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15 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Boyfriends

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Want to do something special this year for that special guy of yours? We’ve come up with a list of 15 DIY Valentine’s Day cards for you to make for your boyfriend. Little or no crafting skills required for most of these adorable cards. After all, if it comes from your heart, he will love it!

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Enjoy the Best Handmade DIY Valentine’s Cards for Him

Popup I Love You Card

Popup cards are my absolute favorite. The best thing about them is that they aren’t as hard to make as they look! Let your guy know you really love him with this adorable I love you popup card. It’s easy to make and only a few simple materials are needed. He’ll be keeping this card on his nightstand for sure!

Homemade Scratch off Card

Who doesn’t love a scratch off? Let’s turn that idea into a super cute DIY scratch off card this year for Valentine’s day. Such a creative card your boyfriend will never forget your thoughtfulness.

Rose Filled Heart

Super simple and very cute. This rose filled heart card can be made with the supplies you have around your house. No crafting skills are required! Literally all you need for this handmade card is paper, scissors, and glue. Simply draw a heart on a paper, cut a round shape, roll it and tape it on the heart template you drew. 

I Love You Scratch off Card

I love you scratch off cards are so adorable, the template included for these adorable cards is on the site. Come up with four reasons why you love him and hide them under the hearts!  Minimal effort required but looks like a professionally purchased card. 

Kisses Card

Possibly one of my favorite cards, this kisses wall art makes a great decoration for your boyfriend’s wall or you can easily make it into a Valentine’s day card. It’s simple and very few supplies required. Put this sweet card together in no time! All you’ll need to craft the card is a sheet of card stock and lipstick. It couldn’t get any easier!

Washi Tape Donut Card

If you have been holding on to a stash of washi, this is for you! This simple and adorable washi tape donut card for your boyfriend this Valentine’s day. Grab him a box of donuts to go along with his cute card and you’ll have one happy guy.

Valentine Love Notes

A simple way to let your boyfriend know you love him are these Valentine love notes. Not only are they easy but also very thoughtful and you can keep on giving them whenever you’d like. Why not make Valentine’s day last even longer this year by giving him a heart with a note every day in February? You can even make him a personalized box to collect them in.

Key to my Heart Card

Here are three super cute DIY Valentine’s day cards for that special guy of yours. Whether you choose the key to my heart, conversation heart, or hot air balloon card he’ll surely love it and you! Best of all, they are all very affordable to make. Links to supplies are included under each card design. 

3D Paper Conversation Hearts

You will need access to Silhouette Studio to make these super cute hearts. 3D paper conversation hearts are a fun Valentine’s day craft that you can make into a card for your boyfriend this year. A keepsake that he can display in his room and remember day after day. Simply download the template open it in Silhouette Studio and follow the instructions on the website. 

52 Reasons

Personalize your guy a memorable Valentine’s day card this year. Tell him 52 reasons you love him with this adorable, unique deck of cards. He’ll be able to take this keepsake with him wherever he goes or display it on his nightstand. All you’ll need to do is grab a deck of cards at the Dollar Store to make this very inexpensive yet thoughtful “card.” 

Canvas Art Card

This Canvas art card is so adorable and easy to make. Personalize it any way you’d like with any colors you’d like. It could also be displayed throughout the year or turn it into framed wall art.

Cricut Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

If you have a Cricut then this is the resource for you. This is a great site to find that perfect card for your guy this year. There are ten plus card options to choose from to make on your Cricut. Use your scrap card stock to put together the most perfect and adorable Valentine’s day card for your guy. 

Sweet DIY Cards

A great place to find four adorable Valentine’s day cards for that special boyfriend of yours. Choose from I only have eyes for you, you make my heart…, I love you, and you blow me away. So unique and easy to make with supplies you may have around the house already.

Printable Valentine’s

Not much of a crafter or low on time? No worries, here are a few adorable printable card options. Simply download and print on cardstock, no envelope needed. Add some washi tape to close, plus it adds a little more festiveness.

Cactus Valentine Card

Your guy will love this super cute Cactus Valentine card. So colorful and easy to make, he’ll know you’re “stuck” on him. Only a few supplies are needed and no crafting skills required. If you don’t have all the supplies on the list, you could always improvise with things you do have! 

When it comes to Valentine’s day we know you want to choose the perfect card for that super special guy in your life. Nothing is more special than a DIY personalized card. We hope you enjoyed our list of 15 DIY Valentine’s Day cards for your boyfriend and that you’ve chosen the perfect one for your guy.

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