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18 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers

18 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers

It’s that special time of year again! Your child’s teacher plays a very important role in their lives so why not show them how important they are with one of our 18 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts. After all nothing says you care more than a DIY gift. Get crafty and show your teacher that you care!

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Enjoy our List of Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Teacher Gifts

Mason Jar Candy Bouquet 

Super easy gift that is great for any teacher! Mason Jar Candy Bouquet is the perfect gift to personalize for any special teacher. Only a few materials needed, some of which you might already have, and very budget friendly! 

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Organizing Teachers Bin

Perfect gifts that has more than one purpose! This Organizing Teachers Bin is a practical gift great for any teacher. Personalize it by choosing a certain color and adding the teacher’s favorite treats. Very minimal crafting skills needed for this one!

Cookies in a Jar

Who doesn’t love cookies? Cookies in a Jar would be a great gift to give your child’s teacher and one that your child can help make. Very inexpensive and adorable when you add the free tags that are provided! Practical and yummy!!

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Bee My Valentine’s Cards

Again practicality and simplicity are top priorities when I’m giving gifts! Any teacher would love to receive these adorable Burt’s BEES lip balms complete with personalized tags. Only a few simple materials are needed to make this the perfect gift for your child’s teacher. 

Cootie Free Valentine’s Day

So adorable and such a great idea! February brings hearts and love, but also brings germs! What teacher wouldn’t love some extra soap to keep their class Cootie Free and healthy! Personalize it with an adorable bow and the free Cootie Free gift tags provided. 

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Chalkboard Mug

Not your traditional mug here, this adorable Chalkboard mug can be made easily and only requires a few simple crafting skills and materials! Personalize it with any color paint you’d like and add their favorite candy and you’ve got yourself a cheap and easy to make gift for that special teacher! 

School Supply Valentine’s Gift

I promise you that any teacher will absolutely love this gift! Add the adorable free printable tags to this School Supply Valentine’s Day gift and you’ve got yourself a perfect gift that will definitely put a smile on your kids teachers face! 

Toe-Tally Awesome Teacher Gift

This Toe-Tally Awesome gift is a simple and adorable gift that any teacher would love! Everyone needs to pamper themselves every now and again. Just grab some nail polish and nail polish remover or whatever else you think they might like and wrap it up in some cello…could it get any easier? Add the gift tags to make it even more personalized! 

DIY Candle Teacher Gift 

Have you ever thought about personalizing a candle? Me either!! But what a perfect and cute gift for a teacher and it could not be more simple to put together! All you need is a candle, some cardstock, and some scissors! 

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Looking Sharp Sharpie Valentine

Sharpies are the best! Wouldn’t you agree? What a perfect, simple, and last minute gift would this Looking Sharp Sharpie gift make for your favorite teacher? All you really need are sharpies and some ribbon!! Want to really personalize it? Grab some card stock and print a special message for that amazing teacher. 

Love You to Pieces

Love You to Pieces heart wreath is an adorable gift for preschool teachers or really any teacher. Get your child involved in painting the pieces and make it truly special. Personalize your message however you like! Minimal crafting skills necessary! 

Just Write for Me Gift

Looking for a gift that takes no time at all? Just Write for Me is the perfect gift for that special teacher! Such a practical gift, after all a teacher can never have enough pencils!! And best of all make it for under five dollars!

Valentine’s Day Heart Snow Globe

Such an adorable, thoughtful, and unique gift. This Valentine’s Day Heart Snow Globe would be a great craft project to get your kids involved in! Their teacher will be guaranteed to love it. 

Tickled Pink You’re My Teacher

Choose an adorable basket or gift bag for this Tickled Pink You’re My Teacher gift. Such an easy and fun gift to put together to let your child’s teacher know you are thinking about them. Print and add the tag and add a pink bow or tissue paper to really make this gift pop! 

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No-Sew Coffee Cozy

What teacher doesn’t love and NEED coffee? These No-Sew Coffee Cozies are so cute and easy to make. The best part about these is that there is no sewing involved and they still look so pretty! Once you make it you’ll find yourself wanting to make more! 

Bubbling Lavender Bath Salts

Know a teacher that needs some relaxation, or really when you think about it, don’t they all? Bubbling Lavender Bath Salts are a simple and quick way to let that special teacher know you are thinking of them. Only a few simple inexpensive ingredients needed for this one! You’ll have leftover ingredients so why not make some extra for yourself! 

Neon Dipped Potter

Spring is right around the corner so why not make your teacher an adorable potter for her spring flowers! Include seeds in the pot or add a succulent for them! Quick and easy to make with only a few cheap supplies! Let your kids be involved and get crafty!  

Personalized Tote Bag

A great gift for those crafty kids who like to be involved in the gifting process! Such an adorable keepsake for your child’s teacher to remember your child. And who couldn’t use an extra bag? Only a few simple inexpensive materials needed to make these Personalized Tote Bags. Your child will love to make an art masterpiece for their teacher! 

I hope you found the perfect DIY Valentine’s day gift to make for that special teacher. Educating our children is such an important job which is why it is so important to let them know how much we care and how much we appreciate them! 


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