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17 DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Ideas

17 DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Ideas

Do you love making wreaths as much as I do? Are you ready for a little color back in your home after Christmas? With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve put together 17 of my favorite DIY wreaths. Great for your front door or anywhere you might need a little pop of Valentine’s day cheer. Make one for yourself and one for your neighbor. Most of these wreaths can be made with very little crafting experience!

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Enjoy our list of the DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Ideas

Reversible Clothespin Wreath

This DIY Reversible Clothespin Wreath is festive and adorable. Cheap and easy to make with only a few cheap supplies needed. Best of all it doubles as a St. Patrick´s Day Wreath, who doesn’t love a two in one wreath! Think of all the possibilities! 

Tulip Heart Wreath

Make this one in under 20 minutes! The Tulip Heart Wreath is a sophisticated beautiful Valentine’s Day wreath. Would make a great wreath to carry into spring and even Easter. Just a few easy supplies required to make this Tulip Wreath. 

Rolled Deco Mesh Wreath 

Deco wreaths are my favorite kind. This Rolled Deco Mesh Wreath takes a little time to put together but is simply adorable. Choose red and white or pink and purple. Any color combination would look great for your front door for Valentine’s day! 

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Loopy Yarn Wreath

This adorable fluffy heart Loopy Yarn Wreath can be made with only a few simple supplies. Costing under $10, this is the perfect wreath to make on a budget. No crafting skills required to make this wreath. Add any Valentine’s day embellishment to the center to finish this easy yet cute wreath.  

Fabric Valentine’s Day Wreath

Only 4 supplies needed for this cute Fabric Valentine’s Day Wreath. Yes, you read that right! If you have scrap fabric lying around, all you need to buy is the foam heart wreath frame, so it’s very cheap to make. No crafting skills needed and would be easy enough for your kids to get involved with. 

Pom Pom Heart Wreath

Could this wreath look any comfier?? Pom Pom Heart Wreath is easy to make and you can customize it to your liking by choosing any color you’d like. Easily made in an hour with only yarn, scissors, and a wreath frame. The pom-poms needed to make this wreath are simple to create to add to this Valentine’s Day wreath. 

Easy Rustic Valentine’s Wreath

Looking for a budget friendly adorable wreath? This Easy Rustic Valentine’s Wreath is the  perfect one for you, make it for under $5. Less if you have extra pipe cleaners laying around. Your kids will love to help out with this one and it’s simple enough that they can, no crafting skills required! 

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Valentine Heart Ornament Wreath

Score some cheap ornaments after Christmas to make this Valentine Heart Ornament Wreath. A little time consuming but totally worth it, I promise! I bet you even have some of these supplies on hand. This one is great for those who love the glitz and glam!

Valentine’s Baby’s Breath Heart Wreath

Valentine’s Baby’s Breath Heart Wreath can be made with a homemade wreath form shown on this post or make it simpler by buying your own. Very easy and quick to put together add any embellishments you’d like to make it into your own.   

Nautical Rope Heart Wreath 

Love this one!! Most of the supplies needed to make this wreath can be found at the dollar store which makes this wreath very budget friendly. How gorgeous and different is this Nautical Rope Heart Wreath? Easy to make but looks totally Pinterest worthy, and perfect to dress up any front door. 

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Candy Hearts Valentine’s Day Wreath

Your kids will love eating. I mean, making this adorable Candy Hearts Valentine’s Day Wreath. Minimal supplies needed for only a few dollars. A great rainy day project for your little ones, they will be so proud to hang their work of art on your door and add a pop of color to your decorations. 

Dollar Tree DIY Heart Wreath

Looking for an easy wreath to decorate your front door with this Valentine’s season? This classy Dollar Tree DIY Heart Wreath only requires a few simple supplies. Add any embellishments you’d like to make it colorful or leave it neutral.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Wreath

Looking for a simple wreath to decorate your door this Valentine’s Day? This Pipe Cleaner Wreath makes a great colorful addition to any front door. Super simple to make and if you have pipe cleaners lying around all you need to buy is the wreath frame. Choose any color and as many colors as you would like to make this adorable wreath. Great for kids! 

Tulle Heart Wreath 

So fluffy!! To make this Tulle Heart Wreath you only need 3 supplies, one being scissors. How simple is that, and cheap!! Takes a little bit of patience to make but it’s definitely worth it for this cute wreath. 

DIY Heart Wreath

DIY Heart Wreath is so fun and festive. You only need a few supplies most of which you probably already have. This is a fun one for your kids to get involved with and the older ones might even be able to make their own. Make it as colorful as you’d like. 

Deco Mesh Valentine´s Day Wreath 

I LOVE this Deco Mesh Valentine´s Day Wreath!! Very festive and beautiful. Most of these supplies can be purchased from the Dollar Store. Adorable and cost friendly! The glittery hearts really add a pop and will look great on your front door! 

Driftwood Heart Wreath

Rustic and simple, this unique Driftwood Heart Wreath is perfect for your front door this Valentine’s Day. The only supplies you need for this one is cardboard, driftwood, a hot glue gun, and rope or twine. This is so adorable you could use it all day long if you’d like! 

I hope you have found the perfect wreath for your door this Valentine’s Day. With any luck you will have some of these supplies on hand to get you started. Happy Wreathing! 

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