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16 Umbrella Crafts for Toddlers

Looking for umbrella crafts to teach your toddler about the letter U? Or maybe it’s raining cats and dogs outside, so you are looking for an umbrella kids can make without toting your real one around? 

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All of these umbrella crafts are guaranteed fun and are simple for younger children to make. Most are inexpensive and don’t require any fancy supplies. 

Enjoy our list of the Best Umbrella Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Rainy Day Paper Plate Umbrella Craft

Cut a paper plate in half and attach a pipe cleaner for the handles. Toddlers can use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to decorate the plate! Super simple and fun. 

Bubble Wrap Rain Craft

If you can keep the kids from popping the bubble wrap, this will be a fun craft idea! Make the umbrella from paper and glue it to a white sheet of computer paper. Then dip the bubble wrap into blue paint to make the raindrops. 

Umbrella Craft with Raindrops

You can freehand the umbrella or download the free template to cut out. Once you have it glued to the paper, you will drizzle Elmer’s for the rain effect. Even though the glue is white, it still dries really pretty. You could also dye the glue to be blue or sprinkle it with glitter for more color.

Spring Umbrella Craft With Printable

These are so cute and remind me of the little paper umbrellas that go in drinks. Download the template and cut out the umbrellas, then let the kids decorate. This is a more 3D version. Use a pipe cleaner for the handle and you are all done! 

3D Printable Umbrella Spring Craft

For this rainy scene, they will paint the raindrops first. The tutorial recommends watercolor paints, which will make for easy cleanup. Then print and cut the umbrella. There are two flaps on the sides to glue down, so the actual umbrella makes a 3D dome shape coming off of the paper. 

Pom-Pom Umbrella Craft

These are really creative, but are a little more involved than the other crafts. The actual umbrella is made from cardboard. But the rain is created by hot glue pom-poms onto strings of thread that are attached. Hang these on the window or the fridge for display when toddlers are finished. 

Cupcake Liner Umbrella Cards

You can use colorful cupcake liners if you have them. If not, allow a little extra time so toddlers can paint white ones. Simply fold into an umbrella shape and glue it to a piece of cardstock or computer paper. Dab a little glue then sprinkle on some blue glitter for the rain. 

Rainy Day Umbrella and Rain Boot Craft

Not only is there an umbrella tutorial, toddlers can also make rain boots! She also has a great recommendation to pair this craft along with a book reading, so it’s perfect for a rainy afternoon! There are templates for both, so once you have those printed, they can decorate. Then cut them out and paste together the rainy day scene. 

Fruit Loop Umbrella Color Matching Craft

Let’s learn some colors while we are decorating umbrellas! Download the templates. Then let kids glue the coordinating Fruit loops to the template that has that same color on it. If you want to skip the color coordination, you could also use Cheerios or pom-poms instead. 

Rainy Day Umbrella Craft

This shaving cream craft is super cute! Basically you spray out some of the thick, foaming shaving cream and dye it with food coloring. Then you will dip the umbrellas for a beautiful design. Let them dry overnight for a colorful masterpiece. Talk about sunshine on a rainy day! 

Coffee Filter Umbrella Craft

This craft can be finished in just a few minutes, so it’s great when you need something fast. Cut a coffee filter in half, then color it in. Let the kids add rain or clouds to the paper that you will glue the filter on. Then draw the handle using a marker or use a brown pipe cleaner.

Stained Glass Coffee Filter Craft

Let toddlers choose a variety of colors to paint the white coffee filters. Then spray some water using a water bottle so they are damp. Allow the filters to dry overnight. The next day you can glue on the paper handle and display them in the window for when the sun decides to come out! 

April Showers Paper Umbrellas

I love that all you need are simple designs for this one. Most of the creativity comes from folding the paper so the umbrella turns out to be 3D. Small kids will need a little help getting started with the folding, but should catch on pretty quickly. 

3D Paper Umbrellas with Raindrops

If I had to choose, this umbrella probably takes the cake! It takes a little more time to create but is really pretty once you are finished. The tutorial shows you how to fold pieces of paper to make the canopy so that it comes to life! Then you glue little rain drops to the thread and attach it! These would also make great party decor if you leave off the rain. 

Paper Plate Beach Umbrella Craft

We’ve been talking a lot about rain, but what about when you are getting ready for vacation? Hype the kids up by making a beachy scene on a paper plate and including the umbrella! Even if vacation isn’t in the future, we can always dream, right? 

Umbrella Counting & Color Sort – Stem For Kids

It’s never too early to start teaching numbers and colors. You can incorporate all 3 when you partake in this activity. So you will cut the umbrella canopies out of different colored sheets of paper. Then stick one foam number on each one. Toddlers can match the pipe cleaner handles to the color of the umbrella they are supposed to go with. The tutorial also uses buttons that coordinate with the paper, along with the quantity that matches the foam numbers. This is great for those homeschooling too! 

You asked for umbrella crafts for toddlers, so here’s the best collection we could round up! Bust the boredom of rainy days or use these when talking about the letter U!


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