teaches you how to make 3 dimensional Easter egg ornaments.

Bunny Corner Bookmarks

Bunny Corner Bookmarks
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Stop losing your page with these easy to design Bunny Bookmark corners printable.

We have included Egg Templates, Easter Playdough Printable Play Mats, Egg and Chick Number Printables, Headbands, Easter egg holders and many more fun Easter Craft Ideas. These Easter printable templates are perfect for learning, decor, and creative fun sure to entertain kids of all ages!


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