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21 Fun Easter Crafts and Ideas for Tweens

21 Fun Easter Crafts and Ideas for Tweens

Spring is here! There are so many adorable Easter crafts and basket ideas for little ones out there, but what about your tweens? We have compiled a list of 21 crafts and basket ideas that this age group will love!

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Enjoy our list of the Fun Easter Crafts and Ideas for Tweens!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

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Game Day Easter Basket 

Looking for a creative Easter Basket for your tween? This Game Day Easter Basket would be a great idea. Easy to put together and so practical, customize with snacks and games your teen would love! 

String Easter Eggs

Does your tween love to craft? String Easter Eggs are adorable, only require a few materials to create, would make festive decorations once they are finished.

Edible Easter Bunny House

My kids love making gingerbread houses so this year we’ve decided to make Edible Easter Bunny Houses. Tweens can get creative and snack while they are at it! I promise these bunny houses will become a tradition in your house year after year! 

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DIY Galaxy Eggs

Make these super popular galaxy Easter eggs this year- they are out of this world!

Gorgeous Paper Bunny Treat Bags

“The great thing about these paper bunny treat bags, they are quick to make, cost almost nothing and make an adorable Easter gift.”

Easter Egg Mason Jars

Easter Egg Mason Jars are super easy to make and they can get creative as they’d like. I just love how they turn out looking like Easter eggs. Not only would they make great vases, but can always be repainted for holiday and hold other things like school supplies.

Pom Pom Easter Bunnies

DIY Bunny Bath Bombs

To say my kids love bath bombs is an understatement. DIY Bunny Bath Bombs are the absolute cutest. Let your tween make them or surprise them with them in their Easter basket. These are also great for them to make for or with their friends.

Outdoor Activity Basket

Is your house getting overrun with toys? Outdoor Activity Baskets are great to kickoff the spring season, reduce screen time, and get tweens back outside!

3D Paper Easter Bunny

“Spring is coming and most of us are searching for fancy Easter decoration. I love decor with function and that’s why I created a paper Easter bunny with a hideout. In its belly there is plenty of space to hide small gifts.”

Wooden Spoon Easter Bunny

Is your tween bored over spring break? Have an old wooden spoon lying around? Let them create these Wooden Spoon Easter Bunnies. So charming but so simple! Plus they can be reused year after year for decoration versus trying to save a paper craft.

Plastic Easter Egg Flower Pots

With spring in full swing, Plastic Easter Egg Flower Pots make the perfect craft and kids love it when they start to bloom. You could even make these on a larger scale as a spring project.

DIY Doodle Easter Eggs

These doodle Easter eggs are a perfect fit. Kids love doodling. Kids love working with permanent markers. These graphic designs put a modern, bright and cheery twist on classic dyed eggs.

Easter Basket for Crafters

This Easter Basket for Crafters is so cute, practical, and is great no matter what level they are at when it comes to crafting. Many times you can find these little kits at stores like Michaels for a pretty reasonable price.

Easter Friendship Bracelets

If your kids are anything like mine, they love making bracelets for themselves and their friends. Easter Friendship Bracelets are totally in style! Well maybe not year round, but they can always use a kit and make different themes or one to wear everyday.

Carrot Nail Polish

Carrot Nail Polish is a great gift to make for you to make for your tween or for your tween to make for their friends. It’s budget friendly and more festive than your standard bottle of polish.

Paint Filled Eggs

Paint Filled Eggs are a great outdoor activity, but can be a little messy! While the little ones do their egg hunt, tweens can play with paint.

Easter Bunny Banner

This Easter Bunny Banner is a tween craft to get them involved with the spring decorations. It’s fun and way cheaper than buying banners from the store! The bunnies are easily customizable depending on what paper you choose.

Easter Egg Paper Craft 

These Easter Egg Paper Crafts use the art of paper quilling and can be as simple or as intricate as they would like. We recommend searching online for different patterns if they really want to challenge themselves!

Funky Easter Chick Craft 

Funky Easter Chicks are so much fun to create and an easy way to use up some of your leftover craft supplies. If you have younger kids, they can help too with tween supervision.

Unicorn DIY Eggs

Unicorn DIY Eggs are more unique than your standard eye dying session! Tweens love their unicorns so we knew that Easter would be no different!

Watercolor Easter Cards 

Do your kids like to make cards for loved ones? They will love these handmade Watercolor Easter Cards. They can use this technique throughout the year for other occasions as well just by swapping out the paint colors.

Skittle Easter Eggs

Are your tweens tired of coloring eggs the old fashioned way? Get creative this year and use Skittles! Kids can experiment with color combinations and swirling. These Skittle Easter Eggs will definitely be a hit!

We hope that our list of 21 fun Easter crafts and ideas for tweens have helped inspire you and your tween this Easter season to get crafty!

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